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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - A Step-by-Step Guide

Save Hyrule from the forces of evil

Alex Legard

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Welcome to my Ocarina of Time walkthrough! In this guide, I'll show you the way to get through the entirety of Ocarina of Time and I'll also give the locations of extremely useful items such as bottles, songs, and early heart pieces.

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However, I'll leave the dungeons up to you unless there is some important need-to-know information. Gold Skulltulas can be found in every dungeon in Ocarina of Time and around Hyrule as well but only at night. Keep an ear out for the recognisable spider sound. v1d30chumz 44-192-38-248

Kokiri Forest

During a very lengthy intro cutscene, Link has a nightmare where Zelda is kidnapped by Ganondorf on horseback. Meanwhile, the great Deku Tree has dispatched Navi the Fairy to be Link's companion. Take the dirt road away from your house, turn right, and you'll find a rude Kokiri boy, Mido, guarding the way to the Deku Tree. He'll tell you that he's not letting you pass until you find a sword and shield!

You should find the sword first. Explore around the forest until you see some pens with a crawlspace in the back. Crawl through and at the end of the passage is a chest containing the sword. Make your way back while avoiding the rolling boulders. The shield is sold in the shop for 40 rupees. Rupees can be found pretty much everywhere in Kokiri Forest; inside bushes, stones, houses, and secret areas. Be sure to explore the whole forest. Here's the location of a few rupees:

  • 5 rupees are found by jumping over the platforms over the river near the item shop. However, you might make the jumps and still not get 5 rupees but you can always try again.
  • 5 rupees are in the item shop behind the counter
  • 6 rupees are in a girl's house near Mido inside the pots
  • 5 rupees are found climbing a building near the middle of the forest then traversing the sky bridges
  • Walk in the patches of tall grass for some green rupees

Finally, with 40 rupees, go into the red-roofed building and buy your first shield! Then, find Mido and show him what you're made of. Take the road deeper into the forest while avoiding the killer plants or you can kill them for 3 Deku Sticks. Approach the Deku Tree and it's now time for another cutscene. As soon as it's over, you can go into your first dungeon: Inside the Deku Tree! You'll get the Fairy Slingshot as well as the Spiritual Stone of the Forest.

Once you've defeated Queen Gohma and completed the dungeon, take the portal out of the dungeon and you'll be treated to a couple more cutscenes; during which, you'll see the creation of the world! The Deku Tree then gives you a mission to seek out Princess Zelda and then the Deku Tree dies before your eyes. The road to Hyrule Field is at the western end of the forest. You can finally leave Kokiri Forest without much trouble. Before you leave, Saria gives you her ocarina to remember her by.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Kokiri Forest screenshot
We also see the creation of the Triforce

Meeting Princess Zelda

Once in Hyrule Field, you only take a few steps before you're interrupted by that blasted owl. It will give you a few tips like how to use your world map before flying away. Now, cross Hyrule Field and get to the big drawbridge as fast as you can. You shouldn't waste any time or else night time will arrive and then you'll have to wait until morning. As soon as you cross the drawbridge, go into the door to a room filled with pots. Smash 'em all for lots of rupees. Also, roll into one of the wooden boxes to destroy it and kill the Gold Skulltula 🕷️.

Next, find Hyrule Castle's grounds at the other side of Castle Town. Bonk the tree for another Skulltula 🕷️. Climb the nearby vine, stealthily avoid the guards, get to the castle and take a short swim through the moat to avoid the last 2 guards. Speak to Talon who's sleeping on the floor. There's no way you can wake him right now so go back and talk to a guard so you get kicked out.

Talk to the girl, Malon, and she will give you a weird egg. Wait for the next day but not in Castle Town because time is frozen. While you wait, go back to the sleeping Talon the same way you got there before. Once the cucco hatches, use it on him; it will let out a big cock-a-doodle-doo and he will wake up instantly. Then, push the milk boxes into the right position so you can jump into the castle's drain.

Inside the castle, you'll have to sneak past the guards who keep walking in circles and whatnot. This whole stealth section is pretty easy in my humble opinion so just press onward until you meet Princess Zelda in the courtyard. What follows is a very lengthy conversation with Princess Zelda. At the end of it, speak to Impa who will teach you Zelda's Lullaby and then quietly escort you away from the castle.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Meeting Princess Zelda screenshot
Turns out the king of Hyrule is a Mario fanboy

Lon Lon Ranch

Go to Talon's house in Lon Lon Ranch and talk to him to play the Super Cucco game. Talon has 3 Super Cuccos and he throws them into a pack of regular cuccos. You will see one of them fall in front of you so go pick that one up then search all corners of the room for the last 2 Super Cuccos. Once you find them, he will reward you with a bottle of milk!

