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Trails of Cold Steel: Studying Abroad

Class VII goes on a few memorable field trips

A.J. Maciejewski

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I must admit; it's taking me a lot longer to play through this massive RPG than I thought. Now that I've completed up to chapter 6, I can finally see the end on the horizon. Before you keep reading, be warned that plenty of spoilers are ahead.

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Laura's hometown of Legram is a wonderfully quaint seaside village

Right at the beginning of chapter 5, Millium and Crow joined Class VII! I didn't see that coming. It's pretty funny that both of them are such mischievous students. They contrast with characters like Elliot who enjoys playing his violin in church. Rean got to ride the motorcycle again, but this time he took Towa along for the ride. She looks so cute in the little sidecar. In the evening, Rean met Misty (his favourite radio host) for the first time. It turns out that she's actually Vita Clotilde (the famous opera singer from Heimdallr). That's a surprise. This chapter's practical exam involved challenging the other students of Class VII. Winning both battles was easy but trying to fulfill the bonus requirements was a bit tough. The next morning, Millium excitedly woke Rean up so she can go on her first field study with the class. v1d30chumz 18-232-59-38

This field study had us travel to Legram (Laura's hometown). As I've come to expect, whenever a student goes back home, their parent usually hugs and embarrasses them. Of course, Laura's dad had to as well. He wasn't as welcoming to Rean, though, since he challenged him to a duel. Rean went through his powerful transformation again yet he still couldn't defeat the guy. Soon after that, we were informed that some children were missing and it was suspected that they wandered off to the eerie abandoned castle across the lake (Lohengrin Castle). So, we headed off to go rescue them. That area is probably my favourite dungeon of the game so far. It was somewhat complex and had a very haunting atmosphere. Anyway, we fought off a strange entity and saved the kids. Then we journeyed to our next destination; Garrelia Fortress.

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Uh oh, I think trouble's brewing at the fortress

Upon our arrival, we took a tour of the fortress during which we met Duke Cayenne who's oddly suspicious and ate some terrible food. We were there to observe a military exercise. Once we made it to the grounds, we were introduced to Elliot's father who gave Elliot the obligatory hug of embarrassment. The exercise merely consisted of tanks blowing up older tanks which was kind of a cool sight. The following day, we had a meeting to discuss the terrorists who have been causing much chaos lately then we were informed that a trade conference was attacked. Just then, terrorists arrived at the fortress in the hopes of securing its railway guns. This is the portion of the story that the prologue of the game depicted. In the end, we overpowered them and saved the day.

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Class VII gets to fly around the continent in an airship while everyone else does math homework

Thankfully, chapter 6 told a much simpler story. It began with everyone starting to plan the 127th Military Academy Festival. I think it's neat that the first day of it is actually my birthday (October 23). Anyway, we ran into Prince Olivert who Fie is obviously unimpressed by. Some interesting things happened around campus such as Emma magically lighting some candles and Towa falling asleep while Rean creepily watched. After that silliness, we enjoyed a video of Towa performing at the festival which made everyone decide on doing a similar concert for this year's festival. But enough about that, let's go to the next field study!

This chapter's field study had us take an airship to Alisa's hometown of the massive industrial city Roer where her mom's company is located. Alisa reflected how nice it is to be home and we got our list of tasks to complete. Rean had a drink with Captain Claire and Alisa told her mom off but not much else happened. However, that all changed when terrorists arrived at the nearby mine. I thought it was awesome that they told back-stories of some of the terrorists because it helped me understand that they've been severely disenfranchised by their government. Additionally, there seems to be a tie to the provincial army. Could they be manipulating the terrorists to do their bidding? I don't know, but I hope I find out before the end of the game.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel screenshot 4
Could the terrorists merely be pawns in a larger scheme?

Well, I'm almost finished the entire game. Stay tuned for the conclusion as well as my full review. I'm excited to see how it all ends and I already can't wait for Trails of Cold Steel II (whenever that decides to come out).

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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel - Launch Trailer
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