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Simple Puzzle Games for Switch

Tile-based fun for everyone

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Nintendo Switch is home to many excellent puzzlers so here are 6 that are quite simple and can help you wind down after a long day.

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Hatsune Miku Connecting Puzzle TAMAGOTORI Review Switch ★★★★☆

Hatsune Miku has many fun rhythm games but she has recently entered the puzzle genre so here's Connecting Puzzle TAMAGOTORI. v1d30chumz 3-236-138-35

Hatsune Miku Connecting Puzzle TAMAGOTORI screenshot
This might take a while; better get a cup of tea going

Hatsune Miku Connecting Puzzle TAMAGOTORI is a very simple puzzler where you essentially connect 2 of the same kind of egg until you clear the playfield. However, you can't draw a line that changes direction more than a couple of times so the challenge relies on your ability to spot eggs that can be connected without zigzagging around too much. Although the gameplay is super-basic and easy to start, you'll eventually encounter a few complexities such as keys and locks as well as numbered eggs. 🥚

As you clear eggs rapidly, birds will start to fly and sing which is downright adorable. Plus, the music is just awesome complete with plenty of classic bubbly Hatsune Miku vibes. Meanwhile, there's a menu where you can deploy earned seeds to attract and collect birds which adds a layer of charm to this already easy-breezy and lovely little game. Can you collect them all? 🐦

I'm happy that Hatsune Miku is keeping her puzzle game offerings strong as Connecting Puzzle TAMAGOTORI is surely one to check out.

Hatsune Miku Connecting Puzzle TAMAGOTORI gameplay video → Hatsune Miku Logic Paint S Review

Treasure Temples Review Switch ★★★★☆

Trying to collect ancient treasures is always tricky and when you put that concept into a puzzle game, you know it's going to be fun.

Treasure Temples screenshot
As if this wasn't tricky enough without the monsters!

Treasure Temples merely has you control a little adventurer as you navigate through grid-based levels. The challenge involves trying to find the correct path to take in order to claim all of the treasure for yourself while not getting trapped as you work your way back to the entrance. You see; a lot of the ground collapses after you step on it although some tiles allow you to step on them twice before they crumble. There are many elements that add to the challenge, too, such as springboards and monsters that move whenever you do so this can be a rather challenging puzzler. That being said, it's still very pressure-free because you can restart until you figure out the correct path. In other words, it's a sort of trial and error game but one that will keep you hooked as you gradually figure things out. 💡

With lots of levels to master and clever complexities that get introduced along the way, Treasure Temples is quite a fulfilling puzzle game.

Treasure Temples gameplay video →

Upaon: A Snake's Journey Review Switch ★★★★☆

Snakes love fruit so here's a delightful puzzle game where you control a snake to eat all of the fruit that he can wrap his jaws around.

Upaon: A Snake's Journey screenshot
That's the happiest snake I've ever seen

Upaon: A Snake's Journey plays a bit like Treasure Temples in that your goal is to find the correct path through the grid-based levels. All you do is tap the directional buttons which makes the snake move in that direction until it hits a wall or obstacle. Your goal is to simply eat all 4 pieces of fruit in each level but this is trickier than it sounds because for every fruit you eat, you grow one tile. This means that some levels force you to eat particular fruits before others. On top of that, you'll discover mechanics such as traps that get triggered when you slither over them which renders that tile dangerous from then on. It's a very intuitive game that's surprisingly cute, too, and the tricky elements get introduced at a gradual enough pace so that you'll keep saying to yourself, "Just one more go, please!" 🐍

Who knew that eating fruit as a snake could be as much fun as it is in Upaon: A Snake's Journey? It's one intuitive and enjoyable puzzler.

Upaon: A Snake's Journey gameplay video →

Kittens and Yarn Review Switch ★★★★☆

Untangling yarn can be a tiring task but Kittens and Yarn makes it super-fun with its tile-swapping path-building gameplay. Check it out!

Kittens and Yarn screenshot
Kitties love yarn except when it's all tied up

Kittens and Yarn is played by swapping hexagonal tiles which have coloured yarn segments drawn on them and it's your goal to ensure that each colour has a path that leads from the ball of yarn to an end segment. The campaign begins simply enough but as you progress, more kittens and balls of yarn get thrown into the mix which makes things substantially more complex. In fact, some of the later levels can take quite a long time to work out so thankfully, the gameplay is completely void of pressure seeing as there is no time or move limit; you basically keep playing until you master a level then move on to the next. Meanwhile, the graphics are quite adorable as you can admire kitties as they play with the yarn that you're generously trying to sort out. Hey, is that a kitty hiding in a box? How cute! 😊

Swapping tiles as you gradually build paths with coloured yarn is a hypnotising formula that Kittens and Yarn accomplishes just right.

Kittens and Yarn gameplay video → More games with feline protagonists

Fluffy Cubed Review Switch ★★★☆☆

Speaking of feline friends, here's Fluffy Cubed which has you play as a box-pushing kitty in a simple puzzle game that anyone can play.

Fluffy Cubed screenshot
This cubic kitty has puzzles to solve

Out of all of these simple puzzlers, Fluffy Cubed is definitely the most basic as all you do is push crates to their goals. The difficult part is not getting stuck by accidentally trapping a crate against a wall or corner where you can't move it to where you want but besides that, this is an extremely basic game that you can easily master with little effort. Of course, a couple levels here and there may require a few attempts and I mainly had to restart by accidentally pushing a box due to the cat's rather slow response time which can be kind of cumbersome when you're trying to solve the puzzle quickly. However, if you take your time then Fluffy Cubed can be a relaxing little game even if it really doesn't have much going for it in the challenge department. The music makes it easy to fall asleep with, too. 🎵

Fluffy Cubed may be one of the most basic puzzlers ever made but it's still undeniably relaxing to play, especially after a rough day.

Fluffy Cubed gameplay video →

INVERT Review Switch ★★★☆☆

I love when games appear simpler than they are and with that in mind, here's the clever and easy-to-play but hard to master INVERT.

INVERT screenshot
It may not look like it but INVERT can sure be tricky!

INVERT is yet another puzzle game where you try to find the correct path through each level. The main mechanic here is that whenever you touch a tile, it will turn from black to white or vice versa and the goal is to make every tile besides the start and finish nodes either white or black. Therefore, the correct path is much better-hidden than in similar games so figuring out solutions primarily involves trial and error as you piece together what works and what doesn't. Although I thoroughly enjoyed this formula, there aren't that many levels to master at all and the whole campaign could be completed within one gaming session if you're dedicated and efficient at solving the puzzles. It's an otherwise very smart little puzzle game that I hope to see get a sequel at some point that features more complexities.

If you enjoy trial and error puzzles with deceptively minimalist gameplay then you'll have a solid time mastering every stage in INVERT.

INVERT gameplay video →
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