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The Pillar: Puzzle Escape - A Step-by-Step Guide

Complete your perplexing journey

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The Pillar: Puzzle Escape can be an exceptionally confusing little game so here's a walkthrough that'll help you complete every puzzle, find all of the art pieces, and guide you through its often confusing first-person segments. Let's get straight to it!

The Pillar: Puzzle Escape Intro screenshot
We're in for one complicated adventure


  1. Use the right and left sticks to pass the tutorial then head up the stairs and to the end of the hallway - pro tip: you can run by holding the right shoulder button
  2. Solve the puzzle by making an L shape with blue and filling the rest of the grid with green

Misty Hill

  1. Solve the puzzle in the room ahead by making a solid vertical line in the center
  2. Keep moving ahead, make note of the number across the broken bridge, collect the art piece on the left ledge, go right, and an obelisk should emerge
  3. Hug the wall on the left to receive an art piece from a crate at the end and snag another art piece from a ledge on the right of the open area
  4. Solve the first set of 4 puzzles on the obelisk - Misty Hill puzzle solutions
  5. Enter the number that you saw earlier into the panel that opens to reveal more puzzles then solve those as well
  6. Solve the puzzle on the door by moving right twice then down
The Pillar: Puzzle Escape Misty Hill screenshot
Don't worry; the puzzles get much more difficult than this


  1. Step on the tile to make an obelisk appear then find an art piece in the grass behind a rock to your left
  2. From the level starting point, take the rightmost path then look to your right for another art piece once you pass a partial wall
  3. Keep hugging the outer wall and when you go through a hole in a broken wall, find another art piece to your right
  4. Step on the nearby tile for another obelisk then go to it and solve its first 4 puzzles - Garden room obelisk puzzle solutions
  5. The combination for the lock can be found in the center of the level by looking up at the wooden slats with the correct angle
  6. After entering the code (if it doesn't work, try the number pairs in the other order), solve the rest of the puzzles
  7. Go back and past the locked white door to find another art piece on a rock to your right then solve the first 4 puzzles ahead - Garden corner obelisk puzzle solutions
  8. The pattern for the puzzle that's revealed midway can be found above the level entrance's door (it looks like an I with 4 tiles coming off its serifs)
  9. A center obelisk will emerge after the next 4 puzzles are done so solve the new puzzles - Garden center obelisk puzzle solutions
  10. Enter the area that had the locked door and immediately look right in the grass for the final art piece then for the door puzzle, simply copy the pattern that you see
The Pillar: Puzzle Escape Garden screenshot
Oh, so that's where they hid the numbers...


  1. Go forward then turn left as soon as you can to find an art piece on a ledge then keep going, turn right, and check behind some boxes for another art piece
  2. Keep heading down the hallway, turn right when you can, and find the third art piece on some rubble to the right after you exit
  3. Back at the entrance, you need to press the 4 buttons on the 2 panels in a specific sequence so guess and memorize the order because the puzzle resets whenever you push an incorrect one
  4. Next, solve all of the puzzles that emerge while keeping in mind that some are blank and will require you to memorize patterns - Maze left obelisk puzzle solutions - Maze right obelisk puzzle solutions
  5. After solving all of those, go around the level and press the 3 buttons while memorizing their order and making sure to start from the beginning of the sequence whenever you guess an incorrect one
  6. Once the fences fall down, go to the back of the center portion to find an art piece on a hedge
  7. Run around the middle while looking at the center obelisk and you'll eventually see a number on it then enter it in the panel
  8. Go through the now-open door and collect an art piece tucked away on the floor to your right
  9. Solve the puzzle on the wall behind the obelisk - Maze center puzzle solution
  10. Pick up the cube that appears by pressing the confirm button and place it on the tile where the obelisk used to be
  11. Upon entering the portal, collect the final art piece to your right then exit the level
The Pillar: Puzzle Escape Maze screenshot
Sometimes you have to really squint to find the panel combinations


  1. Look behind you for an art piece on the ground then colour in the puzzle with the same tiles that light up on the 2 patterns - Gorge first puzzle solution
  2. Walk ahead and complete the next 2 puzzles - Gorge boulder puzzle solutions
  3. Next, solve all 8 obelisk puzzles - Gorge field obelisk puzzle solutions
  4. When you're done, stand on the 2 tiles in the grass to raise a couple of pillars then rotate them so the laser is guided up the hill
  5. On the way to the new area, look up at the floating rocks for a number then enter it on the panel ahead
  6. Solve the 2 puzzles here - Gorge door puzzle solutions
  7. Walk ahead, collect the art piece on your right before the 5-button panel, and then solve that panel by guessing the sequence
  8. Solve the 4 puzzles on the next obelisk - Gorge bridge obelisk puzzle solutions
  9. In the next area, collect the art piece on the left platform behind the rock slab then solve the 6 puzzles - Gorge floating platforms puzzle solutions
  10. Before exiting the level, grab the final art piece from the left wall under the pink and white stripes
The Pillar: Puzzle Escape Gorge screenshot
I personally wouldn't feel safe walking underneath floating rocks


