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TUNIC: A Step-by-Step Guide

Master an epic game

A.J. Maciejewski

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TUNIC is a wonderful game and it's also super-confusing and challenging so here's a complete walkthrough for the entire foxy adventure.

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TUNIC screenshot 1
I wonder what's beyond these walls

How to upgrade

Before diving in, there are some things you should know in regards to powering your character up. Of course, if you'd like to figure out this aspect on your own then skip straight to the walkthrough but if you'd rather know right off the bat then keep these points in mind: v1d30chumz 44-192-38-248

  • You'll gather offering items along your travels that are located in the bottom-right corner of your inventory screen. From left to right, they enhance your attack, defense, potion, HP, SP (stamina), and MP. To use them, open your inventory while in front of a save spot then scroll over and redeem the appropriate coins and offering items to level-up these stats. Doing so makes a huge difference so I highly recommend saving your coins for this process.
  • In addition to offerings, you will also gather accessory cards which can be equipped to the slot that has a dotted line around it. In order to unlock more slots, equip gold coins and throw them down any well. There are 15 gold coins in total and extra slots will unlock at 3, 6, 10, and 15 total donated coins which makes for a grand total of 5 card slots.
  • Fun fact: you can run by holding the dodge button while you're walking and it doesn't even deplete stamina.


  1. After waking up on the beach, climb the stairs until you see a cave to the left beside a mailbox then go inside it, equip the branch after finding it in the chest, and smash the pots for some money
  2. Go outside, continue up the stairs, fight the enemies if you want, interact with the fire at the top, and enter the big golden door behind it
  3. At the top of this strange area, interact with the 2 antennae to open the door, go inside, and keep running up-left for another interactive point of interest
  4. Go down the stairs to the right of the fire and across a bridge to collect a key then go back and down 3 flights of stairs to unlock a door on the right and head inside
  5. Collect the instruction page, exit right, climb 2 ladders, optionally go downstairs for some extra money, and then head to the top and enter up-right for the East Belltower
  6. Acquire another instruction page, traverse the corridor to the right of the staircase, go down the ladder, use the fire, and exit bottom-right to the East Forest
TUNIC screenshot 2
Time for this little fox to go on an adventure!

East Forest

  1. The enemies here can shoot so be sure to dodge with the bottom face button; anyway, collect some money from a chest at the bottom if you want then enter Guardhouse 1 at the top of this area which is in the opposite direction that the sign is pointing
  2. Clear out the enemies, climb the ladder, and exit left to find a health potion that you can recharge at any fire (save point) then go all the way back to the sign
  3. Head right for another save point, grab a fruit from the chest below, and collect another instruction page to the right then follow the sign to the right for Hero's Grave
  4. Follow along while fighting enemies then climb over the closed gate and down a side-ladder for a contraption that opens it and head inside to get a sword; equip it instead of the branch
  5. This sword can chop the thick bushes so head back, open the money chest that we ignored before, go back to the save point, enter the archway to the right of the ladder for Guardhouse 2, get a couple bombs from the chest, and go down all the way
  6. At the bottom, there's a secret passageway behind the stairs up-right that leads to a chest with a couple of ice bombs inside then exit down-right when you're ready
  7. In the Lower Forest, you can grab 6 dynamites from a chest in the bottom-left but you'll be ambushed by giant spiders then trek all the way back to the save point and climb the ladder that's behind the bushes
  8. These enemies are kind of tough so grab the treasure chest then cut down the bushes and climb another ladder, beat a few more tough enemies, and open the gate at the very top
  9. Head inside the gate, activate a ladder, open a chest for a fragment, and open a hidden chest to the right for some money then exit up-left
  10. You'll fight the Guard Captain who's pretty hard so keep rolling, stay on your toes, and attack whenever you can to bring him down then activate the contraption, and get another health potion in the next room
  11. You can climb the staircase here by going around the column, keep ascending, and you'll eventually reach an antennae that you can hit with your sword to ring the Eastern Bell
  12. Open the hidden chest to the left down the stairs, lower the rope to the right, climb down, and head back to the main hub area
TUNIC screenshot 3
Getting that sword is going to be oh so worth it


