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Super Nintendo Hidden Gems (Part 2)

5 fun retro treasures

A.J. Maciejewski

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After playing the latest and greatest game releases, it's fun to dig in to some classics so here are 5 SNES gems that you may enjoy.

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I only take out the finest games for my chums

Super Bomberman: Panic Bomber W

I love collecting games that not many folks are aware of and a big part of that is importing titles that were never readily available in the west. As a huge Bomberman fan, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that a puzzle game spin-off released for Super Famicom and after playing it, I had so much fun that I imported the PSP version as well. Anyway, Super Bomberman: Panic Bomber W is one of my favourite 16-bit puzzlers as it features tight gameplay, catchy music, adorable graphics, and a fantastic sense of humour. Even though I can't read Japanese, the scenes, animations, power-ups, and stage backgrounds can be downright hilarious. It's played by matching 3 similarly-coloured Bomberman heads while exploding as many bombs as you can. Plus, achieving combos and messing with your opponent make the gameplay much more challenging and fulfilling. Overall, I consider Panic Bomber W to be a must-have puzzle game for Super NES. v1d30chumz 3-235-186-94

Super Bomberman: Panic Bomber W gameplay video → Also featured in: Top 10 Super Nintendo Puzzle Games More Bomberman games
Super Bomberman: Panic Bomber W screenshot
Who knew a Bomberman puzzler could be so darn fun?


HAL Laboratory is best known for their laidback platforming franchise Kirby so who would think that they also made one of the hardest games in the SNES library? HyperZone is basically a high score chaser that combines elements of F-Zero and Space Harrier. Therefore, if you don't enjoy arcade-style games where you start from the beginning and see how far you can make it then you won't have much fun with this. The core gameplay has you accelerate towards the screen as you fly in all directions to avoid enemies, projectiles, and hazards. Meanwhile, you can shoot and you must stay on track or else your speed will drastically decrease. Thankfully, you can fly close to recovery strips whenever you're running low on health which should allow you to survive a little while longer. It's challenging but fun stuff!

HyperZone gameplay video →
HyperZone screenshot
HyperZone is super-tough but getting high scores is quite the rush


If you're familiar with the puzzle game series Collapse! then you might be surprised to learn that BreakThru! actually released before it. For the unfamiliar, you highlight tiles and click them in order to make them disappear. However, you can only do this if at least 2 of the same colour tile are attached. As you play, more tiles will fall from the top of the playfield which can be either a blessing or a curse and you'll trigger cool power-ups, too, such as dynamite and items that erase entire rows or columns. The graphics may be quite bland but the music is super-catchy and the resulting gameplay offers a laidback yet somewhat challenging formula that's definitely worth playing.

BreakThru! gameplay video → Also featured in: Super Nintendo Mouse Compatible Games
BreakThru! screenshot
I wonder if this is how the actual Berlin Wall got torn down...

Brain Lord

The team behind the turn-based SNES RPG cult classic The 7th Saga released a dungeon-crawling action RPG a year later in the form of Brain Lord. Although it flew under many gamers' radars, it's an exceptionally enjoyable RPG complete with rewarding character progression and oodles of tricky puzzles. As you traverse the dungeons, you can jump, attack, and unleash magic spells. Meanwhile, you can summon a couple of jades to assist you which take the form of little helper monsters. Having these fellows help you adds a layer of depth to the gameplay, especially considering the fact that they can level up and become more potent. Speaking of which, gathering stronger equipment after mastering challenging optional rooms is a rewarding endeavour. Overall, it's a highly underrated RPG.

Brain Lord gameplay video →
Brain Lord screenshot
There's nothing quite like beating up ugly monsters with a strange creature by your side

Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge

Of course, with the introduction of modern televisions, not many gamers can play classic light gun games anymore but if you have an old CRT TV kicking around, you should definitely play Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge. It's probably my favourite Super Scope game and I'm fairly certain I own every one that was released in North America. Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge is a sequel to the previous year's Battle Clash and it follows a similar albeit refined gameplay formula. All you essentially do is take on a series of bosses in a first-person perspective where you can charge your shots and collect power-ups. The battles are intense, action-packed, and an absolute blast to master.

Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge screenshot
Come out from behind that castle and face me like a real robot warrior!
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Gameplay video playlist for Super Nintendo Hidden Gems (Part 2)
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