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The Nindie Nook: Episodes 1 to 5

We're just getting started

A.J. Maciejewski

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A couple of weeks ago, we began publishing our brand new indie game focused video series. So far, we've covered five Switch games that are quite unique. Here, you can find information and links for each episode. Enjoy!

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Episode 1 - The Way Remastered April 17, 2018

If you're up for a good old-school 2D adventure game with plenty of brain-teasing puzzles then here's a game for you. Not only does it feature tricky logic puzzles, it also has plenty of tough platforming and action segments that do a great job of breaking up the gameplay. Considering this was the first episode, you might notice that I didn't use the logos in the intro but thankfully, I figured out how to implement them for the second episode. Anyway, RC seemed to enjoy this one a great deal so be sure to give it a watch. v1d30chumz 3-235-173-74

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The Way Remastered screenshot
RC reflects on yet another mind-bending puzzle

Episode 2 - Pirates: All Aboard! April 20, 2018

I'll admit, Pirates: All Aboard! is a strange game. With slow-paced ship-based combat, trying to outwit your opponents within the water-filled arenas can be pretty fun. Factor in nifty power-ups and different ship types and you're left with a somewhat varied arena combat game with a goofy pirate theme. In addition to the multiplayer mayhem, there's a single player mode that doesn't play anything like the rest of the game as you weave through rocks while you perpetually move forward and collect coins and stuff. The highlight of this episode is when RC plays against his cat named Sushi. My childhood pet cat was named Sushi, too. Weird.

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Pirates: All Aboard! screenshot
Sushi doesn't seem very interested in playing video games

Episode 3 - BAFL: Brakes Are For Losers April 24, 2018

Brakes Are For Losers is played like the classic arcade racer Super Sprint but you don't have any brakes. There are a ton of modes to enjoy including extensive options for setting up single player or multiplayer tournaments and loads of challenges that you can try and master. I tried to complete a few but couldn't no matter how hard I tried. What a difficult game!

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BAFL: Brakes Are For Losers screenshot
It's okay, RC, you'll win next time!

Episode 4 - Light Fall April 27, 2018

Light Fall is probably the coolest game here. You basically summon boxes as you traverse its 2D platforming world so you can use them for leverage. It's an incredibly challenging game that 2D action aficionados will thoroughly appreciate.

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Light Fall screenshot
RC tries to time his next jump so he doesn't end up biting the dust again

Episode 5 - Bouncy Bob April 28, 2018

Games that only require one button to play are either uniquely enjoyable in their simplicity or far too basic to be fun. Bouncy Bob is somewhere in the middle. You control Bob within 2D arenas as you try and hop on your enemies' heads and deploy power-ups, too. It can be quite frustrating but there's a multiplayer mode as well. I wonder how good Sushi is at this game...

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Bouncy Bob screenshot
Bob's goofy grin doesn't help RC enjoy the game any more

That's all for our first 5 episodes! Please leave a comment below with any suggestions or feedback so we can work on making this series one that you'll thoroughly enjoy watching while checking out all the latest indie Nintendo games.

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