Silent Hills Will Release in 2022 [April Fools]

Silent Hills Will Release in 2022 [April Fools]

Prepare for more P.T.

A.J. Maciejewski

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The Silent Hill franchise has been in limbo for years now but Konami finally has some exciting news so I sat down with Sagi-Shi, their head of creative amusements, so he could share what to expect from the upcoming game.

P.T. screenshot
Considering how scary P.T. was, I can't wait for Silent Hills!

[A.J.] Hello, Sagi-Shi-san. First of all, is it okay if I call you Sagi for short? v1d30chumz 3-235-176-80

[Sagi] Haha, of course you can.

[A.J.] Great. Well, Sagi-san, I understand that you have some exciting news to share with us today.

[Sagi] Yes, I do. Ever since P.T. released back in 2014, Silent Hill fans have been very enthusiastic about playing Silent Hills and although it now has a different developer, we feel that fans will love finally playing it as it stays true to its original vision.

[A.J.] That's excellent. Can you share if any of the same staff will be working on this long-awaited sequel?

[Sagi] We unfortunately had to reorganize our team in order to continue working on this project but we have managed to keep the same audio designers and composers so Silent Hills will feature familiar music and plenty of terrifying effects as fans have come to expect. Meanwhile, the gameplay portion will be handled by the studio at SANKYO Co., Ltd.

[A.J.] To be honest, I've never heard of SANKYO before. Will Silent Hills play like previous games in the franchise?

[Sagi] This is where things become quite interesting. Whereas previous titles featured survival horror gameplay, the team at SANKYO has created something truly unique. Upon inserting your player card into the machine, a dozen metal balls will fill the launcher, and once the player twists the...

[A.J.] Hold on; is Silent Hills just going to be another pachinko machine? Screw this, I'm out!

[Sagi] But we were going to share a pizza...

Photo of Silent Hills machine
I'm sorry but even the prototype machine looks awful

Well, there you have it; Silent Hills will be yet another pachinko machine. Who cares?

Teaser trailer for Silent Hills thumbnail
Teaser trailer for Silent Hills 0:32
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