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Sifu: Vengeance Edition

The action-packed combat gets physical

A.J. Maciejewski

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Sifu recently released on Nintendo Switch and I got my hands on the very cool Vengeance Edition so let me tell you all about it.

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Photo of Sifu: Vengeance Edition slipcase, SteelBook case, and 2 lithographs
There's a lot of eye candy in the Vengeance Edition, that's for sure

The game

For those unfamiliar with Sifu, it's a unique beat 'em up that kind of reminds me of God Hand; a highly underrated PS2 game from 2006. Specifically, it has you dodge, block, and parry incoming melee attacks as you unleash blows whenever you deem safe only to hopefully break your opponent's stance and take advantage of their vulnerabilities. It's fast-paced yet it rewards patience and it's rather challenging to boot so you're left with a genuine-feeling kung-fu experience that'll keep you hooked, especially if you enjoy Bruce Lee movies. It all comes together to make an unpredictable and exciting experience so I definitely recommend playing it if this sort of game appeals to you. v1d30chumz 35-172-230-154

The extras

Now that you generally know what to expect from the game, the Vengeance Edition of Sifu is one cool little package that would make a great gift for any kung-fu fan who has a Nintendo Switch. For starters, it's all housed in a sleek slipcase which contains a SteelBook case, 3 attractive lithographs that depict iconic scenes from the campaign, and a wide art book that includes 48 pages of character concepts, background renders, scenes, and such. The SteelBook case is simple and gorgeous as it features a matte finish with glossy Sifu logo on the front and a matching glossy symbol on the back. Inside, you get the Game Card (of course) as well as a digital code for the full soundtrack. I also like the art which states "Is one life enough to know kung-fu?" as it made me ponder the meaning of existence. 🤔

Photo of Sifu: Vengeance Edition open SteelBook case with soundtrack card and game beside the art book and another lithograph
How did they pack so much stuff in such a tiny package?

That's about all there is to Sifu: Vengeance Edition. Have you played this modern beat 'em up yet? What are your thoughts on it?

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Watch A.J. play Sifu
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