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Stranded Deep Achievement Guide

Survive and conquer

A.J. Maciejewski

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Stranded Deep is a very tricky and time-consuming game to get all of the achievements for so in this walkthrough, I'll guide you through them in a logical order and tell you exactly what you need to do to master this survival-based adventure.

A.J. has been obsessively gaming since the late '80s and is just as passionate about video games in 2023. 🐻

Stranded Deep intro screenshot
Well, this journey seems safe... right?


Before we get started, let's set some options to help make our playthrough as easy as possible. First, enter the cartographer menu then keep randomizing until the 5 red squares are as close together as possible. This will make reaching the bosses and escape area much easier. If you don't want to randomize then enter the seed number 64589344 which should place the red squares in a mostly accessible arrangement. Feel free to let me know in the comments if you come across a better seed number to use. Also, be sure not to use the world editor or new island options as they may overwrite useful islands which can prevent you from obtaining certain achievements. 🚫 v1d30chumz 35-172-230-154

When you're ready, choose play from the main menu, change the wildlife setting to passive with the X button, and ensure that difficulty is set to normal, world is existing, and permadeath is off. 💡

Stranded Deep: Setup screenshot
Ah! A giant enemy crab!

Pro tips

Whenever you save your progress at a shelter and you want to know where you are on the map, exit to the main menu, enter the cartographer screen, and you can see which island you're on as it'll be the red one that doesn't have a skull on it but make sure not to tinker with anything; just enter the menu then exit. Doing this will especially come in handy if you're going for a compass-less run which I'll discuss in a bit. 🗺️

Once you spot a wood crate, take it! These can store 5 items each yet they only take up 1 inventory slot. I recommend stuffing them with rare items such as vehicle parts, jerrycans, duct tape, leather, and cloth since having such items when you need them will be extremely convenient. Also, when you set up camp on a new island, feel free to drop the crates around your base to free up slots for when you're exploring. Just remember to pick them up again before you travel to a new island. 🎒

Stranded Deep: Pro tips screenshot
Another tip: don't let your meat spoil like I did

6 survival achievements

There are multiple achievements for going 10 days without performing certain tasks. You could achieve these as early as possible which will be very difficult or you can space them out. Either way, you can always start the game again to unlock the ones that you missed on your first playthrough. For now, just keep these 10-day tasks in mind:

  • Don't eat fish 🐟
  • Don't eat meat 🥩
  • Don't sleep on land 💤
  • Stay on the same island 🏝️

Accomplishing these will unlock the Fish Are Friends, Gone green, Seafarer, and Island Hermit achievements. You'll also get the Day 10 achievement as well as the Day 20 one once you reach a total of 20 days survived. 📅

Stranded Deep: Fish Are Friends screenshot
How am I supposed to not eat that fish?

Magnets, how do they work? Finish a play through without ever using a compass

This is the most missable achievement in all of Stranded Deep because simply holding a compass will prevent it from unlocking. Therefore, if you ever see a compass anywhere then just ignore it and do not pick it up. There's also a craftable vehicle called a gyrocopter that has a compass so even though you can craft it, don't use it. 🧭

Gotta craft them all! Make one of each craftable item

This is by far the most difficult achievement in Stranded Deep as you'll need to craft every single item. Thankfully, you can tell which items you've already crafted as they'll have a red circle background 🔴 in the crafting menu while ones you haven't crafted yet will have a grey circle background ⚫.

Stranded Deep: Gotta craft them all! screenshot
Setting up a crafting station like this will surely result in success

Back to the stone age Crafted a stone tool

During the tutorial, you'll be tasked with picking up rocks and sticks. You can find them around the beach and in the bushes. Afterwards, open your crafting menu by tapping RB then craft the stone tool. 😊

One day when the boss get hungry Skinned a crab

Next, gather 4 fibrous leaves by using your stone tool on small plants, craft a lashing, and then craft a refined knife. Look around the beach for a crab, kill it (press the right stick in to crouch), and then use the knife to skin it with X. 🔪

Guess who's gon' be on the plate? Cooked crab meat

Gather more sticks in the woods until you have 6 (you can use your knife to cut down thin trees to make sticks), craft a camp fire (LT in the crafting menu to change tabs), and place it wherever you want. Craft some kindling, hold it, and use it on the camp fire to light it after a mini-game. Use the small meat on the fire and wait a few minutes until you hear a ding and it turns into cooked small meat. 🦀

Stranded Deep: Guess who's gon' be on the plate? screenshot
Once I get this fire going, the local crabs better watch out