  1. Back at the hub, cross the bridge down-left from the East Forest entryway, collect the instruction page, activate the staircase to the left up the stairs, and climb down it
  2. Go down-left from the save point, cross the bridge, enter the windmill, and keep going up-left to find a store where you can buy another health potion and maybe some dynamite
  3. Head down the ladder outside the windmill, collect the instruction page, descend the ramps down-left, enter the red glowing room for chests that contain flowers, money, and 2 dynamites
  4. Walk right outside the room, clear the enemies, ascend the spiral stairs, unlock the door, open a hidden chest behind a wall to the left of the well for another 2 dynamites, and open another chest across the bridge for a fragment
  5. Go back down the spiral stairs, descend a couple staircases, follow the purple path for a chest with an effigy in it, and grab the key that's in front of the right spear guard
  6. Descend the right ladder, open a chest for a gem down-right underneath the bridge, cross the planks to the left, and collect a lure from the left chest past the turret which explodes after you deplete its health
  7. Ascend the right ladder, exit up-left for a mysterious place, go up another ladder, exit, and follow a hidden path to exit right of the windmill
  8. Go down the ladder and open the door with the key, head inside, go up the hard-to-see up-left stairs, and you'll finally find your shield to the top-right
  9. Interact with the contraption to open the gate, go inside, climb the stairs, exit down-left, follow along left for a chest with a tooth inside, and cross the bridge
TUNIC screenshot 4
Well, this shield is certainly helpful

Dark Tomb

  1. There's a hidden passage behind the waterfall but keep going down-left all the way, fight the enemies, collect a couple of hot peppers from the chest, and go up the ladders for an HP power-up
  2. Cross the dilapidated bridge that's down-right while being careful around the turret, lower the wooden bridge, grab the instruction page, and lower another bridge
  3. Head back a bit and climb down the nearby ladder to enter Beneath The Well, follow along, open the chest in the sand for another potion upgrade gem, and exit up-left for a save spot
  4. Collect the instruction page in the next room, exit up-left when you're done, lower the bridge in the next room after dealing with the turret, and exit up-left
  5. Work past this hallway, head down-left immediately in the next room to avoid the tough tentacles that emerge from the water, go all the way around, exit right, and lower the bridge in the next room
  6. Exit down, ascend the ladder, get a defense power-up from the chest, get 3 ice bombs from a chest after the left blue bridge, and exit down-right
  7. Keep going down-right, pick up the lantern, go back a couple rooms, enter the up-right doorway, unlock the gate, head inside, get the instruction page, and climb the ladder
  8. Walk up-left to the Dark Tomb and refer to the instruction page map in order to interact with the 2 skulls which will move the center coffin then go up the center-right stairs to get a card from the chest
  9. Descend the revealed ladder, exit down-left, get a few bombs down-right, grab a potion bottle fragment from behind the top-left stairs, and exit right after carefully walking around the spikes
  10. In this next room, smash the laser-projecting statues keeping in mind that you can dodge-roll across the lasers, get a golden coin at the end of a hidden path to the top-right, and exit bottom-right
  11. Carefully smash more statues, open the chest for an effigy, activate the top-right contraption, exit down-left, snag a defense power-up, and head left once outside
TUNIC screenshot 5
Sometimes, I'm glad that someone scribbled in the manual