Next, you should go to the middle of the field to find the girl, Malon. Talk to her 3 times then use your ocarina and she will teach you Epona's Song. Epona will then start following you but you can't yet ride her as she's still just a foal. Finally, you should go to a building at the back of the ranch. Push some boxes out of the way and enter a crawlspace to find a piece of heart 💗.

Kakariko Village

Find the Death Mountain guard and use Zelda's letter. He will open the gate but advise you to buy a better shield at Castle Town market for a better deal of 40 rupees. Find the cucco lady who will ask you to return 7 cuccos to the pen. Don't attack the cuccos with any weapon because you'll get attacked by a horde of angry chickens. That would be best avoided! Here are the cucco locations:

  1. Next to the cucco pen
  2. On the ledge of the Skulltula curse house
  3. At the village entrance
  4. Next to the Death Mountain gate guard
  5. Inside a crate near the entrance to the village
  6. This one is in a fenced off area near the cucco pen. You can get there by climbing the stairs to the windmill then gliding with one of the other cuccos. Even when gliding, it's still a fairly precise jump.
    A second method is to climb to the top of the tower and perform a side-hop.
  7. Once you get to the fenced off area, just climb the ladder to the final pesky cucco

At the back of Kakariko Village graveyard, play Zelda's Lullaby in front of the big grave to unlock a secret entrance. Get to the end of the dungeon and use your ocarina in front of the big stone to learn Sun's Song! You can use it to switch between day and night at any time.

Go to back to Castle Town and buy a Hylian shield from the bazaar for 40 rupees. The price is displayed as 80 rupees but the owner will give you a special deal. Because you need the shield to complete Ocarina of Time, you should really buy this first before spending your rupees on anything else. Go to the nearby Happy Mask Shop and get the Keaton mask for free. If you have extra rupees, feel free to play the shooting gallery mini-game or the Bombchu bowling alley.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Kakariko Village screenshot
The Cucco lady has a bad habit of losing her cuccos even after you found them

Sacred Forest Meadow

Your old friend Saria is waiting for you at the Sacred Forest Meadow. Return to Kokiri Forest and go north to enter the Lost Woods. Take 2 left turns then defeat the nearby Deku scrub and buy a capacity upgrade for Deku Sticks. Return to where you came from and take a right turn instead of a left. You will see a hanging bullseye. Shoot it 3 times for 100 points each time and you will be rewarded with a bigger Deku Seed bag, too. Then, hop down the cliff, jump on the tree stump, and show the 2 skull kids your ocarina. You will play a music session with them; during which, you have to memorize notes. After you play their songs correctly, you'll get a piece of heart 💗!

The Lost Woods is a very maze-like area but there's a simple way to make it through. All you have to do is go through the doors where the music plays the loudest. If the music starts to fade, that means you're heading the wrong way. Once you reach the Sacred Forest Meadow, use some good old Deku Sticks to defeat the wolves. Within the maze, some Deku Scrubs stand in the way but you can easily defeat them or just run past them. At the end of the forest meadow, Saria is waiting and she will teach you Saria's Song which you will need shortly to get into Dodongo's Cavern.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Sacred Forest Meadow screenshot
It's good to see Saria once again

Death Mountain

Return to the Kakariko Village gate guard and speak to him while wearing the Keaton mask and he will give you 15 rupees. With your new shield in hand, climb the Death Mountain trail until you reach Goron City. Fall down to the bottom then play Zelda's Lullaby to open the locked door and talk to Darunia. As he's in a bad mood, he refuses to talk to you but you can cheer him up by playing the song that comes from the forest. Play Saria's Song and he'll go into a dancing frenzy! Then, he'll give you the Goron's Bracelet which you can use to lift up bomb flowers and bushes. Leave Goron City by the main entrance and take a right turn. Pick up one of the bomb flowers and throw it down the cliff. If you aim it right, the explosion will destroy the boulder blocking Dodongo's Cavern. Then, jump down yourself and complete the dungeon. You will find a bomb bag and the spiritual stone of fire.

