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Trails of Cold Steel II: Act 2 (Part 3 & 4)

Back to school

A.J. Maciejewski

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Rean and his classmates have been going on quite the adventure. Now that I'm finally done Act 2, here's my take on the second half of the act. Before you read any further, just know that there will be spoilers!

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I don't know, that Zemurian Ore sure looks heavy...

Exploring the Spirit Shrines

In order for Rean and Valimar to have a chance against Crow and Ordine, they're going to need a better weapon. Thankfully, Professor Schmidt can make just that but he needs a few Zemurian Ore. To gather this legendary material, we had to work our way through a few Spirit Shrines. I thought it was very fun traversing these dungeons while solving puzzles, uncovering some goodies, and fighting a challenging boss at the end of each one. Before acquiring the final Ore, Vita Clotilde intervened and we had to battle her in order to complete our Ore collection. With that done, Professor Schmidt can build a worthy weapon at long last. v1d30chumz 18-232-56-9

Trouble in Celdic

In between gathering Zemurian Ore, Celdic was attacked by the Kreuzen Provincial Army. After witnessing the horrible aftermath, we decided to take out Duke Albarea with the help of the Imperial Army before he could do any more harm. At Bareahard, Rean fought Scarlet in a lengthy mech battle. Afterwards, Rean saved her as he didn't want to see the same thing happen to her that happened to Vulcan. Crow made a brief appearance, too. Anyway, we eventually reached the Duke but Duvalie arrived to obstruct our plans. After battling her, Jusis got to arrest Duke Albarea (his dad). Well, that's done with! Let's see what's happening in Trista.

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Hasn't Instructor Sara done enough to prove her strength?

Going back to school

Captain Claire informed us that the RMP were planning to liberate Trista. But, Rean and friends decided to accomplish this feat all by themselves. We defeated some heavily armoured soldiers then it was time to face Patrick and his gang of nobles who have taken it upon themselves to protect the academy. After Rean won, Patrick disbanded his order and every Thors student was finally united. Yay!

Goofing around with the gang

Some enjoyable scenes occurred in the second half of act 2 that I thought would be fun to share. Rean accidentally fell asleep on Emma's lap. It was funny to see him slip up for once. Then, Rean wanted to dry Laura's hair after she took a dip and that was a little weird. Next, Fie rode Rean around town which made me smile. Last but not least, Rean and Jusis fought and both were rather exhausted afterwards. I guess that's what you get when you have equally capable friends.

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Maybe Towa should put on her captain's hat before issuing commands

After all these weeks of gradually working my way through The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II, I'm almost at the end. Stay tuned for my final play journal as well as my full review. They should be up very soon!

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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II - Blue Destination
Spyro the Dragon Trivia

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