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Super Mario Galaxy vs. Super Mario Odyssey

Mario reaches for the Stars... and Moons

A.J. Maciejewski

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With such humble 2D beginnings, Mario has evolved into a 3D platforming marvel so let's compare 2 of his most epic adventures.

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How did they pack so much fun into such small packages?


Super Mario Galaxy is controlled with a Wii Remote and Nunchuk. This may make some gamers cringe but it's still impressively enjoyable complete with tight gameplay and well-implemented motion controls. Running and jumping around planets as you spin into enemies and avoid hazards with a distinct gravity mechanic in place that allows you to traverse suspended 3D lands upside-down is an absolute blast. Meanwhile, Super Mario Odyssey features more classic 3D Mario gameplay although it has a very cool mechanic that allows you to control enemies and interact with your environment via Mario's new hat Cappy. Being able to stomp around as a dinosaur, battle goofy rabbits known as The Broodals, and seamlessly transition to a classic 2D Mario formula feels incredible. Even though I love Super Mario Galaxy, I'll award this category to Super Mario Odyssey for the simple fact that it contains a mind-blowing amount of variety. v1d30chumz 100-24-118-144


An important aspect of any Mario game is its overall game world. Whether it's the delightfully cartoonish Yoshi's Island or the lovely vacation spot Delfino, Mario has visited his fair share of memorable worlds over the years. Super Mario Galaxy's sprawling outer space game world with its cozy central hub Comet Observatory is a joy to explore. Although many of the galaxies have different overarching visual themes, the entire game world remains cohesive, engaging, and fun-filled. On the other hand, Super Mario Odyssey mostly consists of a hodgepodge of environments which is neat in that you can traverse a large variety of locales yet at the same time, the cohesiveness of the world isn't quite there. Plus, I still can't get over how silly I feel looking at Mario running around New Donk City with its realistic human citizens. Overall, I find Super Mario Galaxy's world to be much more immersive and enjoyable so it wins this category.

Super Mario Galaxy screenshot
Thwomps make navigating Bowser's stages in Super Mario Galaxy much trickier


Aside from the encapsulating worlds, the actual stage designs are very important. Even though Super Mario Galaxy is set in space with countless traversable landmasses strewn across its sprawling levels, the stages manage to remain tight and exciting with oodles of secrets and rewards waiting to be found. Meanwhile, Super Mario Odyssey's stages are much more expansive complete with loads of super-fun nooks and crannies. However, some levels are simply too large and end up feeling spread a bit too thin. This one's tough; on one hand, Super Mario Galaxy's stages are packed with excitement and on the other, Super Mario Odyssey has fun surprises tucked away in every corner. In the end, I think Super Mario Galaxy has a slight upper-hand due to the fact that its stages are generally more engaging.

Replay value

This is a big one: which of these 2 Mario adventures can you spend more time with in the long run? For starters, Super Mario Galaxy has a longer main campaign as it takes about a few more hours to beat than Super Mario Odyssey. Super Mario Galaxy also includes 120 Power Stars to collect and each one is rewarding to acquire. Once you obtain all of them, you can actually play as Luigi which is just awesome. In Super Mario Odyssey, you can collect up to 999 Power Moons which seems absurd but most of them are easily earned and aren't as satisfying as the Power Stars are in Super Mario Galaxy. Heck, you can even purchase them if you want. That being said, unlocking the challenging Dark Side and Darker Side makes for quite a momentous occasion. Although I'd like this to be a tie, Super Mario Odyssey wins here by a hair due to its super-challenging bonus content even though getting there isn't as rewarding as Super Mario Galaxy is.

Super Mario Odyssey screenshot
Mario sure got a weird makeover for Super Mario Odyssey

Wow, this one's close! Do I have to pick a winner? Well, yes. Wouldn't it be disappointing if I didn't? The winner is...

Winner Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Odyssey contains a stellar amount of variety and its replay value is full of memorable challenges yet Super Mario Galaxy remains a wholly cohesive and unique game that's still a ton of fun over a decade after its initial release. After all is said and done, whether you're chasing Power Stars or Power Moons; you're bound to have a blast so do yourself a favour and play both of these incredible games. Also, will we ever see Super Mario Galaxy 3? We can only wish upon a star.

That's just my opinion. Agree? Disagree? Vote now!

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