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Switch Exclusive Indie Games (Part 2)

5 more Nindies worth playing

A.J. Maciejewski

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With so many indie games constantly releasing for Switch, here are a handful that you might want to check out.

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Pikuniku Review Switch ★★★★☆

Games don't get much sillier than Pikuniku so get ready to dive head-first into a strange and hilarious new world. v1d30chumz 3-237-29-69

Pikuniku screenshot
I found a little dancing blue bug! Now, what do I do...?

Pikuniku is a cute and simple game. You play as a creature who the world's inhabitants are initially afraid of but after realising how harmless you are, they get you to help out around the town. Meanwhile, a weird dude who takes people's junk via his robotic army and gives them money in return keeps emerging. Watching all of the antics occur while reading the hilarious dialogue between characters is great fun and the catchy soundtrack and adorable visuals are just the icing on the cake. The gameplay blends 2D platforming with adventure game style fetch quests and there are mini-games thrown in for good measure, too. It's easy to get stuck so it can be a rather frustrating game but the amount of joy that you'll get from its world far outweighs any annoyances. I should mention that there's a co-op mode although me and my gaming pal couldn't progress far due to getting stuck. It could really use a tutorial or hint signs.

When it comes to laidback delightful fun, Pikuniku provides a top-notch adventure that'll keep your toes tapping as you journey forth.

Pikuniku gameplay video →

iHUGU Review Switch ★★★☆☆

If you're tired of violence and guns in video games then here's a game all about hugs so open your arms and get ready for an embrace.

iHUGU screenshot
Do I really have to hug that weird dude with one giant eye?

iHUGU (or I hug you) has you control a character in order to hug strangers from around the world. It plays a lot like Tinder in that you swipe left or right when you're presented with each person. The goal is to hug everyone each day once but only once. If you hug someone twice, it's game over. I'm not sure what kind of logic that is or why the characters look sad when you hug them again but I digress. It's basically a somewhat fast-paced memory game and it's surprisingly addictive. Between each day, you get to play a mini-game in order to earn four-leaf clovers that can be redeemed to unlock characters and power-ups. Although it's fun, it's a very simple and repetitive game so keep that in mind before giving it a download.

With so much violence in gaming, it feels nice to give out hugs for a change. However, iHUGU is still a fairly basic and repetitive game.

iHUGU gameplay video →

Horizon Shift '81 Review Switch ★★★★☆

Few game genres are as classic as a good old static shooter and Horizon Shift '81 definitely brings the old-school fun.

Horizon Shift '81 screenshot
With so much to shoot at, prepare to not blink for a while

Horizon Shift '81 feels like it was made in '81, funnily enough. The core gameplay involves shooting at encroaching enemies and you can also jump and perform a devastating bomb attack. However, where the gameplay gets exciting is in its use of a two-sided playfield. By this, I mean that you have to flip your character in order to take care of enemies from above and below. Some foes make holes in your line when they crash into it but thankfully, you can dash in order to take out enemies more effectively. To top things off, there are some awesome boss fights and plenty of options and modes that you can tinker around with in order to optimize your experience.

Old-school gaming fans will find a lot to love about Horizon Shift '81 as it feels like a long-lost static shooting arcade treasure.

Horizon Shift '81 gameplay video →

Mad Age & This Guy Review Switch ★★★★☆

Stage-based campaigns that combine action and puzzle elements can be great fun so is Mad Age & This Guy a worthwhile game?

Mad Age & This Guy screenshot
Mad Age & This Guy may look like Bomberman but it plays very differently

Mad Age & This Guy is played by strategically dropping bombs in order to deal with robotic enemies within a few environments: Caves, Arctic, and Castle. Each stage tasks you with simply reaching the exit but you can also destroy all of the enemies as well as acquire all of the collectibles to earn 100% completion. Bombs explode everything in their radius which will destroy crates and make barrels explode which have an even wider radius than the bombs. Therefore, being able to trap enemies while emerging unscathed requires a lot of strategy and quick thinking. As you progress, you'll come across many more mechanics that help keep the gameplay fresh. With pixel-perfect visuals, addictive gameplay, and plenty of replay value, Mad Age & This Guy is definitely a worthy purchase.

If you're looking for a satisfying overhead stage-based puzzle action game then Mad Age & This Guy is definitely worth checking out.

Mad Age & This Guy gameplay video →

Stellar Interface Review Switch ★★★☆☆

Horizontal shoot 'em ups usually offer challenging and rewarding retro gameplay but does Stellar Interface live up to the classics?

Stellar Interface screenshot
I wouldn't say the interface is stellar but it'll certainly do

Stellar Interface is a roguelike where you choose which stage to tackle next then keep progressing while changing up your weapons in order to overpower the countless enemies and unknown dangers that await. Although this sounds fantastic, the core shoot 'em up gameplay isn't very engaging as it feels more generated than carefully crafted. That being said, the variety of weapons and stages is superb and after each run, you'll usually unlock items that you can use in further runs which adds a sense of replay value. Also, completing missions while experimenting with which weapon loadouts are effective for your play style is definitely rewarding stuff. I just wish there was more to it because the core shmup gameplay and lack of additional modes definitely leaves a lot to be desired.

Shmup fans will enjoy Stellar Interface for its satisfying roguelike elements but its gameplay surely isn't the best example of the genre.

Stellar Interface gameplay video →
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Gameplay video playlist for Switch Exclusive Indie Games (Part 2)
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