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TOHU: A Step-by-Step Guide

Help out a girl and her robot

A.J. Maciejewski

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TOHU is one of those adventure games that features some extremely perplexing puzzles so I wrote this complete guide to help you through the journey. Plus, if you follow the whole walkthrough then you'll get a shiny platinum trophy or all of the achievements!

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Pro tip: to move quickly between screens, double-tap the button to skip the walking animations. v1d30chumz 100-25-42-211

TOHU: Intro screenshot
Here's just a sneak peak at the adventure ahead

Sacred Engine

  1. Click on the claw for a trophy / achievement, tap the radio, transform, click the box, transform back by tapping the robot, answer the door, and click the creature
  2. After the scene, collect the tablet, the creature on the left lamppost, tap twice on the critters on the right lamp, and exit left
  3. Tap the mole with the party hat twice, transform, click the red lever device, lift the red pipe, put it on the conveyor belt, and then do the same with the weight that says 20 on it
  4. Click the lobster that was behind the weight, collect the box that fell off the machine, exit right, follow the instructions, click switches 1, 2, and 4, and exit right via the bridge
  5. Click the right blob creature on the vine, transform back, pull down the 5 giant flower petals, tap the statue, move the right slider all the way right, and tap the button
  6. Adjust the left gauge to shoot the fly out of the many-eyed creature's mouth then do the same to hit the wobbly wooden drawer in the right tree and enter the Beecopter
TOHU: Sacred Engine screenshot
Good thing these flies aren't moving!


  1. Click the creature to the left of the potted plant, transform, lift the big jar, and tap the creature hiding behind the rock above
  2. Go right up the hill, tap the fly above you in the tree, go all the way down the hill, click the bug to your right behind the plant, move to the mailbox, and collect the bugs above and to the right of you
  3. Tap on the bell-like flower in the top-right, pull the lever on the mole machine, tap the middle button to your right, and pull the lever twice
  4. Click the 3rd button, pull the lever, tap the red button, pull the lever twice, click the 2nd button, pull the lever, click the 1st button, and pull the lever thrice
  5. Interact with the grey machine and solve the puzzle by copying the solution from the screenshot below then transform back and enter the house
  6. Talk to Juncle then the large creature, click the turtle above the doorway, collect the broken glass from the bowl on the left, and click on the empty space in the window
  7. Enter the door to the right, talk to the guy in the picture, collect more broken glass, exit right, slide the top door all the way right, and the bottom one right 1
  8. Go right twice, click the mouse, grab the glove when the owl is looking away from it, and head back to the main room
  9. Drag the glove from your inventory to the hand in the window for a trophy / achievement, go back to the 2nd-last room, and enter the crawlspace to the right of the wardrobe
  10. Exit left, transform, pick up the board, place it across the gap, collect the kettle piece, and get the broken glass
  11. Pick up the bridge, place it to your left, collect the red book, transform, walk all the way right to fall down a hole, go right, and enter the crawlspace again
  12. Drag the kettle piece onto the fire extinguisher, get the broken glass, and assemble the mirror as pictured in this screenshot; don't forget, you can rotate the pieces
  13. Transform, click the fire extinguisher, drag the book and glove to the robot, tap the mirror, transform back, go back to the main room, and drag the eye to the creature
  14. Tap the coloured stones in this order: 1, 3, 4, and 7, pick up the rock to your left, drag it to the window hand, enter the elevator, and exit right
  15. Follow the tutorial, click the pink creature in the top-left, toggle the big switch when you're on the floor, and enter the elevator
  16. Collect the gas canister, re-enter the elevator, tap the switch, exit left, and drag the canister to the machine on the ceiling
  17. Click the machine, collect the scissors, head right, jump up, use the scissors on the plant, jump back down, toggle the switch, and enter the elevator
  18. Drag the plant to the pot on your left, go in the elevator, pull the plunger down, hop up the right boxes, and tap the picture
TOHU: Juncle screenshot
This puzzle solution reminds me of Pipe Mania


