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Shantae: Half-Genie Hero - A Step-by-Step Guide

Let me help you find the Way Forward

A.J. Maciejewski

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This purple-haired genie has been on a few complex adventures and her latest one is no different. In this guide, I'll break down the essential steps so you can easily find what you need to do next as well as discover some cool treasures along the way.

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Scuttle Town Square

  1. In the straightforward intro sequence, work your way to the end of the underground cavern
  2. Upon starting in Scuttle Town, enter the first door on your right (Workshop) and talk to Uncle Mimic
  3. Exit and head to the Bath House to the right where you can talk to Bolo then chat with the woman
  4. Go to the Item Shop to your right, talk to the shopkeeper to give him the Receipt and pick "Yes" to receive the Magnet
  5. Run all the way back to the Workshop and give Uncle Mimic the Magnet by selecting "Sure"
  6. Enter Sky's Hatchery which is to the right of the Workshop and talk to Sky to get the Whistle then fly to Main Street
Shantae: Half-Genie Hero screenshot 1
Home, sweet home!

Main Street

  1. Finally, some action! Enjoy the theme song "Dance Through the Danger" and work your way to the right while attacking enemies, doing some light platforming, and hitting wood crates that fall to push them so you can jump over tall walls
  2. After the save point, carefully ascend the wall using well-timed jumps then head to the right (don't worry about the chef girl yet) then upon descending then ascending again, keep going right and you'll reach the second save point
  3. Oh, no; it's Risky Boots! Fight Tinkerslug (AKA Poop Toot) by avoiding the cannon balls and shots from the Tinkerbats (while also not touching the Tinkerslug itself) and attack it by repeating these steps: ring the bell, climb the chains, hit the explosive barrel into it, and jump down to give it some rapid-fire whacks
  4. Once you beat it, you'll get the Dynamo Blueprints and Monkey Dance so climb the floating platform after transforming and you'll return to Scuttle Town Square
  5. Head to the right and talk to a scantily clad girl and select "Count on it!" to help her out
  6. I recommend heading to the item shop to buy a permanent upgrade or two then go to Sky's Hatchery, meet Holly Lingerbean, and fly to Mermaid Falls
Shantae: Half-Genie Hero screenshot 2
That's just about the goofiest boss I've ever seen!

Mermaid Falls

  1. After chatting with Bolo, run, swim, and fight your way to the right and when you reach the end, use the monkey transformation to climb the platforms then go all the way left and use the Monkey Dance again to climb above the moving platforms then head right and you'll eventually see some maidens in cages get carried off and you'll reach the first save point
  2. In this new area, grab an unoccupied ring in order to advance right then you'll reach the end so head up and to the left via the moving rings and when you reach the left end, go up and to the right and grab onto a ring as a monkey so you can scale a small wall then head up and to the right
  3. As the monkey, carefully slide down the left side of the wall that faces the rings then leap to the moving rings that go left and at the end, latch onto a ring that moves right then go up and to the left and take a ring to the right then time a jump to grab onto a suspended ring
  4. This next part's a bit tricky so perform the monkey dance then carefully jump up using a few rings and keep heading right (along the way, you'll see a Naga emerge from a pot but don't be scared; buy some things from her!)
  5. After the second save point, you'll automatically slide down so keep moving left and right and jumping to avoid the hazards and snag a few Oranges if you can, too, as they'll replenish one full heart when used
  6. Once you beat this part, you can save it again then you'll meet Techno Baron and fight Giga Mermaid by attacking the 6 locks that surround her while ascending the moving platforms and using the Monkey Dance to reach the top-left lock
  7. In the second phase of the boss battle, avoid the lasers and her tail attack then climb the structures to leap and attack her forehead jewel (you can transform back into Shantae before attacking in mid-air if you happen to be in monkey form)
  8. You'll receive the Crab Dance so use it to return to Scuttle Town Square then go to Main Street again via Sky's Hatchery
Shantae: Half-Genie Hero screenshot 3
It doesn't happen often but I actually feel sorry for this boss