West Garden

  1. Follow along until you cross a pillar and as soon as you step off it, follow a hidden path up-left all the way around in order to get a card with a ring on it from a chest at the end
  2. Back on track, save at the left fire ahead, you can access a shop that's hidden up and right around the building, and then go down when you're ready
  3. After following along for a bit, walk up-left for another instruction page, go back, follow the collapsed pillar around and over the water, and cross the wooden planks
  4. Under the bridge ahead, turn left, cross the plank, climb the ladder for a blueberry, lower the bridge, descend the ladder, move up-right for an effigy, and go down-right back under the bridge
  5. Exit down when you reach the end, follow the long winding enemy-filled path ahead, head up-left when you're on top of the bridge for 4 dynamites, and then go back and up-right
  6. Follow the purple path down-right for a save point, go back, cross the wooden planks, enter the cave for an ice spell catalyst, and then go up-left back at the junction
  7. Cut down the center-right bushes in this room to get a feather power-up, climb the ladder, get a strength power-up, and lower the rope that's tucked away in the corner ahead
  8. Once you're ready, proceed ahead to fight the Garden Knight, collect some hard-earned cash from a chest after, smack the antennae up the ladders at West Belltower, get another blueberry, and lower the bridge
  9. Back at the main hub, head to the giant golden door and go inside, follow along to get an instruction page, lower the bridge, and keep moving ahead then climb a ladder at the end
  10. Go all the way right at the top for a few blueberries, descend the ladder, go left through a hidden path to activate a stone ladder, go down it, walk up-right then up-left, lower the bridge, and head behind the waterfall for a cash chest
TUNIC screenshot 6
Watch your step; that looks rather slippery

Forest Fortress

  1. Back at the junction, walk up-right to enter the Forest Fortress, get the lure from the chest, enter the big area to the up-left, and hold A (bottom face button) at the monolith in the bottom-right to activate it
  2. Activate another monolith to the far left, snag another instruction page, there's a shop via the top-left exit, and go down the ladder when you're done to enter Beneath the Eastern Vault
  3. Smash the boxes down the ladder, exit left, up, go around to fight a spider, follow the path to a room with a few enemies, and take either of the exits
  4. Follow along until you encounter a bunch of spiders then find a bell card behind the left waterfall in a hidden chest, exit down and to the right, and keep moving until you see a bridge
  5. Cross the bridge, exit left, activate the light to reveal 2 bridges, cross them to get a mushroom power-up from a chest, go back, and follow along until you reach a room with multiple exits
  6. Acquire a fruit in the mid-left room, lower the rope in the mid-right one, exit top-left, get a flower power-up in the top-right room, and exit up-left at the end
  7. The candle-wielders here are dangerous so stay on guard and roll if you catch fire then enter a secret room behind the barrels at the top for a gold coin and go back to activate the monolith
  8. Go up the stairs and enter the big room, collect ice bombs and a feather power-up in the left room, exit top-right, down the stairs, bottom-left, fight the enemies (freeze spell helps), and activate the monolith
  9. Head back right, save at the new fire, exit right downstairs, keep moving up-right to the next room, head up the right stairs, exit, navigate to the contraption, activate it, and exit to the immediate right
  10. Exit right for a blueberry, go back, activate the monolith and contraption, descend the ladder, slay enemies, activate another monolith, head up-right, and collect 2 chests on either side of the tomb; the hidden one has a winged halo card
  11. Go back, exit up-left, activate 2 more monoliths at the end, enter the gold doors to Interior of the Eastern Vault, and fight Siege Engine who's very tough so I hope you've been upgrading a lot!
  12. Collect the pink screw thing after the fight, insert it into the floor down the stairs, snag the red key, head all the way back to the main hub save spot, and insert the red key into the bottom hole in the up-left room beyond the gold doors
TUNIC screenshot 7
Conquering this fortress feels awesome, doesn't it?

Frog's Domain

  1. From the main hub save spot, go down 2 stairs down-right, cross the left bridge, enter the gate, descend the spiral stairs, go down more stairs, descend the right ladder, and go left under the bridge
  2. After destroying the turret, move down-right a bit, climb the hidden ladder under the bridge's gap, go down-right to enter Ruined Atoll, go up-right from the save point for a shop, and head down-left when you're ready
  3. Explore the beach area, grab the MP power-up from the chest under the bird, descend the right stairs after, put the ladder up, head down-right, and go up the steel beam
  4. Ascend the ramps, activate the monolith, grab a key behind this hill near the base, go up the right ramp on the ruins for a cash chest, head up from here between the rocks, and ascend the ladder
  5. Go all the way down, follow along, keep going down stairs and ladders to enter Frog's Domain, exit up-left from the save spot, exit at the left carpet for a few dynamites, and head up-right for an HP power-up
  6. Keep moving down-left from the hallway hugging the ledge around the cliff, get a fruit to the left, keep going down-right, follow the path, move up-right across the planks, raise the gate, snag a money chest in the middle, and exit through the gate
  7. Activate a shortcut ladder in the left of this room, get an attack power-up in the right, exit via the broken wall behind the chest, get 3 dynamites from the chest in the pool, and exit up-right
  8. Lower the bridge atop the ladders, cross the up planks, get ready for a frantic fight, drop down the ladder, grab the hookshot after the battle, equip it, and use it on the right hook after focusing on it
  9. Use the hookshot to keep ascending and get out of Frog's Domain, hookshot from the ruins' mouth opening after facing the frog guard to grab a defense power-up on the bridge, and then head back to this area's save spot
TUNIC screenshot 8
How did I end up here anyway?