But you're not done yet on Death Mountain. You'll have to climb the mountain using your new bomb bag and your Hylian shield. During the ascent, boulders will rain down on you. The best way to survive is to crouch underneath your Hylian shield. Then, start walking only after the rumbling stops. Scale the final stretch by climbing up the vines. Learn the secret technique of the spin attack from the fairy then speak to that blasted owl and hold on to its talons while it flies you down to Kakariko Village. The owl places you on top of a building; you should gently fall down on the east side of the building. Go into the door for a free heart piece 💗.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Death Mountain screenshot
Darunia really enjoys Saria's Song...

Zora's Domain

Travel to the eastern part of Hyrule Field to find Zora's River. You might find 5 frogs and you can play different songs to make each one grow bigger. The songs you need to know are Zelda's Lullaby, Epona's Song, Saria's Song, Sun's Song, the Song of Time, and Song of Storms. If you play the Song of Storms, you'll get a free heart piece 💗. Then, you can play a much longer song to get a second heart piece 💗. When you walk past a cucco, carry it around with you because you will need it to collect both of the heart pieces found in this area. Once you reach the end of the river, play Zelda's Lullaby in front of the waterfall and the way will open for you.

Climb to the top of Zora's domain then take a left turn when you reach the king. Talk to the Zora and win the diving game by collecting all 5 blue rupees that he throws into the water. Next, climb all the way back up to collect your reward: the silver scale! This will let you dive underwater for longer. Using your new silver scale, dive into an underwater passageway at the bottom of Zora's Domain which will take you to Lake Hylia. Dive down and grab the message in a bottle on the lakebed. Go to the King Zora and use the message in a bottle on him. It turns out it's a letter from Princess Ruto. Watch as the king painstakingly says "meep" no less than twenty times.

Then, dive back down and use one of your bottles to catch a fresh fish. Climb all the way back up, pass through the door to meet Jabu Jabu, and release the fish in front of him. Finally, Jabu Jabu will suck both of you up. Complete the dungeon. You will collect a boomerang and Ruto will give you the spiritual stone of water.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Zora's Domain screenshot
Ocarina of Time has the best boss names

Now, let's complete as much optional content as possible as Young Link. Go to Gerudo Valley, pick up the cucco, and fly over to the heart piece 💗. Then, fly into the waterfall for a second free heart piece 💗. There's actually a third heart piece 💗 you can get with the same cucco that's hidden inside a box. However, you need to visit Gerudo Valley a second time.

After you take the Master Sword and become an adult, you can't go back in time until you break the curse in the Forest Temple. So, you won't be able to return to the past for a while. These are all the mini-games you can play so just make sure you've done all of these:

  • Shooting Gallery in Castle Town
  • Bombchu Bowling Alley in Castle Town
  • Happy Mask Shop in Castle Town
  • Musical Frogs
  • Skull Kids Music Session
  • Treasure Chest Game in Castle Town at night (it is better to play this after you get the Eye of Truth)
  • Dampe's Heart-Pounding Gravedigging Tour in Kakariko Village graveyard between 18:00 and 21:00
  • Lake Hylia Fishing
  • Buying and planting magical beans
  • Taught a song to Pierre the Scarecrow at Lake Hylia

If you ever need more rupees, the best way to get them is to climb up Castle Town's drawbridge chain during the day then back-flip off the chain for 20 rupees. You can do this as many times as you want as long as you enter and exit Castle Town each time.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Young Link Clean-up screenshot
Who at Nintendo even thought of teaching a song to a scarecrow?

Temple of Time

Once you're ready, go to Hyrule Castle gate, enjoy the cutscene, and then pick up the Ocarina of Time from the bottom of the river. Go to the Temple of Time near Castle Town and play the Song of time in order to open the Door of Time. You'll now be able to take the legendary sword: The Master Sword! Link will be trapped in the sacred realm for 7 years and become an adult. Rauru, the sage of light, will give you his medallion and tell you to find the other 5 sages.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Temple of Time screenshot
You can enter the Temple of Time after you find the 3 spiritual stones

Lon Lon Ranch: 7 Years Later

When you pass through Castle Town, it will be destroyed and inhabited by redead. You can use the Sun's Song to paralyze them and pass through safely but you can also just walk around them. Go to Lon Lon Ranch which has been taken over by the great Ingo. Speak to Ingo in the middle of the ranch and play his game. Play Epona's Song to have Epona approach you. Jump over the hoops until time runs out or you can end the game right away by talking to Ingo. You then need to play his game again. While riding Epona, talk to Ingo and he will challenge you to a race around the enclosure. When you win, he will challenge you again and wager the horse. Win the race again and you will keep the horse but Ingo will get angry and try to imprison you. So, horse-jump over the wall to easily escape.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Lon Lon Ranch: 7 Years Later screenshot
After you beat him, Ingo turns into a nice guy again!

