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Shantae: Risky's Revenge - A Step-by-Step Guide

For those who aren't quite ret-2-go

A.J. Maciejewski

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Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Director's Cut is a fantastic entry in the beloved franchise but it can be quite a confusing journey so here's how to beat the game step-by-step. I hope this walkthrough is helpful so please let me know if it was in the comments below!

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Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Director's Cut screenshot 1
That dastardly pirate is at it again!

The adventure begins

  1. After defeating the waves of enemies, head left to get the Egg then go right and talk to Bolo
  2. In Scuttle Town, enter the first door, give the Egg to Sky, and fight Risky Boots by hair-whipping the barrels in the ship's mouth
  3. After the fight, go back to Scuttle Town and jump on the down arrow panels twice then go all the way right to Lilac Fields
  4. Work your way right, activate the warp squid, save your progress, and end up at Tangle Forest
  5. Use the up jump panel, use the down jump panel on the right, and then run right to meet Rottytops and receive the Pup
  6. Go back, use the up jump panel, use another up jump panel to the left, and go right to activate the second warp squid
  7. Exit to the left, use the up jump panel, run all the way right saving along the way, keep using the up jump panels until you reach a little house, go inside and give the Pup (a puppy named Wobble Bell) to the cook to get the Tasty Meal
  8. Run all the way back to the room right of the save point then interact with the gate and head inside
Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Director's Cut screenshot 2
This is what happens when you don't mow your lawn

Squid Baron

  1. After the scene, head right then up at the locked door, run left through the false wall, head up and right, and enter the door
  2. Keep going right, hair-whip the weak blocks and jump up the column, go through the door, and head left while avoiding the fire-breathing statues
  3. In the next room, hair-whip the blocks on the left, crawl through the passages, open the chest, and jump down the hole while holding left so you end up on a ledge where you can snag some extra gems
  4. When you reach the bottom, go all the way down and right then use the key on the door, slay the tricky knight, and head to the save room on the right
  5. In the big room, keep going right while whipping the spiked spheres to turn them into platforms and exit to the right
  6. Ignore the chains and go right, descend the large column and exit on the bottom-right, and keep going to face more knights
  7. Keep whipping the blocks in the next room to form a skull and defeat the enemies that spawn to receive another key
  8. Go back and ascend the column a bit until you see a locked door, use the key and enter, fight the 2 knights, and save your progress in the next room
  9. In the big room ahead, fall to the bottom, run left, ascend up the tricky platforms then drop down to the left, and exit the room
  10. Acquire the Monkey Dance from the Magic Fountain in this room then use it to climb up to the left and keep heading left only to climb the column at the end by using the monkey to attach to and leap off the purple blocks
  11. Navigate through the next room, use the monkey to shimmy up the thin passageway on the right, and then find yourself back in a familiar area where you can use the monkey to climb the centre structure on the left side to reach a Magic Jam chest
  12. Exit to the top-right and follow the path until you reach the top of the column then climb up the narrow passage for another Magic Jam and go back to the big room
  13. Take the bottom-right exit this time and go right and down the column until you see a passage on the right then enter it and carve a lizard face into the rocks to receive another key
  14. Go back and ascend the chains, climb up and use the key to enter the door, save your game, and fight the boss
  15. Squid Baron can be defeated by whipping it like crazy as you dodge its attacks and when it chows down, transform into the monkey and cling to a wall then obtain the Magic Seal when you win
Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Director's Cut screenshot 3
Carving this face was tricky and now I'm stuck; help me, monkey!