Main Street Revisited

  1. Rescue the chef that we saw when we were first here by using the Monkey Dance to climb up to her (tip: you can use the Warp Dance if you have it to proceed directly to the second area as soon as you arrive)
  2. Go all the way right, climb the wall, and enter a secret portal to receive the Monkey Bullet which allows you to dash from walls
  3. Right underneath this area, you'll have to slay 30 Tinkerbat pirates to receive the Health Permit then go back and give it to the chef by choosing "Yep!" and you'll receive the Salted Caramel (AKA Caramel le Poopah)
  4. Use the Whistle to return to Scuttle Town Square and talk to the little girl in Sky's Hatchery and say "Help yourself" to trade the Salted Caramel for Bird Seed then give that to the dude in the Item Shop by selecting "Try it" to receive Copper Ore then give that to Uncle Mimic in the Workshop
  5. Go all the way right and talk to Mayor Scuttlebutt to acquire the Tassel Town Map then go there via Sky's Hatchery
Shantae: Half-Genie Hero screenshot 4
I'm back here already? Oh, boy...

Tassel Town

  1. After a scene with Sky and Holly, head through the desert while using the Crab Dance whenever you need to dive underwater and when the winds start to pick up, hide behind walls so you don't get blown back - at one point, you have to attack a block while pushing it to the right until it lines up with its base so you can proceed
  2. Ignore the warp along the way and enter the red building at the end then in this next area, ascend the column as quickly as you can so you don't get eaten (tip: transform into the monkey to make it easier)
  3. Exit the column through a hole in the wall to the right just before the walls become covered in spikes and save your game then the proceeding section plays a lot like a Mega Man game where you avoid enemies that leap from pits and jump on disappearing blocks - ignore the treasure chest and vase and keep heading right
  4. You'll reach another save point at the end of the lengthy platforming segment then Shantae will confront Holly and you'll have to fight Wilbur - to win this fight, keep running around in one direction and load a cannon by hitting a rocky sphere towards it whenever one emerges then once you're safe, stand on a button until the cannons emerge and hurt the boss then when the eye starts rolling, keep smacking it with well-timed attacks
  5. Eventually, Wilbur will go down and you'll get Elephant Dance and return to Scuttle Town Square where you need to buy the Fireball magic at the Item Shop if you don't already have it then talk to Sky and head back to Mermaid Falls
Shantae: Half-Genie Hero screenshot 5
Nothing like a bronze trophy for making some campaign progress!

Mermaid Falls Revisited

  1. Enter the first pool of water as the crab to get a Sunken Soul then proceed to the second area and go all the way right (above water) and up then right from the first ascending platform to enter a portal and use the Elephant Dance to unlock the Mermaid Dance
  2. Go back to the bottom of the second area, transform into a mermaid, and go all the way right and up to receive a Gallery Key from the chest then go all the way left and up to get another Sunken Soul
  3. Emerge and go all the way to the part of the stage with the rings - you can use the Warp Dance to warp directly there
  4. In this area, be sure to kill a couple gators with Fireball magic in order to obtain 2 Gator Steaks; trust me, you'll need them
  5. Enter the water to the right of the breakable block as the crab to get the Blobfish Kid then submerge into the water after the 2 electric enemies to get a second Blobfish Kid and another Sunken Soul
  6. Take a ring to the right and in this next area, proceed all the way right and use the elephant to destroy the block at the end then use the Monkey Bullet dash to chat with the old lady Blobfish and say "Sure" to obtain the Crab Claw
  7. Go back a screen and enter the water as the crab then use your new Crab Claw to acquire the third Blobfish Kid then jump into the water as the crab to the left of the electric enemies and cut your way to the left to receive yet another Sunken Soul
  8. Emerge and go left a screen then enter the section of water to the left of the block as the crab and head down and to the right to claim another Blobfish Kid
  9. Head all the way back to the start of this area and enter the water as the crab to retrieve the final Blobfish Kid then give all the kids back to their grandmother to receive a Race Ticket
  10. Use the Whistle and go back to Scuttle Town Square then head all the way right and give Twitch and Vinegar the Gator Steaks by saying "Order Up!" to get the second Race Ticket
  11. Go left a bit and give the Race Tickets to Rottytops by selecting "Yes" and get the Dark Shard as your reward then give it to Uncle Mimic at the Workshop by choosing "Nope, here!" to receive the Cape Crustacean Map then fly there with Sky
Shantae: Half-Genie Hero screenshot 6
Shantae's an elephant in a mermaid factory; literally