Dampe's Race

You need to go to Kakariko Village Graveyard and pull one of the smaller graves that has flowers in front of it. Next, you'll see the ghost of Dampe who has died in the years since you've last been there. You don't have to beat Dampe to the end of the passage but you do have to keep up with him and reach the end before the doors slam shut in front of you. Dampe will also leave behind fireballs for you to avoid and their placement is random. If you manage to keep up with Dampe, he will reward you with the hookshot. Also, you can try his challenge again and aim for a time of less than one minute. If you can do that, you'll be rewarded with a piece of heart 💗.

While you're in Kakariko Village, go into the windmill and talk to the weird music box guy and learn the Song of Storms. You don't need it yet but it's good to have so you can get into a few optional areas.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Dampe's Race screenshot
Just chilling inside Dampe's crypt in the graveyard...

Kokiri Forest: 7 Years Later

When you enter Kokiri Forest as an adult, you'll be attacked by monsters. The Kokiri children are stuck indoors for their safety. All you have to do is go to the Sacred Forest Meadow the same way you got there as a child. When you find Mido blocking your path, play Saria's Song and he will reluctantly let you pass. Inside the forest meadow, the old enemies are gone and replaced with moblins. You can use z-targeting to fix your camera, side-hop into the moblins' path and quickly side-hop away then kill them with a well-aimed hookshot.

Once you reach the clearing at the end, Sheik will teach you the Minuet of Forest. If you play this song, you can return to the clearing at any time. You need the hookshot in order to enter the forest temple. Inside, you will find the fairy bow and you'll also free Saria, the forest sage! Once you've beaten Phantom Ganon, you'll appear in front of the new Deku Tree Sprout. The little sprout will tell you that you're not a Kokiri but a Hylian who was taken in by the Great Deku Tree as a baby. The monsters in the Kokiri Forest will also be gone.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Kokiri Forest: 7 Years Later screenshot
In the Forest Temple, Link is wondering which way to go

Death Mountain: 7 Years Later

Climb up the Death Mountain trail and find a little Goron rolling circles around the city. Intercept him with a bomb and you'll find out that it's Darunia's son, Link of the Gorons. In fact, Link is the only Goron in the entire city. Keep talking until you receive a free red tunic. Otherwise, you'd have to go to the Goron city as a child and buy one for 200 rupees. Then, go to the room where you first met Darunia and pull the statue from the wall. Continue into the Death Mountain Crater. Wear your red tunic so you don't take heat damage. Hookshot across the nearby bridge and then Sheik will teach you a new teleport song, the Bolero of Fire.

Climb down the big ladder and enter the fire temple. You will save the Gorons and defeat an ancient undead dragon, Volvagia. You'll also find the Megaton Hammer and save Darunia who happens to be the sage of fire! Don't forget that nearby the Fire Temple is a hidden fairy fountain and you need the Megaton Hammer to get in. The fairy of magic will double your maximum magic power as a reward.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Death Mountain: 7 Years Later screenshot
There are even more maze-like corridors in the Fire Temple

Ice Cavern

Travel to Zora's Domain but not from Lake Hylia as the domain is only accessible from Zora's River. Once inside, you'll see that the entire Zora's Domain is covered in ice. There are no Zoras to be found either except for King Zora and he's also covered in ice. Go to Jabu Jabu's area although Jabu Jabu is nowhere to be found. Swim to the southeast and blow up the wall with a bomb. Inside is a fairy fountain where you learn a new spell: Farore's Wind! The first time you use Farore's Wind in a dungeon, it creates a checkpoint that you can teleport to later. The checkpoint persists even after you leave the dungeon so use it to make a checkpoint to your current room if you ever have to leave a dungeon.