  1. Talk to the broker, click on the hammer bird above him, tap the vending machine until a yellow cloak emerges, collect it, snag the broker's keys when he's submerged, and exit right
  2. Click the slinky-like creature in the top-left, interact with the 2 knobs and set them to fire and 3, exit right, and transform
  3. Pick up the stool in the background, lift the jar, place it in front of the keg barrel, lift the now-filled jar, set it down to your right, and tap the perfume bottle
  4. Lift the jar again, place it back in front of the keg, exit left twice, pick up the jar, place it to the right, talk to the elephant, and drag the cloak onto the jar
  5. Pick up the ticket, exit right, talk to the 3-eyed robot, tap on all 3 sacks, arrange the top picture as seen in the screenshot below, and exit right
  6. Tap on each of the 4 icons above the stage, exit right, collect the ticket, exit left, go left 1, place the wet ticket under the dryer, and exit to your immediate left (don't click too far left)
  7. Back at the broker, use the keys on the cage, collect the vase, tap the bicycle horn, exit left, grab the gold vase, and walk left to get caught
  8. Re-open the cage, tap the horn again, get caught 3 more times, lift the trampoline in front of the coffee grinder, place it in front of the diving suit while ensuring not to get caught, transform, and hop onto the trampoline
  9. Tap the fish in the bowl, tap the trampoline when the samurai moves to your right, and quickly transform, lift the trampoline, and place it to the left
  10. Transform, hop on the trampoline, hop down when the samurai moves right, drag the stool and 2 vases from your backpack onto the wobbly stack of junk, climb up, and collect the pepper
  11. Get caught again, go back into the room, drag the pepper to the grinder, collect the magnet, use it on the diving suit helmet, get the ticket, and exit
  12. Open the cage and use the horn again, quickly drag the tickets onto the safe, and collect the golden hammer
TOHU: Broker screenshot
Time for this robot to admire its wonderful work


  1. Talk to the snail, click the fork creature, collect the horn from the ground, the screw from the sign, and the whistle from the bottom-left
  2. Transform, remove the metal slab up the stairs to the left, use the screw on the leftmost bagpipe, the horn on the next one, and the whistle on the rightmost pipe
  3. Tap the shaky pipe above the snail, exit right, click on the fly in the middle and the frog, and then keep tapping the 3-eyed fly
  4. Grab the crystal flower, press the machine thrice, talk to the jailed guy, transform back, enter the left crawlspace, pick up the jug, and interact with the right machine
  5. Open the 3 flavour spouts, squeeze the left pump thrice, go down, give the potion to the guy, and use the jug on the water
  6. Use the potion machine again and fill the vials with the following: red + yellow, turn the fire off, yellow + blue, and then just red
  7. Give this potion to the guy below then use the potion machine to make blue, turn on the fire, red, and then all 3 with the fire on
  8. Drag all 3 objects in your inventory to the slop in the machine, talk to the snail, exit right, and click on the top spring creature
  9. Talk to the fellow in the glass then tap the prongs of the tuning fork in this order: left, right twice, left twice, right
  10. Collect the helmet vase, tap the symbol on the brick wall below the guy, and solve the maze by dragging the light to the centre
  11. Tap the symbol on the weight that's spinning around, climb the pots on the left, and place your inventory vase onto the pot with the dangerous plant in it
  12. Click on the symbol underneath the fellow that emerges and interact with the maze again
TOHU: Potions screenshot
Would you eat glowing slop? I probably would...


  1. Talk to the illusionist, click the creature who slides down the rope in the top-left, talk to the crab dude, and enter the left tent
  2. This mini-game can be completed by moving between spaces to avoid barrels hitting you so watch the shadows and time your moves carefully; it might take you a few attempts like it did for me
  3. Enter the centre tent then click the moveable boxes in this order: 2 twice, 4 twice, 3 twice, 2 once, and 1 once
  4. In the final tent, slide the viewer over the symbols and when it shakes a lot, wait until that symbol glows completely and repeat
  5. When all the tents are complete, enter the symbols on them into the cannon to finish this surprisingly short chapter
TOHU: Illusionist screenshot
Finally, all of the symbols have been found!

Swamp Grandma

  1. Click the top-right creature, talk to the fisherman, and then tap the flower to shoot the pole-carrying bugs so that the poles land in their receptacles to form bridges; 3 on each side
  2. Collect the 2 root vegetables in this screen, exit right, tap the vinyl record, click any bird, and pick up another vegetable as well as a mask that's stuck in the ground
  3. Interact with the bottom-left mask, talk to the old lady, drag the 3 vegetables to the lizard, and exit left twice
  4. Walk left and get scared 5 times for a trophy / achievement, click the bell thrice, and interact with the bamboo sticks
  5. To solve this puzzle, click the leaves in this order: 1, 4, 7, 6 twice, 11 twice, 10, and 5 thrice then drag the mask to the bamboo
  6. Go back to the old lady, drag the backpack mask onto the door thing, place the bottom glasses and the top centre nose on the mask, click the wood panel, and exit left twice
  7. Drag the mask to yourself, move left to the cave, transform, tap on all the branches, collect the umbrella, and go to the old lady
  8. Move the dragon nose from your backpack to the mask door, make a new mask with it as well as the bottom-right eyes, and put it and the umbrella on the lizard
TOHU: Swamp Grandma screenshot
That crazy old lady kind of creeps me out