Cape Crustacean

  1. With that whole complicated mess out of the way, this part should be a breeze! Just fly to the right and keep hopping on magic carpets while taking out the competition and you'll eventually fight Twitch and Vinegar who are pretty easy as all you have to do is hop between the carpets while shooting Fireballs and attacking when they're within range
  2. After the boss, you'll jump between airships so keep heading right while taking care of the onslaught of enemies and using the monkey to perform trickier jumps between the ships
  3. You'll eventually have to jump down into a ship so save your game then use the elephant to push the block and the monkey to climb up then proceed through the area on the right while ignoring the hole in the ceiling then head down and through the tricky laser-filled screens - ignore the false floor and head up and around through more tricky parts
  4. Use the elephant to break down the entrance to the next area and keep moving through while ignoring the small hole in the wall then in the large room, go up and right past the breakable block then smash the engine
  5. After the scene with Ammo Baron, you'll fight him by hacking away at his underlings then attacking him in the centre all while avoiding his predictable attacks
  6. Once the boss falls, you'll receive the Mouse Dance and be transported to Scuttle Town Square so go to Tassel Town next
Shantae: Half-Genie Hero screenshot 7
The Ammo Baron must use awesome cologne to attract all those dudes...

Tassel Town Revisited

  1. Use the Warp Dance upon arriving or head all the way to the tower again by foot and you'll meet a hermit who will give you Elephant Stomp then head up a little and charge the dragon statue with the elephant and use the Elephant Stomp on the flower in that room to get the first Remains
  2. Up a little further, you can dash with the elephant to break a dragon statue on the right to obtain the second Remains
  3. Go up and perform the Mouse Dance to claim the chest on the right that holds another Gallery Key then go up more and destroy the dragon statue with the elephant to the right of a chain to get the third Remains
  4. A bit up from there, push the block on the right past the vase with the elephant to get another Gallery Key then climb up the chains and dash left on a purple platform with the elephant to acquire the fourth Remains
  5. Up past the narrow passage, ignore the dragon statues and keep heading up then use the mouse to enter a portal where you'll receive the Mouse Bite then go back down and dash into the left dragon statue with the elephant and work through the maze as the mouse to get a Heart Holder then exit this room and dash to the right dragon statue to finally get the fifth Remains
  6. Upon finding all the Remains, you'll automatically teleport to the hermit so select "Remains!" to get Sick and use the Whistle to go back to Scuttle Town Square where you can talk to the doctor in the Bath House and select "Yes" to get the Lollipop - you can also use the Elephant Stomp at the left side of town on the flower to get Scrap Metal
Shantae: Half-Genie Hero screenshot 8
Am I the only one who finds these parts super-tedious?

Mermaid Falls Re-Revisited

  1. Fly to Mermaid Falls via Sky's Hatchery and use the Elephant Stomp on the first flower you see to get more Scrap Metal then after the brief first area, keep climbing up until you reach the mouse hole that's pictured in the screenshot below then enter it and prepare to navigate through a very long segment
  2. As the mouse, transition between moving platforms to the left then work your way around until a wizard emerges - talk to him and select "Have some" to give him the Lollipop and he'll give you the Light Shard in return
  3. Use the Whistle to go back to Scuttle Town Square and head to the Workshop to give Uncle Mimic the Light Shard by selecting "Yes" and receive the Hypno Baron's Castle Map as your reward so why don't we travel there next?
Shantae: Half-Genie Hero screenshot 9
Hint: turn into a mouse here!

