The Switch's Launch Lineup Is Subpar at Best

The Switch's Launch Lineup Is Subpar at Best

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It's been said a million times but as a gamer, all I care about are the games. Although I'm looking forward to the launch of Nintendo Switch as much as anyone else, I must say that the starting selection of games is quite disappointing.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild screenshot
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild looks amazing but it's also on Wii U

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

I've never been excited about a new Zelda game as much as I am for Breath of the Wild. It looks absolutely incredible. However, after Nintendo announced the differences between the Wii U and Switch versions, it's obvious that it's the exact same experience. Of course, the Switch is portable so it's definitely worth picking up if that aspect appeals to you. In the meantime, I'll be happy playing my Wii U version. It has roughly the same quality graphics, sound, and exactly the same content so if you don't care about portability then there's no need to rush out and get the Switch version. v1d30chumz 3-238-72-122

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review

Super Bomberman R

Okay, now this is an exclusive that I'm over the moon excited about. I consider myself the world's biggest Bomberman fan. I've been playing the series obsessively since its NES debut. Every time I challenge anyone to a match either locally or online, I almost always win. Believe it or not, I actually own 45 Bomberman games and some of them are extremely rare such as a Japanese copy of Bomberman 64 (not Baku Bomberman) complete in the box. It's been almost seven years since the latest Bomberman so the fact that the little fellow's coming back is just awesome! For more on this amazing multiplayer series, head over to my Bomberman retrospective.

Super Bomberman R Review
Super Bomberman R screenshot
Bomberman's back with a fiery vengeance!

1-2-Switch / Snipperclips

Here we have a collection of mini-games and a little cooperative puzzler. The question is: why the heck didn't Nintendo decide to package this kind of software with the Switch itself? Wii Sports did a phenomenal job of showcasing what the Wii was capable of. Considering 1-2-Switch accomplishes the exact same thing, why do I have to pay $64.99 Canadian to see what the console can do? Sorry, Nintendo, you'll have to try harder than that to take my money. On the other hand, Snipperclips looks like a delightful downloadable puzzle game for on-the-couch multiplayer fun. Oh, wait, it costs $20 American? Yeah, never mind...

Snipperclips Review

The rest (rehashes galore)

It's hard to fathom but literally every single launch game besides the few that I already mentioned are rehashes of currently available games. Fast RMX is merely a new take on Fast Racing Neo and Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove is basically the same game that we know and love with the exception that it includes the DLC (which was previously free). Next, the three games from Tomorrow Corporation (Human Resource Machine, Little Inferno, and World of Goo) are also available on previous Nintendo systems. Finally, I Am Setsuna, Just Dance 2017, and Skylanders: Imaginators are widely available on most other consoles.

1-2-Switch screenshot
Can't I just milk a real cow? That might be more fun...

Although the Nintendo Switch will likely have a worthwhile library of games eventually, its launch lineup is one of the saddest collections that I've ever seen. Here's hoping the Switch will deliver on Nintendo's promise of offering gamers a wide variety of titles and have the third-party support that their previous consoles unfortunately lacked. For now, I think I'll hook up my GameCube.

First time use video for Nintendo Switch thumbnail
First time use video for Nintendo Switch 1:42
Which amiibo Are You?

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