Ammo Baron

  1. Warp back to Lilac Fields and on the way to Scuttle Town, jump up as the monkey to get a Heart Holder from a chest
  2. Go left from the furthest up plane in Scuttle Town then scale a cliff with the monkey to receive some gems from a chest and keep going to reach Polyp Bay
  3. Cling to or hop on top of the platforms with the monkey (you can safely jump down whenever you see trees) and you'll eventually reach a save point and Seaside Retreat along with your third warp squid
  4. Make sure to snag the Magic Jam from the leftmost chest, talk to the mayor to receive the Town Deed, warp back to Lilac Fields, keep running left to reach Pumpkin Patch, and then go left to activate your fourth warp squid
  5. Keep going then enter the small purple cave to get another Magic Jam, carefully scale the left wall outside of the cave and you'll soon reach a save point as well as the entrance to Baron Desert
  6. Traverse the purple cave to reach the other end of the chasm, enter another purple cave to the left to access Desert Pass, follow the path then go left at the crossroads, and exit the cave to find a tent and a Magic Jam in a chest to the left of it
  7. Enter the tent and talk to the Ammo Baron to trade the Town Deed for a Passport, head back to Desert Pass, go right past the weak blocks, and then head right when you reach the bottom for an eventual save point and access to Battle Tower
  8. Battle Tower can be intimidating but the key to success is to smash the vases between floors so you can extend your time with clock power-ups and the Super Pike Ball spell is very useful, too
  9. You'll eventually win (congrats!) and receive the second Magic Seal as well as the Forest Key so keep running left and after a long stretch, you'll work your way to the fifth warp squid then use it to warp to Tangle Forest
Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Director's Cut screenshot 4
I'm about to beat Battle Tower with over 1 minute to spare

Powering up

  1. Run all the way left then use the monkey to scale a wall and open a Magic Jam chest then head back and down 1 plane
  2. Use the leftmost down jump panel then run left to save your progress, go right and enter the cave before the chasm then traverse the linear path to receive the Elephant Dance
  3. Work your way back then use the up jump panel, run right to a new area, get another Magic Jam from a treetop chest after scaling the right wall with the monkey, and smash the boulder with the elephant to reveal a cave with a Heart Holder inside
  4. Go back and keep jumping on the up panels to reach the topmost plane, go right to save your progress, run right some more, smash a boulder and enter the cave to receive Coffee Beans
  5. Exit this cave and run all the way left, smash the golem with the elephant, and retrieve the broken Coffee Machine at the end
  6. Make sure you have fire magic, warp to Baron Desert, run right then smash the boulder with the elephant, enter the cave, use fire on the branches, and scale the left wall with the monkey to receive the Monkey Bullet
  7. Keep running right a long way until you go past Battle Tower, enter the cave, ascend a bit, destroy the boulder with the elephant, and traverse the cave inside to receive the Elephant Stomp
  8. Outside this room, ascend the rest of the cave to reach a familiar room, run right until you reach a boulder, smash it, head inside, and you can hop on the platforms if you deploy a Super Pike Ball before jumping on them then snag the chest's Magic Jam
  9. Exit the cave and run right to Scuttle Town, jump up 1 plane, enter the first door on your left, and trade the Grinder to Sky for a Latte then stock up on supplies from the shop to the right while making sure you have Puff (lightning magic)
  10. Jump up 1 more plane, go all the way right, smash the golem with the elephant, enter Mermaid Cliffs, run right, save your game, and cling to the platform at the end with the monkey then use Monkey Bullet to leap to the right
  11. You'll eventually reach the sixth warp squid, go right to trade the Latte for the Plastic Explosive, run left back to the sealed doorway, plant the explosive, use Puff magic in front of the door, and head inside
Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Director's Cut screenshot 5
Is that Starbucks' secret ingredient?