Ruined Atoll

  1. After levelling up and recuperating, go down the right ladder, cross the pink path up, unlock the door to the right, get the potion fragment up the ladder, lower the rope to the right, and go down
  2. Lower the wooden bridge, go across, lure the giant enemy crab down-right so the explosive enemies kill it, run up-right, climb the ladders, and activate the monolith up top
  3. Head back and down-left, run around with the other crab chasing you so it gets stuck in the water, lower the bridge here, go across, and unlock the big gate after beating the pesky birds
  4. Run down-left, ascend the hill in the bottom-left, activate the monolith, and roll past the puddle while moving up because it drains your max HP (it will restore later at a save point)
  5. Head up-left, kill the spear guard to get a glass card in a chest behind it, hookshot up the cliff to the left, activate the monolith up here, and move along the up-right wall to lower a rope
  6. Go down and save up-right at the spot then ensure the monolith from step 4 of Frog's Domain is activated, run to the center of the area, activate the middle as you would a monolith, and run into it before it flashes so you can warp above the clouds
  7. Hookshot across, climb the ladder, enter the cave for The Great Library, climb the stairs near the wall at the top-left, climb the ladders, cross the stack of books, and hookshot across the railing
  8. Smash 3 canisters in this room for a few instruction pages, activate the monolith to charge the warp pad and save point, and climb the ladder to fight The Librarian; use the magic wand and recharge your MP with the enemies that spawn
  9. Snag the green key, use the yellow warp pad down the ladders as you would activate a monolith, and warp on the up-right pad then head back to the main hub's save spot
TUNIC screenshot 9
Mad scientists can be quite messy

The Quarry

  1. Back at the hub save point, climb the ladder to your up-right, hookshot on the bridge for a potion fragment, work your way around and to the huge staircase, and acquire the magic wand to the left of the stairs
  2. Ascend the large staircase, run all the way through the gates to a closed door with an instruction page in front of it, and descend the hidden staircase up behind the rocks then follow along
  3. Go down after the spiral staircase and bridge, head down more stairs to enter The Quarry, grab a potion fragment from behind the left wall, and prepare yourself to run and dodge-roll quickly
  4. When you're ready, descend the 2 ramps which will make your maximum HP gradually deplete then rapidly enter the top-right doorway and grab a few blueberries from the chest
  5. Descend the stairs, cross the scaffolding, snag a few dynamites from the chest around the pillar, go right back at the stairs, avoid the center, lower the bridge, and get an attack power-up in the chest
  6. Use the hookshot on the enemy and sniper ahead as they're tricky otherwise, grab a couple fruits between the 2 ramps, ascend all the way to get a card, go back down, and descend the stairs
  7. Travel down-left to activate a ladder shortcut, get a lure from the hidden chest up-right, ascend the hidden staircase from the other side, roll up-left away from the crystal, and ascend the right ladder for a Gold Coin
  8. Enter the doorway behind the save spot to The Monastery, climb the right ladder, roll over the hazard pool, open the gate via the top-left contraption, and grab and equip the gas mask card beyond the gate which will finally protect against the max HP drain
  9. Ascend the ladder to drop the rope shortcut, head back to the inaccessible save spot, go down the spiral staircase, climb down the stone ladder, walk down-right along the pink trail, and you can access a secret shop by descending the hidden ladder above the inactive save spot
  10. When you're done, keep following the path we were on, activate the monolith after using the hookshot, move ahead to collect the potion card from a chest, go all the way back, activate another monolith, and you can finally use the previously inactive save spot
TUNIC screenshot 10
I think I'll wear this gas mask wherever I go

