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The Disc Jam Beta Serves up a Whole Load of Fun on PS4

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A free Disc Jam beta just fizzed its way onto PS4 and the good news is that it's tons of fun. So, what are you waiting for? Go download it and enjoy (after reading our hands-on impressions, of course).

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Disc Jam Beta screenshot 1
There's no better way to celebrate a point than a synchronised butt-slap

Disc Jam can best be described as a frantic combination of air hockey and tennis with a load of special moves thrown in for good measure. Instead of a ball, you throw a disc (surprisingly) that can be curled or bounced off walls at tremendous speeds. You score points by either flinging the disc past your opponent or making it land on their side of the court. The longer a rally goes on, the more points there are to play for making for some thrilling, heart-in-mouth moments. v1d30chumz 100-24-118-144

The beta features one-on-one and doubles modes as well as basic and advanced training. It's recommended that you go through training first because there are quite a lot of different moves and abilities to learn. On top of the curl and bounce shots, you're also able to lob, slide, and use a powerful super shot and a shield that can quickly deflect the disc back onto the other side of the court. You'll also need to practice the art of timing your button taps in order to infuse your shots with added power and speed.

Disc Jam Beta screenshot 2
Some of the advanced training techniques take a lot of practice to master

Although there is quite a bit to get to grips with, you can still have a lot of fun before perfecting all of the techniques. It's one of those "easy to pick up, hard to master" types of games and it's still enjoyable even if you get defeated. These attributes (along with its sports mash-up concept) have led some critics to hail Disc Jam as the next Rocket League. Personally, I don't think it's quite finessed enough to match up to Rocket League's brand of pure gameplay but there are definitely plenty of favourable similarities between the two. It certainly has that addictive "just one more game" appeal.

This being a beta, there are still quite a few problems that need to be ironed out. I experienced a lot of connection issues and a few laggy matches. Also, when one person drops out of a doubles match, there is no way for a new player to take their place meaning the three remaining users have to quit to the menu screen. Plus, if you're playing with a friend, you have to re-invite them before each new matchup. There are also a few glaring omissions regarding modes such as no single player component and no local versus mode.

Disc Jam Beta screenshot 3
Well, it IS a beta...

Overall, Disc Jam is a blast even in its current limited state. Hopefully, there will be more content in the final release which is nebulously slated for Q1 2017. Whatever the case, I'm looking forward to playing more. For now, you can sign up for the beta here.

Gameplay video for Disc Jam Beta thumbnail
Gameplay video for Disc Jam Beta
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