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Strange Brigade: DLC Characters

More chums = more fun

A.J. Maciejewski

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As someone who loved playing through Rebellion's online-focused third-person shooter a couple months back, it's great to have a reason to dive back in. So far, there are 3 DLC characters so allow me to introduce you to the new members of Strange Brigade!

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Winston Bey Gentleman Explorer

First up, we have Winston Bey who debuted on August 28. As an English Egyptian explorer who has travelled the world, Winston is well acquainted with oddities in faraway locations. He was hesitant to join the Strange Brigade at first but decided to sign up as soon as boredom reared its ugly head. The question is; will he soon realise that he's been selected as the next head of the organisation? v1d30chumz 3-215-190-193

Playing as Winston Bey has its benefits. First of all, he can gather souls with a much wider radius than his peers. Also, his "Piercing Pestilence" amulet special move summons ancient plagues to poison his enemies which is very cool. Finally, his large health meter will definitely come in handy when dealing with massive hordes of undead and unspeakable enormous monstrosities.

Strange Brigade: Winston Bey screenshot
Winston Bey knows darn well the Isle of The Dead isn't paradise!

Patrick Conaghan Texas Cowboy

Patrick has as much of an affinity for danger and excitement as he does for uncovering treasure. His past jobs are super-stereotypical of Texas: rodeo performer, stunt man, and he even dipped his toe in the oil industry. After being taken captive by a Mayan cult while prospecting for gold, the Strange Brigade rescued as well as recruited him. Now, he has a job fit for his gunslinging personality!

To go along with his explosive nature, Patrick can easily bust heads with his firearm skills. He can also use explosives quickly for a solid one-two punch. Patrick's amulet ability (Wrath of Quetzalcoatl) electrocutes surrounding enemies which is quite a spectacle.

Strange Brigade: Patrick 'Bash' Conaghan screenshot
Patrick 'Bash' Conaghan appreciates nature like a true Texan

Tessie Caldwell American Aviatrix

As a stunt pilot, Tessie isn't afraid of anything and it's that bold attitude that got the attention of the Strange Brigade. She's one of the first African American stunt pilots and that profession offers her a great deal of excitement but that's nothing compared to the thrills that she would partake in with the Strange Brigade. After all, she'll get to see much more of the world when in their company.

Tessie's Infernal Firestorm amulet ability unleashes a devastating fire blast that'll melt the flesh off any monster standing in her way. She can also recharge explosives rapidly as well as persevere in combat due to her tough constitution. Tessie is equipped with a few interesting 1930s weapons like the Hyde & Sons compact pistol and Colbeck Wildfire submachine gun; plus Glacier bombs!

Strange Brigade: Tessie Caldwell screenshot
Tessie Caldwell enjoys making grenades fly as much as airplanes

These three chums sure bring a lot to the table. Along with the Secret Service weapons and Isle of the Dead map (which acts as the first episode of The Thrice Damned), I must say that the DLC for Strange Brigade is fantastic so far and worth getting if you enjoy the core game. Anyway, who is your favourite character? Have you finished the Isle of the Dead yet? Let's chat below!

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Strange Brigade: Isle of The Dead Walkthrough
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