Horrific Pacific Completed the tutorial

Get a coconut from a tree (make sure not to jump off the tree as you may hurt yourself), drop it, whack it with the knife a couple of times, and drink from it. You can keep doing this to fill your thirst meter but don't do it too much 🤢. Chop down a palm tree with the knife (it takes a while), cut up the palm bunch, gather the palm fronds, and make a shelter (you'll probably need more lashing). ⛺

2 crafting achievements

Simply collect a bunch of rocks and keep crafting stone tools until Working with my hands unlocks (Craft 20 tools). Instead, you'll probably unlock it naturally by playing through the game but you can get it now if you want. A bonus to doing it now is that you'll upgrade your craftsmanship level in the process. There's another achievement for crafting 40 tools as well; Lean, mean, crafting machine. 🤓

Island Hopper Visited an island other than the first

Be sure to keep a few coconut drinks 🥥 on-hand then when you're ready, look for a distant island then swim to it or take the raft if you prefer. 🏊

Stranded Deep: Island Hopper screenshot
I sure hope I end up somewhere nice

2 camp fire achievements

Make sure to build a camp fire on every island that you visit. Now that you're on a new island, make one here and that will be your second of 5 to unlock the Another day, another shore achievement. After you build 10 camp fires on different islands, you'll also get the Is this Ithaca? achievement. 🔥

Have you ever seen so many seagulls? Found yourself surrounded by a flock of seagulls

This one's kind of random. Whenever you see a bunch of seagulls flying around which only happens during the day, keep jumping around underneath them until this unlocks. It might help if you're high up; the closer, the better. 🐦

Thread carefully Made some cloth using the loom

This one's kind of tedious as we'll need to collect 20 fibrous leaves and 6 sticks. Once you have them, make 4 lashings then the loom which is in the shelter tab. After placing the loom, stand next to it, enter the crafting menu, and craft some cloth via the tools tab. 🧣

Now that we have some cloth, I recommend crafting a toolbelt and perhaps a tool pouch 1 via the far-left crafting tab in order to increase your amount of item slots so you can carry around more items at a time which will be very handy. Be sure to equip items to these new quick slots by holding LB instead of tapping it. 🧰

Stranded Deep: Thread carefully screenshot
With extra inventory, I should be able to carry a few more delicious coconuts

Plant it and it will grow Planted your first farm lot

Next, we need to make a crude hoe so gather a lashing, stick, and stone tool. After you make it, acquire a lashing and 4 sticks then build a food farming plot via the farming menu (RB a few times when in the crafting menu). After placing the farm plot, simply find a plant then place it in the lot. For the record, I planted a pipi as one happened to be nearby. 🌱

2 remnants achievements

As you explore islands, you'll randomly come across survivor remnants; of which there are 3. Each one looks like a different dilapidated shelter and they're probably located on the beach. Open a crate at each one and you'll get the Another one bites the dust achievement. On top of this, one of the remnants will have a volleyball named Wollie nearby so look carefully and if you find it, pick it up, and you'll get the A little less lonely achievement. 🏐

Stranded Deep: Another one bites the dust screenshot
This is one of the survivor remnants but unfortunately, there's no Wollie here

2 fishing achievements

Make a fishing rod with 3 sticks and 3 lashings and search boats for buoy balls. Once you find a cluster, cut it with a knife, grab 1, and then craft a fishing bobber. After all that, equip the rod with the bobber in-hand and they'll temporarily combine. To fish, press LT to aim then RT to cast. Once you see the bobber move, hold RT to reel a fish in. If the line breaks, you can grab your bobber from the water to fix it. Catching 1 fish will give you the Fishing season is open! achievement and 10 will unlock The sea's harvest achievement. 🎣

Stranded Deep: Fishing season is open! screenshot
Only serious fishermen catch fish in a storm

Where I lay my head is home Crafted a sleeping bag

It's time to make a tanning rack so gather 4 lashings and 4 sticks and while you're at it, kill some pigs then skin them to get 3 rawhides. Craft and place the tanning rack when you're done then use it to convert 3 rawhides into 3 leathers the same way you made cloth with the loom. Speaking of which, make a loom if you don't have one around and amass 3 cloths. Finally, craft a sleeping bag via the middle crafting tab with 3 leathers, 3 cloths, and 3 sticks. Phew! 😅

Put the engine in engineering Crafted a motor boat

First, we need a hammer so craft a crude hammer. I happened to already have a refined hammer that I found in a crate. 🔨

Next, make sure you have all the parts for a boat motor: vehicle electrical part, vehicle fuel part, vehicle filter part, vehicle engine part, and ducttape; all of which can be found in crates that are usually located in shipwrecks. Finally, we need a raft base so build whichever one you want. Do the same with a raft floor and place it on the raft base (ensure that the base is facing right-side up).

