Trails of Cold Steel: The School Year Comes to a Close

Trails of Cold Steel: The School Year Comes to a Close

A satisfying ending to a great RPG

A.J. Maciejewski

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It's difficult to craft a game that makes you want to keep playing after you finish it. Now that I'm done Trails of Cold Steel, I must say that the conclusion blew me away and now the sequel can't come out soon enough!

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel screenshot 1
Oh boy, I'm excited to take part in the festivities!

The final portion of the journey began with a series of still images explaining political strife and showing the students on their vacation to Ymir. Shortly after that, it was time to prepare for the festival. Of course, Rean has to get sidetracked with helping out others. This day, he caught an impressive fish and took Alisa for a ride on the motorcycle. Later, the class got together to rehearse. Millium liked the way Emma's boobs looked and Alisa thought the boys looked sharp, too. During the festival, Rean played some carnival games and returned a balloon to its rightful owner. It was a really cool day. The conversations were fun to watch and the mini-games were quite enjoyable. However, things would soon take a strange turn.

That evening, a weird force field appeared outside of the old schoolhouse. After getting the courage to proceed, Rean walked through and the rest of the class followed suit. Inside, we discovered a massive new dungeon on the seventh floor. It took quite a while to work my way through the whole thing and figure out how to progress, but the awesome boss at the end made it all worth it. Not only that, we discovered an enormous mech upon defeating it. That'll probably be put to good use soon, right?

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel screenshot 2
Crow is perplexed by the discovery of a giant mech under the old schoolhouse

The following day, the festivities continued as planned. Rean showed his sister around and Prince Olivert and Princess Alfin joined in on the fun, too. In the evening, Class VII performed their much awaited concert. Afterwards, everyone needed to settle down a bit so they chilled in the classroom before going to the dance. I chose Alisa as Rean's dance partner and they danced the night away. It was nice to see, but I wonder what it would have looked like if I chose Gaius...

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel screenshot 3
Class VII really knows how to rock and roll!

This would have been a good place to end the story, but why not make it complicated and leave tons of room for a sequel? To put it simply, it's revealed that Crow was actually C (the leader of the terrorist organization). He murders a top government official then advances on the school along with his gang. We fended off their mechs with the help of some teachers and the like. Soon after a couple of battles, the mech that we found in the old schoolhouse showed up and Rean took control of it and used it to fight Crow in his mech. Although Rean won the battle, Crow wouldn't go down easily and Rean's mech took serious damage. He had no choice but to flee and leave his classmates to hold off the attack and that marked the end of the game. I certainly didn't see any of that coming!

One thing that I was delighted to stumble upon is the new game plus feature. You spend points to decide which bonuses you'll get in your next playthrough. I'll jump in to play it again sometime in the future but for now, I think I'll just fantasize about the sequel.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel screenshot 4
Who knew this adventure would end with a mech battle?

That concludes my journey through the world of Trails of Cold Steel. I'm impressed by how it ended but it's also kind of annoying thinking that I have to wait an indeterminate amount of time for the story to conclude. Oh well, the adventure that I went on with Class VII sure was a memorable one that I'll think fondly of for years to come.

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