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A.J. Maciejewski

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Sometimes, simply testing your gaming skills is all you want to do so here are 6 solo challenges that may give your thumbs a workout.

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Gravity Error Review PlayStation 4 ★★★★☆

Plenty of video games have experimented with gravity mechanics but few of them are as engaging as the very tricky Gravity Error. v1d30chumz 3-235-186-94

Gravity Error screenshot
Gravity Error may not look like it but it's super-tough

Gravity Error presents a spot-on blend of puzzle and platforming mechanics which are all tied together in a mind-bending way. Essentially, you play each stage by first placing arrows which force your shadowy cube character to be pulled in the corresponding direction upon touching them. Once you're ready, you can start moving and jumping around the stage to hopefully gather all 3 collectibles as well as reach the goal. Often, you'll have to start back at square one while you adjust the arrows before giving the stage another go. Keep in mind, whereas many gravity-based games simply have the character stop dead in their tracks whenever the orientation changes, Gravity Error implements momentum which makes placing the arrows all the more crucial, especially in the later stages where you'll find yourself zooming around levels in all directions. Having the directional controls change can be disorienting but overall, it's a great game.

Although it looks like a simple indie, Gravity Error offers a wonderfully implemented challenge with its blend of puzzles and platforming.

Gravity Error gameplay video →

Goblin Sword Review Switch ★★★☆☆

2D action platformers have pretty much set the standard for single player challenges but does Goblin Sword provide a worthy adventure?

Goblin Sword screenshot
Playing Goblin Sword will fill you with nostalgia

First of all, Goblin Sword is a pixel-perfect and colourful game that looks like it belongs on the SNES. Very few indie games nail this aesthetic but I can happily say that Goblin Sword does extremely well. Its gameplay is quite simple as you run, jump, and slash your way through stages and there are magical temporary power-ups that you can collect as well which allow you to perform powerful attacks. The level designs feature a lot of intricacies and verticality so you can explore for hidden treasures and crystals which may provide some cool items and currency that you can exchange at the shop for stronger gear and accessories that grant cool boosts.

Although all of this works very well and the RPG elements are a nice touch, the enemy AI is almost non-existent as most of them just pace back and forth and attack whenever you're in range. Also, the combat doesn't really connect and merely touching an enemy causes damage which is annoying as some of them take up a lot of space. Finally, a pet peeve of mine is when bottomless pits aren't marked. Considering the stages are so vertical, you may assume that you can go down some pits but you'll only end up perishing as a result.

Goblin Sword's developers are clearly talented so I look forward to their next game where they'll hopefully iron out a lot of wrinkles.

Goblin Sword gameplay video →

Track Mayhem Review PlayStation 4 ★★★☆☆

Some games are built to be played again and again as you slowly learn layouts and get better and better so here's one such title.

Track Mayhem screenshot
It may be simple but Track Mayhem will keep you trying over and over again

Track Mayhem has you control a WipEout-style ship as you move around a circular track. Sometimes, you're on the inside while other times, you're on the outside. In either case, the gameplay is the same as you simply have to avoid walls and other hazards. Doing so involves steering left and right, jumping, and spending coins to deploy a temporary shield. It's definitely a fun game that's very difficult to master, especially if you're trying to get all the trophies which requires you to beat every stage without perishing or using shields all while using every single available boost pad. On the downside, it becomes repetitive very quickly due to its lack of modes. It's also frustrating not being able to see what's ahead when you're on the outside and the track is tilting down but I guess that's part of the challenge.

Track Mayhem plays, looks, and sounds great although it's hard not to get bored of playing the same stages over and over again.

Track Mayhem gameplay video →

Super Tennis Review Switch ★☆☆☆☆

Once in a while, a game releases with gameplay that doesn't quite match what you'd expect so here's the very odd Super Tennis.

Super Tennis screenshot
Super Tennis certainly doesn't feel much like tennis

Playing Super Tennis merely involves completing quick-time events whenever they show up onscreen. Yes, that's right; there is literally no actual tennis gameplay. You don't have to move your character, you don't have to time swings, and you don't even have to think much. In fact, they could have put video footage of anything in the background considering all you're doing is tapping buttons whenever prompted. Why not call this Super Hot Dog Factory and show workers at a meat processing plant assemble wieners as you tap buttons? Anyway, the graphics are decent and the audio features a goofy announcer but the gameplay is what absolutely kills it.

I was debating whether to give Super Tennis 0 or 1 stars and I decided on the latter because at least it's functional and looks decent.

Super Tennis gameplay video →

Throw Anything Review PlayStation 4 ★★★☆☆

As a gamer, you know that there are more than a million ways to kill a zombie but have you ever considered simply throwing stuff?

Throw Anything screenshot
Fending off zombies with furniture is more fun than it sounds

Throw Anything is a PlayStation VR game where you use 2 Move controllers to pick up stuff from a room then throw it out a window as zombies climb the side of the building that you're in. For starters, this premise deserves praise for its originality alone. Anyway, the room is behind you while the zombies are in front so you have to constantly turn around, grab something, face forward, then carefully throw it down. This formula works quite well and when you factor in complexities like the ability to break furniture into manageable chunks, make use of appliances like 3D printers, and combine items; you're looking at an impressively varied formula. With that said, it's still a rather mindless game that's overly difficult at times but it's worth playing simply for the novelty of the experience.

You certainly won't play Throw Anything for hours yet there's something special about its quirky premise and wacky world.

Throw Anything gameplay video → More PlayStation VR games

Bridge Constructor Ultimate Edition Review Switch ★★★★☆

The original Bridge Constructor remains a stellar example of construction-based puzzle games and it's finally available for Switch!

Bridge Constructor Ultimate Edition screenshot
2 of my favourite things ever: bridges and trains!

I've been a huge fan of Bridge Constructor for years as its gameplay is challenging, simple, and ingenious. All you do is build a bridge and hope it holds up when you send vehicles over it. Anyway, I actually wrote a full review of Bridge Constructor for PlayStation 4 back in 2016 and this game is the same experience yet it has some cool new features. For starters, although the PS4 version had SlopeMania and this release does, too; this Ultimate Edition also includes Trains! As a train enthusiast, I loved building bridges that massive heavy trains could safely travel along. There are also 3 seasonal packs of levels based on Christmas, Easter, and Halloween as well as touchscreen support which needless to say, is just awesome. So, if you're a fan of building bridges then this is a must-play package.

Although it's been around for years, Bridge Constructor is still a prime physics puzzler and this Ultimate Edition is the best way to play it.

Bridge Constructor Ultimate Edition gameplay video → Bridge Constructor Review
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