Hypno Baron

  1. Hit the eye statue so that it's looking down, enter the next room, navigate the false walls with the monkey, and fall down the hole at the end to get a Key
  2. Go back and hit the statue until it's looking up, proceed, unlock the door at the end of the chain room, kill the 3 skeletons in quick succession to unlock the doors, and save your game
  3. Climb the chains in the next room and go all the way up and exit right, and at the top of this room, ensure both eye statues are open and exit right to eventually get another Key
  4. Back in the statue room, close both eye statues, go to the right room again if you want a bunch of gems, and head to the left room when you're done
  5. Smash the fire-breathing statue with the elephant, enter the locked door, and carefully navigate the next room with the monkey using the Monkey Bullet in the middle to reach the left-hand side
  6. After saving your game, hop on the platform when it's looking up, position the eyes so they're both looking up then enter the room, keep hopping on the blocks when they're looking up, and you'll get a key at the top
  7. To get the next 3 keys, position the eyes so they're both looking in the same direction (first right, then down, and finally left) then traverse each room trial as the monkey which makes them slightly easier
  8. For an extra Magic Jam, position the left eye up and the right eye down
  9. When you have all 4 keys, position the left eye right and the right eye left, unlock all the doors, and make note of where the statues' eyes are pointing (mine were left, right, down, right)
  10. Position the left eye left and the right eye right, enter the room, and position the statues the way they were in the previous step to receive the Mermaid Dance from the next room
  11. Go all the way back to the save point, run right to the room where you can open both statues' eyes and do so, exit left, and use all 3 transformations to proceed and get the Bottom Half of Skull
  12. Back at the open-eyed statue room, go down, navigate back to the first room past the save spot, point the eye left, enter the room, and use the mermaid to reach a chest with Half a Skull in it
  13. Head back to the statue, point it up, enter the door, go past the save room, and use the Skull Key to unlock the door
  14. The fight with Hypno Baron is easy as long as you viciously attack him while keeping a Pike Ball deployed and healing when needed then you'll get the third and final Magic Seal as your reward
Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Director's Cut screenshot 6
Some of these segments can be rather tricky, even for this clever little monkey

Risky Boots

  1. Head left past the save point and transform into the mermaid when you see a gap in a bridge, go down and left, swim down a false wall on the left, and keep heading down and left to reach a room with a Golden Baby Squid in it
  2. Work your way back to Scuttle Town, run left and talk to your friends for a scene then hop into the water to the left as the mermaid, swim down and right through a false wall to receive a Heart Holder from a chest
  3. Keep running left past the lighthouse to Polyp Bay, enter the purple cave if you want a Magic Jam from a tricky monkey challenge room, and save your game to the left
  4. Enter the water to the left as the mermaid, swim all the way to the bottom and ascend the passage in the center ceiling for the second Golden Baby Squid
  5. Go left one screen and warp to Mermaid Cliffs, head right, enter the water as the mermaid, swim right, down, and all the way left to find the third and final Golden Baby Squid
  6. Head back to the lighthouse left of Scuttle Town and trade the 3 Golden Baby Squids to Squid Baron for the Mermaid Bubble
  7. You can now explore for Magic Jams and buy supplies and once ready, head right of Scuttle Town to Mermaid Cliffs and dive into the first bridge gap as the mermaid, swim all the way down and right and shoot a Mermaid Bubble at the blockade to proceed
  8. Activate the warp squid for access to Sunken Caverns, save your game ahead, play through a fun shoot 'em up segment, and then activate the eighth and final warp squid for access to Risky's Lair
  9. Keep descending this next room until you enter some water, transform into the mermaid, swim down, right, and up, run right, climb the right wall as the monkey, head left, up past the fire-breathers, and around to the boss door
  10. To defeat Risky Boots, avoid her cannonballs, duck under the anchor attack, whip any pirate underlings that emerge, and attack the barrel in the ship's mouth whenever it shows
  11. In the final battle, deploy your best Pike Ball and go nuts whipping her while healing your HP and MP whenever needed and you should take her down eventually - hooray!
Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Director's Cut screenshot 7
Who voted for this goof anyway?

Congratulations; you beat Shantae: Risky's Revenge! However, there's still more to do so go exploring if you want to collect all of the items and if you would like an extra challenge, try to achieve all 4 endings. In case you were wondering, here are their requirements: v1d30chumz 3-235-186-94

  1. Beat the game in over 2 hours without getting all of the items
  2. Acquire every item and complete it in over 4 hours
  3. Finish the game and get every item in less than 4 hours
  4. Speedrun the campaign within 2 hours without obtaining every item

Good luck! Also, if you need any further assistance or you're stuck at all then leave a comment and I'll try my best to help you out.

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Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Final Boss + Ending
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