Hypno Baron's Castle

  1. This place is a bit dark but keep heading right and you'll end up at some dangling chains so head down and to the right and after entering a room with a single chain, ascend it and go right and through the door at the end to find a Heart Holder
  2. Head back to the single dangling chain but this time, go through the door to the left of it then fall through the hole in the floor and move right to discover the first save point
  3. In this section, hop on the eyeball blocks when they're looking right and keep this up until you reach the next area with falling platforms - use the monkey to make the platforming easier and keep going right and you'll see a Naga on the way where you can buy some things then reach the next save point at the end
  4. Next, you'll fight Squid Baron who proudly reached fifth boss status yet is very easy to beat (just keep whacking it)
  5. After that fight, you'll battle the Dual Barons which is pretty easy, too; just take them out one at a time and you'll get the Harpy Dance as your reward and be teleported back to Scuttle Town Square
  6. Before moving on, let's head straight back to Hypno Baron's Castle and fly all the way up to the roof as the harpy then enter the portal to the left to get the Bat Sonar then go all the way right along the roof and fall through the hole in it to find Poe on the left who gives you the Zombie Hamster then use your Whistle
Shantae: Half-Genie Hero screenshot 10
I really want a stuffed Squid Baron

Main Street / Tassel Town Re-Revisited

  1. Travel to Main Street then enter the first water you see and move through the pipe to get a Heart Holder then enter the next bit of water to use a portal past the pipe to receive the Green Stone then in the third water area, you'll find Adventure Man who will give you the Vorpal Blade
  2. Use the Whistle and go to Scuttle Town Square then enter the Item Shop to give the guy the Vorpal Blade by choosing "Yea" and he'll grant you the almighty Foxy Grandma Hat which you can then give to the old lady Blobfish who's just outside by selecting "Yes" - she'll burp the Mermaid Bubble to you so next, go back to Tassel Town
  3. In the second pool of water, break the block with Mermaid Bubble to discover a Sunken Soul and enter the pipe for the Iron Slab
  4. Use the Whistle and go to Scuttle Town Square and hand the Zombie Hamster and Iron Slab off to Uncle Mimic at the Workshop by choosing "Careful..." to watch a long story sequence and get Risky's Hideout Map which is our final destination!
Shantae: Half-Genie Hero screenshot 11
Adventure Man digs Shantae's sweet dance moves

Risky's Hideout

  1. Go into the pipe in the water as a mermaid and get ready for a fun shoot 'em up segment!
  2. After that, save it, and head right through the lava-filled factory while stomping on flowers as the elephant to make platforms descend and flying through tight spaces as the harpy then in the next area, use the monkey and its Monkey Bullet dash to navigate through the platforms and past enemies then save it again at the end
  3. This next part has moving spiky platforms so look before you leap! Transform into a harpy and carefully fly right and use the monkey whenever you need to
  4. After the next save point, fight Risky Boots by giving her all you've got! It's a very straightforward fight...
  5. Next, you must battle the Tinkerbrain dynamo by attacking the nodes to light them all up - they emerge from the ground after you run in a particular direction for long enough (tip: watch its screw ears turn green as you run)
  6. In its second and final form, look for the unshielded genie and attack it then hit the resulting orb into Tinkerbrain when its shield rotates out of the way - it's all about timing and it'll eventually go down after a bunch of successful hits
  7. Finally, you have another sliding segment so jump between platforms, dodge cogs, grab onto rings, and enjoy the ending!
Shantae: Half-Genie Hero screenshot 12
You'll never get away with this, Risky Boots!

That's the entire main campaign of Shantae: Half-Genie Hero! I hope you found this guide helpful. If you're still stuck or need any sort of advice or clarification then leave a comment below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. v1d30chumz 3-239-112-140

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