Hop over the icebergs and go north until you reach the Ice Cavern which is a mini-dungeon where you can find the Iron Boots and also learn a new song, the Serenade of Water. The Ice Cavern is also the only place where you can get bottles of blue fire and you need to smuggle 2 out of the dungeon. Use a blue fire to free King Zora then he will give you a free blue tunic which lets you breath underwater. You can also get one by going back in time and buying it at the Zora shop for 300 rupees but who would want to pay that many rupees? Use your other blue fire to open the door to the Zora's shop.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Ice Cavern screenshot
Sheik meets up with us at the end of the Ice Cavern

Water Temple

Play the Serenade of Water that you learned in the Ice Cavern, wear your blue tunic, and go down to the small pool of water that is now Lake Hylia. Next, equip your iron boots and sink down to the bottom. Use your hookshot to hit the crystal and open the door to the Water Temple which is a very confusing dungeon. It has a central hub with 3 floors and several hallways branching off of each floor. You can also change the water level in order to unlock new rooms. Within the dungeon, you'll find the longshot which is an upgrade for your hookshot! You'll also defeat Morpha and rescue Princess Ruto who is the sage of water and that makes 4 sages out of 6!

Once you defeat Morpha and the lake fills up with water, go to the island with the stone inscription. Wait for sunrise, shoot an arrow toward the rising sun, and you'll get the fire arrows. Fantastic stuff!

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Water Temple screenshot
When you're first entering the temple, this is the way to go

Bottom of the Well

Go to Kakariko Village to watch another cutscene. The shadow beast, Bongo Bongo, escapes from the well. The monster attacks Link but luckily, Sheik is there to take care of us. Sheik will also teach us a new song, the Nocturne of Shadow, and advises us to find the Eye of Truth from the bottom of the well. Unfortunately, if we climb down to the bottom right away, the entrance will be blocked.

If you don't already have the Song of Storms, learn it now from the weird music box guy in the windmill. He will complain about some guy who played the song and messed up the windmill 7 years ago (ie: Link). Turns out that this is actually time-travel foreshadowing as you actually did mess up the windmill 7 years ago but not from your perspective. Play the Prelude of Light to teleport to the Temple of Time and put the Master Sword into its pedestal to go back in time. If you don't already know the Prelude of Light, you'll learn it as soon as you return to the Temple of Time.

Anyway, go back to the windmill as a child, play the song, and the water will drain from the well. Then, climb down the well and find the Eye of Truth within the mini-dungeon. The bottom of the well is a dungeon filled with many illusions and you can leave as soon as you find the Eye of Truth. Go to Hyrule Castle courtyard near Castle Town; there's a dead end somewhere with a sign saying "dead end". Lay a bomb to blow up the dead end and find a hidden fairy fountain! The fairy of magic will teach you Din's Fire, a spell that's needed to get into the Shadow Temple and continue with the game.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Bottom of the Well screenshot
You've got to play the Song of Storms as a child to mess up the windmill

Shadow Temple

Go back to the Temple of Time and go back to the future (great movie by the way). Buy a potion of magic from the Kakariko Village potion shop because you'll probably need it. Play the Nocturne of Shadow to teleport to the Shadow Temple then use Din's Fire to light the circle of torches so you can enter the dungeon. The upcoming Shadow Temple has many illusions so it's not a bad idea to use the Eye of Truth in every single room. Of course, don't forget you can create checkpoints with Farore's Wind if you think you'll die within the dungeon. The dungeon item is the hover boots; when equipped, they'll let Link hover a short distance instead of performing his usual jump. You'll also defeat the phantom shadow beast Bongo Bongo and rescue the shadow sage, Impa! Now you've rescued 5 of 6.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Shadow Temple screenshot
He looks scary but he's not that difficult

Gerudo's Fortress

There's only 1 sage left to find and that's the sage of the desert. The leader of the carpenters is waiting beside the broken bridge in Gerudo Valley. The 4 carpenters wandered into Gerudo Fortress because they wanted to become thieves but since they're men, they were imprisoned instead. You have to sneak into Gerudo's Fortress and rescue the carpenters. To do so, defeat the 4 prison wardens and take their keys without getting hit by their spinning blade attack. If you're ever caught by the guards, you'll be thrown in prison but you can easily escape by aiming your hookshot at the ceiling. Make sure to try every entrance into the fortress so you can find all 4 carpenters. Keep in mind, there's 1 sneakily-placed door that can only be entered by dropping down a short distance.

After freeing the last carpenter, a Gerudo will be so impressed that she'll give you a membership card. You can now enter the Gerudo Training Ground but you can't finish it until you get the Silver Gauntlets from the spirit temple. You can also go to the large racing track and play the horseback archery mini-game as long as you have a horse; score 1000 points to get a piece of heart 💗!