Time Machine

  1. Click on the giant fly and the bottom compass bug, spin the clock hands counter-clockwise until the scene changes, talk to the artist, click the pipe, and then the handle
  2. Spin the clock hands forward, exit left, click on a hanging padlock bug, click on the bottom pipe then the top pipe, and talk to the swinging girl
  3. Interact with the puzzle at the bottom of the stairs and solve it by copying the solution in this video
  4. Collect the lollipop to the left of the bridge, talk to the pipe up the stairs, give the lollipop to the girl, and talk to the top pipe
  5. Use the swing on the left pipe, collect the spoon, exit right, spin the clock hands forward, and click on the accordion tree insect
  6. For a trophy / achievement, spin the clock hands twice back then twice forward
  7. Exit left, talk to the captain, click the telescope bug, tap the teapot ship, collect the yo-yo in front of you, and talk to the guy with the earring then drag the spoon to him
  8. Tap the ship, drag the spoon to the guy again, enter the portal, talk to the shark, tap the ship, and talk to the shark again
  9. Enter the portal, talk to the hat guy, enter another portal, talk to the last guy, drag the yo-yo over to him, spin it counter-clockwise, and then drag it to one side and drop it to match the swinging outline then wait a bit
  10. Tap the boat, go down the stairs, keep entering portals to chase the parrot, and collect the medal when you're done
  11. Work your way back out of this screen, drag the medal to the bird, open the right door with the key, get the coffee, spin the clock hands back once, and give the coffee to the fly
TOHU: Time Machine screenshot
Where is that pirate planning on going anyway?


  1. Click the funnel bug in the tree, talk to the mammoth, tap the people until all their eyes are closed, climb the boxes on the mammoth, grab the handle, and climb down
  2. Exit right, click the bottom-left purple fuzzy bug, grab the torch, talk to the guy, give him the handle, and exit left
  3. For a trophy / achievement, click on all the people from left to right then repeat thrice
  4. Light the 3 torches on the left with your inventory item, click on every person twice so they sing the loudest, and exit right
  5. Push the down button on the elevator, transform after you fail, lift the centre goat, press the down button again, place the goat in the vegetable spot, and go down again
  6. Flip all 3 switches, go up to the top, lift the wolf, go down one floor, put it in the left holder, lift the goat, go up, set it down, lift the vegetable, go down, and place the vegetable in its spot
  7. Go down, flip the left and right switches, go up once, grab the vegetable, go up, put down the vegetable, lift the goat, go down, place the goat, go down, flip the centre switch, and place the vegetable in its spot
  8. Exit through the right door, tap the top horn fly, transform back, walk to the right while trying to get hit with the rotating rocks, and talk to the guy
  9. Collect the icicle, tap on the lit tile to your left, walk right while avoiding the rocks, and rotate the stone to show a rat face symbol
  10. Climb up thrice on the right, insert your icicle in the hole, climb, remove the icicle below you, repeat until you reach the top, and rotate the symbol so it's a moose face
  11. Descend the column, enter the cave, transform, tap the stone to your right, place it to the left, transform back, climb the rocks, make a boat symbol appear, descend, and click on the glowing door
TOHU: Tundra screenshot
Don't they realise that mammoth is trying to sleep?

The Stranger

  1. Talk to the stranger, click the Beecopter, exit right, enter the crawlspace, interact with the left machine, and solve the mirror puzzle by copying this screenshot
  2. For the next 3 steps, if nothing happens, make adjustments so the shadow exactly matches a symbol on the locks at the bottom
  3. Rotate the top-right device so the circle is facing down-right, point the left device straight up, and point the bottom-right device so it resembles a cross pointing up
  4. Next, the top-right device symbol should be facing up, the left facing down, and the bottom-right is a cross pointing right
  5. Finally, the top-right circle is facing up-right, the left down-right, and the bottom-right should be a cross facing down-left
  6. Exit right, click the spider, talk to the TV fellow, click on the circles on the pipe, and solve the timed puzzle by following the lit wires to the bottom and cutting them
  7. Pick up the cog in front of the windmill and drag it to the empty slot above you then solve the windmill's left panel cog puzzle as seen in this screenshot
  8. Solve the right cog puzzle using this screenshot, exit left twice, climb the stairs, and enter the right crawlspace
  9. Transform, pull the handle, lift the right container, place it on the left, move the left cup to the right scale, and tap the button
  10. Carry the right cup to the left burner, place it back on the scale, click the button, place the big cup to the far right, pull the handle, place it back on the scale, and tap the button
  11. Place the big cup on the burner, exit right, tap the radio then drag it to the Beecopter, enter it, and keep shooting the stranger
TOHU: The Stranger screenshot
Congratulations on beating a weird and perplexing journey!
Gameplay video for TOHU thumbnail
Gameplay video for TOHU
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