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Super Metroid: Save or Kill the Animals?

5 reasons for each

Alex Legard

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SGDQ 2019 has started so you know what that means: viewers will tragically have to choose between saving a few cute animals and saving the frames so Super Metroid can be finished slightly faster.

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This is an astonishingly important decision and millions of trillions of dollars are donated every SGDQ to decide the animals' fate. Since it can be tricky to decide which side to donate for, I've put together this handy guide but ultimately, the decision is up to you. v1d30chumz 44-212-99-248

Super Metroid animals screenshot 1
I completely forgot how to get out of Tourian so it's time to die with the animals...


  1. Super Metroid creators Yoshio Sakamoto and Kenji Yamamoto want you to save the animals. Source: Super Metroid's Creators Want You To Save The Animals.
  2. Killing Super Metroid's animals is cruel. Heck, killing any animal is cruel. You're not a cruel person, are you?
  3. They don't deserve to die because in Brinstar, they showed you how to wall jump and shinespark. You shouldn't kill the animals who showed you how to do all of these cool techniques; that's just ungrateful.
  4. Come on, think of the sequel. The animals save you after you defeat Omega Metroid in Metroid Fusion.
  5. The Intergalactic Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals will be happy and you'll be saving an endangered species.
Super Metroid animals screenshot 2
I hope this Dachora likes the smell of my charge beam


  1. The animals are in invasive species. Why else would helpful creatures like them be living on Zebes? They must die!
  2. Think of the poor frames. How could speedrunners play Super Metroid when they have to spend another 15 seconds saving the animals?
  3. You might get another moment like in the AGDQ 2019 speedrun when ShinyZeni scared everyone by almost going into the animals' room but thankfully, he didn't.
  4. Being evil is fun; you should try it sometime. Plus, Super Metroid is just a game, after all.
  5. The animals are called Dachoras and Etecoons. Dachora starts with a D while Etecoon starts with an E. D is the fourth letter of the alphabet while E is the fifth. 4 + 5 = 9. There are 9 letters in Ganondorf and there are also 9 dungeons in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Zelda has 5 letters and kill has 4 which also adds up to 9. 999! You know what that means? The animals are the servants of Ganondorf, the king of darkness!
Super Metroid animals screenshot 3
I hope these Etecoons think my power bomb looks cool

After all that, which side are you on? Save or kill the animals in Super Metroid? Let's discuss below!

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