  1. Hug the left wall and pass the yellow portal to find an art piece on the ground to the right of it then stand on the nearby tile
  2. Go through the portal that you passed, step on the tile ahead, snag an art piece behind the back pillar, grab the box, and place it on each of the left and right tiles
  3. Find your way to the new portal, enter and exit it, and then enter the green portal
  4. Step on the tile to the left of the entrance, grab the art piece that's tucked away to the right of the entrance, and solve the 8 obelisk puzzles - Stonehenge green portal obelisk puzzle solutions
  5. Hold the box that emerges and bring it to the yellow portal room then place it on the unoccupied tile
  6. Find your way to the blue portal room by entering and exiting portals then solve the 4 puzzles there - Stonehenge blue portal obelisk puzzle solutions
  7. When you're done, stand on the tile at the left of the room, make note of the number, grab the art piece that's to the left of the second number, and exit
  8. Keep entering and exiting portals until you see a red portal, go inside, squeeze your way between 2 pillars on the left, and snag the art piece to the left
  9. Look behind the pillars to see which order to press the buttons and do so then make note of the pattern that appears and step on the floor tile that's to the right of the entrance
  10. Exit the room, enter the pattern at the panel, and solve the 8 puzzles - Stonehenge central obelisk puzzle solutions
  11. Go across the bridge, collect the art piece that's behind the large structure at the back, enter the code from the blue portal room, and solve the 8 puzzles - Stonehenge final obelisk puzzle solutions
  12. Enter each portal room's symbol as seen in the screenshot below then walk into the space portal that opens to beat the level
The Pillar: Puzzle Escape Stonehenge screenshot
Fun fact: these symbols are actually hidden within their respective rooms

8 stones

  1. Pick up the art piece to your right then hug the right path and acquire another art piece in front of the first pillar on your left
  2. Go to the center and stand on the tile in front of the blue square then interact with the turret that emerges and shoot the pink hexagon in the tree by using the right stick to aim
  3. Solve the 8 puzzles that appear - 8 stones first obelisk puzzle solutions
  4. Grab the box that emerges and place it on its corresponding symbol, pick up another box and place it on its symbol, and then shoot the 5 blue targets with the turret and solve 8 more puzzles - 8 stones second obelisk puzzle solutions
  5. Move to the 2 newly-lit columns and rotate the bottom one 3 times then the top once and keep repeating until they activate
  6. Head to the turret, shoot the pattern that was shown into the grid, and solve 4 puzzles - 8 stones third obelisk puzzle solutions
  7. Go to the turret and shoot the floating cubes in the order that their symbols appear above the pillar
  8. Solve all of the puzzles that appear - 8 stones left obelisk puzzle solutions - 8 stones center obelisk puzzle solutions - 8 stones right obelisk puzzle solutions
  9. Solve the puzzle on the screen by moving the top red tile down, find the third art piece between a rock and a bush near the center tree, and then use the turret to explode the solid rock cube to reveal the fourth art piece
  10. Blow up the tree with the turret, get the final art piece on a rock along the hole's edge, and fall down
The Pillar: Puzzle Escape 8 stones screenshot
Time to shoot that rock cube and get a cool new art piece


  1. When you get off the boat, look down and left at a rock for a number then follow the path and look through the gate for another number and enter them at the panel
  2. Solve the 4 puzzles, make note of the symbols, and head through the opened door - Planetarium first obelisk puzzle solutions
  3. Look to your left for the first art piece, get another art piece on a rock in front of the tower, and solve the floor puzzle by stepping on tiles to toggle them and their surrounding ones
  4. Head up the ramp and enter the symbols from earlier then solve the 2 puzzles on the left wall - Planetarium wall puzzle solutions
  5. Point the laser so it goes through the red pillar, blue pillar to the right, left yellow pillar, front-right pillar, and shine it through the hole in the wall at the brown symbol
  6. Next, point the white stream at the blue pillar then 2 yellow pillars, the front-left pillar, and connect the green symbol
  7. Finally, make the beam go through blue, red, blue, front-center, and aim at the purple symbol then press the button in this area
  8. Run to the open gate area, look to your right for the third art piece, press the button on your left, and solve the puzzles here - Planetarium second obelisk puzzle solutions
  9. Use the same method in the 8 stones chapter to solve the columns, look across the gap at the pattern in the door and replicate it on the panel
  10. Head across the bridge, push the button, go through the portal, collect an art piece to your right, fall down behind the portal, and collect another art piece to your left in the grass
  11. Cross the energy beam bridge and solve more puzzles and then even more puzzles - Planetarium third obelisk puzzle solutions - Planetarium final puzzle solutions
  12. Follow the outer rim to the left to find the sixth art piece then man the turret, aim at a distant pink star which changes your reticule to red, and shoot then do the same for a distant red star and a yellow star
  13. Run around the maze to collect the final art piece and work your way out to complete the game
The Pillar: Puzzle Escape Planetarium screenshot
Hiding patterns in doors is quite a clever thing to do
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Gameplay video for The Pillar: Puzzle Escape
Which Lego Dimensions Minifigure Are You?

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