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Trails of Cold Steel: School's in for Summer

Study up on a great RPG

A.J. Maciejewski

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It's been a while since my latest play journal but I'm happy to say that I've finally completed up to chapter 4. If you haven't made it that far yet then be careful because this article is a spoiler minefield.

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Rean rides a motorcycle like a boss

Before chapter three officially began, we had to study for the midterm exams. It was pretty neat running around from person to person in order to educate myself, but the best part was walking back to the dorms with Alisa. After setting up a couple of star-crossed lovers and trekking through the old schoolhouse again, Rean began to wonder if the dungeon is just a test. That would explain why it keeps changing its layout. Anyway, we took the exams then soon got our results. We were happy with our grades but the noble students sure weren't. They even challenged us to a duel for that chapter's practical exam. Of course, we kicked their spoiled rich butts. Then, a scene played showing Rean's sister (Elise) and a girl who we'd later find out is princess Alfin. By the way, the princess clearly has a thing for Rean. On the way to the field study, we met Alisa's mom. Unfortunately, she seems like more of a business woman than a mother. v1d30chumz 18-232-59-38

This chapter's field study had us explore Gaius' homeland of the Nord Highlands. It's the most expansive environment of the game so far. Because of that, we had to travel via horses. It was cute seeing Alisa and Emma riding the same horse together. During our stay, we visited a beautiful lake and met Alisa's perverted grandfather. But, things wouldn't stay pleasant for long because a watchtower was attacked out of nowhere. We investigated and came to the conclusion that there must be a third party involved who is trying to instigate a war between the two big powers of the continent. That night, Rean comforted Alisa which may lead to something later on, perhaps? The following morning, we helped a journalist and Alisa showed off her archery skills. The coolest event that transpired that day was meeting the mysterious blue-haired girl who we saw at the end of chapter 2. She's apparently some sort of operative who's trying to bring justice to the same elusive group that we're pursuing. We also met the man responsible for the attacks (who's named Gideon or just "G"). He swiftly fled after we took out a monster that he summoned. What a cowardly individual.

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Gaius sure has one loving family

Chapter 4 began with Elise reading a letter from Rean and Class VII doing a little swimming. We got some cool new summer uniforms, too. That's right; these poor kids have to go to school over the summertime. Anyway, I caught Emma talking to a cat. Clearly either she or the cat has some sort of magical power that they're hiding. Speaking of Emma, she looks even cuter without her glasses on. One quest around campus that was kind of disturbing involved catching a peeping Tom who was candidly taking photos of girls without their permission. Back to the story, Elise showed up at the school but soon ran off after getting upset by Rean's tendency to push her away. She wound up in the old schoolhouse where a massive armoured monster attacked her. Rean then rushed to the scene and became more powerful than usual as if he was lifted straight from a Dragon Ball Z episode. He saved her but it still remains a mystery why Rean transformed like he did. It'll probably be explained later so let's journey to our next field study in the bustling city of Heimdallr!

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Rean just went full-on Super Saiyan

Shortly after our arrival, Elliot met up with his sister. He was embarrassed by her big hug but he soon met a famous opera singer so that probably took his mind off of it. A few adorable moments occurred as we watched a few music students do their thing, saw Fie help rescue a kitty, and found a picture of Machias as a little boy. We ate dinner with Prince Olivert during which Rean finally understood why the prince formed Class VII; so they can see the truth about what's going on in the various lands of the continent. However, as we've come to expect, the good times wouldn't last long as terrorists began to attack the city. An in-depth investigation ensued and we eventually found the culprits. It was the same man from the previous chapter along with a few of his sinister pals. They kidnapped Elise and princess Alfin but we got them back after we taught them a lesson. Olivert, Alfin, and Elise then thanked us for our efforts and it was time to head back to campus. Phew, that must've been the most exhausting field study yet!

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Whatever, Gideon, shouldn't you be leaving Bibles in hotel rooms or something?

Now that the story is really getting going, I'm very invested in seeing how this adventure ends. If it's anything like Trails in the Sky then it'll probably end on a cliff-hanger. Sorry, I'm getting ahead of myself. See you again whenever I manage to finish up to chapter six!

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