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Switch Retro Spotlight: Magical Drop II

Get ready for a Chain Reaction

A.J. Maciejewski

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Super NES was home to many must-play puzzle games and one of the most underrated is the super-fun and adorable Magical Drop II.

Magical Drop II is a classic SNES game that's available with a basic Nintendo Switch Online subscription. 🎮

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Getting a high score by yourself can be pretty fun

I absolutely love the Magical Drop formula and it's great that indie devs are still keeping the core gameplay alive in titles such as the phenomenal Critter Crunch and very recent Princess Farmer which is one of the best indie games I've played in recent years. For the unfamiliar, all you do is move a character left and right while tapping 2 buttons: one to collect balls and another to throw them. As soon as you make a column of 3 of the same colour, they disappear along with any same-coloured balls that happen to be touching. v1d30chumz 35-172-230-154

This is simple stuff for sure but there are some unexpected complexities such as how you can only keep collecting the same colour and you have to throw them all at once. As soon as your hands are empty, you can choose the next colour to collect and your goal should be to set up chain reactions by making balls move up into the same-colour balls when you clear whatever's in between. I can easily set up a chain of 3 but any more than that becomes rather tricky to pull off. When you're playing multiplayer which is the main appeal of Magical Drop II, chain reactions will cause your opponent's playfield to drop and as soon as it reaches the bottom, they lose; mwahaha! 🤭

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One aspect that I absolutely love about Magical Drop II is its character art which animates in the background when you're enjoying a multiplayer match. Seeing characters react to the puzzle action is a blast and it still looks wonderful in all of its old-school anime charm. Oh, and the music is great with some tunes that sound like they belong in a Kirby game. Plus, the characters are very silly with one of them being a kid who always has a runny nose and he holds his cat but guess what? His cat has a runny nose, too; oh noes! 😪

When it comes to content, Magical Drop II includes an endless survival challenge, a mode where you solve timed stage-based puzzles, and a story mode where you face off against the cast of characters 1-by-1. There's also a multiplayer mode where 2 chums can compete and it has a few variations including standard, time, and special attack. You can change a few options as well which let you alter how many games you'll need to win as well as how many balls you need to clear before you claim victory which acts as a secondary win condition. Considering Magical Drop II is available for Nintendo Switch Online, the fact that you can play it with friends online is just awesome. ⭐

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Of course, multiplayer is where it's at!

As a huge fan of all things Magical Drop, I'm delighted that this puzzle gem is available for Nintendo Switch so be sure to check it out! 😄

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