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Gerudo's Fortress screenshot
Here's one of the poor carpenters that we have to save

Haunted Wasteland

Go northwest, climb the ladder, and open up the gate to the desert. First, use your longshot to grapple over to 1 of the 2 wooden boxes. Traversing the wasteland consists of 2 challenges. For the first challenge, all you have to do is follow the wooden posts. The wind is quite strong and the posts can be quite hard to see from a distance. You might also meet a merchant who sells a mystery item for 200 rupees. It turns out to be 10 bombchus but I recommend against buying them because you don't need them. Continue to follow the markers until you see a large structure. You can fall into the structure but it merely contains a Gold Skulltula 🕷️.

For the second challenge, use your Eye of Truth and talk to the ghost on top of the structure. Follow the ghost's path and make sure you don't fall too far behind. Some lizard things will attack you but they're barely an inconvenience.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Haunted Wasteland screenshot
You can see the posts if you look closely

Spirit Temple

The next area is called Desert Colossus which is a funny name for a desert. Anyway, bomb the cracked wall between 2 palm trees to open up another fairy fountain. The fairy will give you a new magic spell: Nayru's Love! It can be used to create a barrier that prevents damage for 1 minute. However, Link can't use any other moves that require magic power during that time.

Go into the Spirit Temple but you can't make any progress beyond the first room. One of the inscriptions recommends that you return with the heart of a child. As soon as you leave, Sheik will show up and teach us the last song in Ocarina of Time: the Requiem of Spirit. Teleport to the Temple of Time, put the sword in its pedestal to go back in time, and then play the Requiem of Spirit to return to the Spirit Temple. Go into the temple and speak to Nabooru; don't attack the statues because you can just ignore them.

You need to explore the dungeon until you find the Silver Gauntlets in a chest that's actually in the dungeon's exterior. As soon as you open it, you'll watch helplessly as Nabooru is attacked by 2 witches. You have to finish the Spirit Temple to rescue Nabooru but the only problem is that you can't use the Silver Gauntlets while you're a child. Teleport to the Temple of time, go back to the future, and teleport back to the Spirit Temple and go inside. Now, you can proceed through the dungeon as normal because you're an adult and you can use the Silver Gauntlets. The Spirit Temple actually has a second special item: the Mirror Shield! You can use it to solve the light puzzles within the dungeon. Get to the end of the dungeon, rescue the brainwashed Nabooru, and then defeat the twin sorceresses Twinrova. Nabooru turns out to be the spirit sage, making her the final sage!

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Spirit Temple screenshot
We go back in time even for a little bit and that blasted owl shows up again

Return to the Temple of Time

After you rescue the final sage, teleport to the Temple of Time to trigger the next cutscene. If you completed the dungeons out of order for whatever reason, just keep in mind that you need to have rescued ALL the sages for this next cutscene to trigger. Other than that, there's nothing else for me to explain at this point.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Return to the Temple of Time screenshot
Previously in A Link to the Past, the Hero earned the Triforce in its entirety

If you're going for 100% completion, make sure that you've collected all the heart pieces, killed all the Gold Skulltulas, collected all items, visited all fairy fountains, and completed all of the following optional content as adult Link:

  • Gerudo Training Ground
  • Gerudo Fortress Horseback Archery
  • Lon Lon Ranch Hurdles Race
  • Lake Hylia Fishing (even after you've fished as a child)
  • Collect poes for the weird guy next to the ruined Castle Town drawbridge
  • Kakariko Village shooting gallery
  • Collect all rewards from the Skulltula house
  • Race the running man in Gerudo Valley
  • Completed the trading quest for the Biggoron Sword
  • Completed all tasks from the Young Link Clean-up section, of course
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Adult Link Clean-up screenshot
To finish Ocarina of Time 100%, you have to complete many fun side-quests like this

Ganon's Castle

Your last mission is to go to Ganon's Castle and destroy the King of Evil himself. As soon as you approach Ganon's Castle, the 6 sages will use their power to create a bridge of light leading right into the castle. One other thing to remember is that when you find the golden gauntlet, you should leave Ganon's Castle and go down the big dead end as you will be able to throw the giant stone pillar and go into the last fairy fountain of the game. This fairy will increase your defensive power; meaning all damage from enemies will be halved. Hopefully, you're now ready to face Ganondorf and save Hyrule from destruction. All I have to say is... good luck and congrats! 😄

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Ganon's Castle screenshot
Awesome! What a way to get into Ganon's Castle!
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