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Switch Exclusive Indie Games (Part 6)

The Nindies keep on coming

A.J. Maciejewski

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Nintendo's Switch is certainly amassing a huge library of indies so allow me to show you 5 recent ones. Maybe you'll see something cool!

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Untitled Goose Game Review Switch ★★★★☆

Everyone and their aunt is playing Untitled Goose Game so why is it so popular? Well, it's weird, that's for sure. v1d30chumz 3-237-27-159

Untitled Goose Game screenshot
I wish the goal of this game was to help people instead

In case you're not already aware, Untitled Goose Game has you control a goose in order to make people's lives more complicated. Before playing it, I couldn't stop hearing about how hilarious it is. That being said, it didn't really make me laugh. In fact, I felt kind of bad for all the people who were just trying to go about their business while I messed with them and ruined their day. However, that's not to say that it isn't a charming game. I definitely smiled as I watched the lovely colourful visuals and listened to the piano music that adapts to your actions beautifully. Anyway, the gameplay is quirky as you can run around, lower the goose's head, clamp your beak down on things, honk, and such. Being able to accomplish the evil list of deeds requires creativity, stealth, and many tasks can be checked off in more than 1 way so using your imagination can be great fun. Oh, and the developers also made Push Me Pull You which is also enjoyable.

Not everyone will find Untitled Goose Game funny but it's definitely a clever and charming game that'll get your imagination going.

Untitled Goose Game gameplay video →

Family Tree Review Switch ★★★☆☆

Some games are fun just through their simplicity and Family Tree definitely fits that description very well.

Family Tree screenshot
I don't think actual trees are full of cannons and fruit

Family Tree is from the same talented duo who brought us Don't Die, Mr. Robot! and Rogue Aces as well as the mobile game Frutorious. In fact, Family Tree is basically a Switch version of Frutorious as they both feature the same gameplay. You basically play as a living piece of fruit who's trying to gather all of their kids after a skull named Pedro kidnapped them and put them in trees. The core gameplay involves aiming jumps in order to ascend the trees while collecting coins and your fruity kids. To make things more complicated, there are a ton of hazards and mechanics such as cannons and bouncy surfaces that'll force you to change up your strategy. Overall, it's a very simple game and you can tell that it's an adaptation of a mobile title but it's rather relaxing and enjoyable, too.

If you're looking to breeze through some levels after a long day then you're sure to enjoy playing Family Tree every now and then.

Family Tree gameplay video →

StarBlox Inc. Review Switch ★★★★☆

I love genre-blenders and here we have a fighter / puzzler hybrid that's action-packed and super-challenging.

StarBlox Inc. screenshot
These matches can get pretty intense!

StarBlox Inc. has you control robots who travel between planets in order to battle over resources. Each of these fights basically involves trying to collect puzzle pieces then carefully placing those pieces into your terminal. Once multiple of the same colour of tiles touch, that colour's resource gets added to your total and once you fill your entire quota, you win! However, you can beat the circuits out of each other and steal held pieces as well as incinerate pieces if you want to screw over your opponent. Overall, it's a consistently frantic formula that'll constantly have you strategizing what to do next. My only issue is that it takes a long time to figure out how to effectively place the pieces in your grid because that part of the controls is fairly confusing but once you understand, it really starts to shine.

If you want a highly competitive game that'll keep you and your friends on the edge of your seats then you should play StarBlox Inc.

StarBlox Inc. gameplay video →

Cyber Protocol Review Switch ★★★★☆

Some indie games take a basic premise and really run with it to create something truly unique and Cyber Protocol does just that.

Cyber Protocol screenshot
Cyber Protocol may look like Pac-Man but it sure doesn't play like it

The gameplay in Cyber Protocol involves hacking levels by guiding a symbol which stops at every wall from the start to the end of each stage. Sure, this sounds easy but the levels are full of hazards and tricky traps that'll constantly make you feel like an idiot whenever you get snagged by one. In fact, there are so many mechanics which gradually get introduced that it's ridiculous. That being said, the developers managed to make each one stand out so the gameplay ends up remaining intuitive while also being challenging enough that acquiring all of the collectibles and emerging unscathed will make you feel like an all-star hacker. On top of all that, the soundtrack is just awesome and the neon retro visuals will get burned into your retinas after you play it for a while. It really is a fantastic game.

Very few indie games manage to create so much out of such a simple premise yet Cyber Protocol does and it's a super-fun experience.

Cyber Protocol gameplay video →

Galaxy Champions TV Review Switch ★★★☆☆

There aren't as many twin-stick shooters as there were a few years ago so let's see what the back-to-basics Galaxy Champions TV offers.

Galaxy Champions TV screenshot
Yes, it's basically Smash TV with robots

Galaxy Champions TV puts you in the space boots of an interstellar gladiator who's tasked with ridding rooms full of aliens and robots. The core gameplay is stereotypical of the twin-stick genre as all you essentially do is use the left stick to move, the right to shoot in 8 directions (which, let's face it, is a little disappointing), and dash out of harm's way. There are a handful of weapon pick-ups to be found and you level up as you progress which allows you to purchase character boosts and power-up the temporary weapons. Although all of this is solid, I found the campaign to be too linear and lacking when it comes to bells and whistles. In contrast, the original Smash TV was excellent because it featured a huge variety of fun scenarios stretched across interconnected rooms and that was back in 1990.

If you have fond memories of Smash TV but no means to play it then you can certainly have some fun with Galaxy Champions TV.

Galaxy Champions TV gameplay video →
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Gameplay video playlist for Switch Exclusive Indie Games (Part 6)
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