Save your game then reload after you unlock this achievement so you can use these valuable vehicle parts for the gyrocopter. Anyway, hold LT and drag the base/floor combo so it's floating on the water. Craft the boat motor and follow behind the raft then attach it whenever it's blue. It can be very finicky so just be patient and you'll be able to attach it eventually. 🛥️

Stranded Deep: Put the engine in engineering screenshot
One vehicle part found; yay!

Really moving up in life Craft the hobo stove

After placing a camp fire, gather 3 rocks and craft the fire pit next to the camp fire then place it on top of it. We'll also need a barrel which looks like an empty metal oil drum. Once you come across one, drag it with LT near the fire pit and then craft the hobo stove the same way you made the fire pit. Obviously, the tricky part about this one is finding a barrel which are usually in bundles attached to wrecked ships so you'll need to cut them free before you can use one. 🛢️

Clay must feel happy in a good potter's hand Make a clay flask

The toughest part of this achievement is gathering clay which you'll need 8 of. To get clay, you need a refined pick then swim around the southeast waters off the shore of an island and look for rock clusters then use the pick to mine a handful of clay from each cluster. Once you get 8, you can make a furnace with 6 clay, 3 sticks, and a couple lashings. Finally, stand next to the furnace and craft a clay flask via the consumables menu with a lashing and 2 clays. 🍶

Stranded Deep: Clay must feel happy in a good potter's hand screenshot
Swinging tools underwater should be more difficult than this

Oceanic DaVinci Craft the gyrocopter

First, you need to have a crafting level of 6 which will take a while. Then, craft the gyrocopter via the left tab in the vehicles menu. You'll need 3 gyro parts and a bunch of vehicle parts so hopefully, you saved them from when you made the motor boat. Make sure not to use the gyrocopter if you're trying for the compass-less run. ⚠️

Who needs the sea anyway? Have one of each farm crop planted on the same island

Remember when we unlocked the Plant it and it will grow achievement? Well, do the same 8 times albeit with different plant types: aloe vera, pipi, kura, quwawa, ajuga, wavulavula, potato, and yucca. Use any kind of farming plot you want and the achievement should unlock but just make sure all 8 of them are on the same island. 👩‍🌾

Stranded Deep: Who needs the sea anyway? screenshot
Don't look; I'm going pipi

Two of each Collect two of each land animal on your raft, and sail into a storm.

Kill 2 crabs, snakes, and boars. You can pick the crabs up but you need to drag the snakes and boars. Once you have all 6 loaded on your raft, sail out to sea, anchor, and wait for a storm. As you do, make sure your animals aren't falling off (it helps if you build a bigger raft). Once a storm begins, hoist the anchor and sail for a bit and you'll hopefully get this achievement. 🐍

I hear industrial is in fashion Craft 10 pieces of furniture using corrugated scrap

Simply craft 10 corrugated shelves or tables. You can destroy them with a knife in order to reclaim half of the materials that you used so as long as you have tons of corrugated scrap at this point, unlocking this achievement won't be that difficult. 🏭

Stranded Deep: I hear industrial is in fashion screenshot
This corrugated scrap is fit for a pig

2 sea monster trophies

For these, you need to defeat all 3 bosses but before we do that, we should craft a speargun which requires craftsmanship level 5. Plus, you'll need a ton of speargun arrows so some grinding will be required as well. 😓

To find a boss, save your game in case you die then head to one of the skulls on the map except for the one that represents "a way out". Once you reach the middle of where a boss is marked on the map, its name will pop up onscreen and you'll have a little marker that shows which direction it's in. When you spot it, keep relentlessly shooting at it until it perishes which will take a long time so make sure your hunger and thirst are topped-up and bring some bandages, too, in case the boss makes you bleed. After you defeat a boss, you can craft that boss's trophy which will give you the Hunter of the High Seas achievement for 1 and Call me Ahab for all 3. 🏆

Stranded Deep: Hunter of the High Seas screenshot
We'll see just how great this Abaia really is...

Out of the frying pan Complete the game

Killing the 3 bosses will unlock 3 plane parts in your crafting menu that you'll need to bring to the "a way out" marker on the map. You'll also need a bunch of food, water, and fuel. To get fuel, grow a bunch of potatoes then use them in a fuel still boiler. You'll need 2 jerrycans for this: one to craft the fuel still boiler and one to transport the fuel. After you fix the plane with the 3 parts and gather enough food, water, and fuel, you'll win the game and finally beat Stranded Deep; congrats! 😄

Stranded Deep: Out of the frying pan screenshot
Time to watch the sun set on another memorable adventure

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