Inside the Ziggurat

  1. Go back to the start where you were originally poisoned, head down the ramps, and explore for treasures including a few blueberries, the shotgun, a potion fragment behind some crates, and a defense power-up after lowering the bridge
  2. Cross the bridge and descend the far ladder to take down a couple snipers, descend the previous ladders, go all the way down, work your way up-right along the train tracks, and follow the pink path to the ??? area
  3. Keep heading up-left to go down an elevator to Inside the Ziggurat, navigate around, you can heal at the blue flame, head down-right, take down the turrets, and choose the up-left path when you have a choice to activate a shortcut
  4. Go up-right at the junction then gradually descend the tower (it'll take a while but there's no danger and there are a couple blueberries along the way), enter the tower when you can, get the lure from the chest, and go down the ladders
  5. Descend the tile elevator at the bottom, save at the point to the down-right, collect 5 dynamites, and when you reach the junction, an enemy will emerge that depletes your max HP so use the magic wand to take it down (it will split when defeated)
  6. Move down-right to collect a potion from the chest next to the above turrets, walk up-right, defeat the tough enemies (dynamite will help), grab the ice bombs from the chest, blueberries are in the up-right chest, and fruits are in the down-left one
  7. Save your game at the fire ahead, beat the 2 tough foes that have a couple phases each, activate the monolith, go up-right for 6 dynamites, head down-right after the monolith, and descend the ladders and stairs
  8. Keep trekking up-right to discover The Hidden Vault, you can activate the monolith behind the dead save spot to bring it back, and then fight the Boss Scavenger to the up-right; I found dynamite to be quite effective in this fight
  9. Receive the blue key after the fight, go to the room behind the save point, activate the green panel by holding the button, and use the up-right warp then go back to the main hub save point
TUNIC screenshot 11
Why do I get the feeling that this isn't going to be easy?

The Cathedral

  1. Finally, trek up-left from the save point, place the remaining coloured keys in their respective spots, head back to the warp room, and enter the center warp to fight The Heir
  2. Don't worry; you're supposed to lose so go up the stairs, enter the warp, collect an instruction page, go back, take your first right ahead, go down-right over the bridge, and activate the monolith
  3. Exit bottom-right, follow along to Old Burying Ground, there are a few blueberries on the left side of this area, a card in a chest to the right, a shop in the skull shed, and a save spot
  4. Head up-right through the gate, you can attack the invisible enemies, go up the ladder to your immediate right, get the card from the chest, head down the ramps ahead, and open the chest for a gold coin
  5. Go back past the gate, there's an effigy hidden on the left, activate the monolith in the middle, find a potion fragment in the top-left, get a gold coin hidden on the right, and there's another one on the right up the cliffs
  6. There are a couple fruits down the ramps, go up and left to cross the ruins all the way down-left to lower the big ladder, go back, follow the pink path, activate the monolith, and enter the entryway to The Cathedral
  7. Keep going up-right, exit up-left at the end, ascend the stairs, follow along, open the chest in the next room for a couple peppers, go up the spiral staircase in the back, and fight (or ignore) a bunch of birds at the top
  8. Get a couple blueberries from the chest, enter the first door, lower the ladder, grab a couple dynamites from the chest, head back and go in the next door, follow along, destroy the lasers (you can use the hookshot on them), and collect the fruits before moving on
  9. Activate the monolith at the end of the path, go back to the save point, interact with the altar that emerged up-left to descend, use the save point, there's a shop up-right, and go down the ladder when you're done
  10. This area is an arena where you interact with candles then fight enemies to light them; it'll take some practice so good luck (by the way, the right altar will spawn heal items) and when you're done, you'll get the Cathedral's Prize
  11. Now that we can dash across gaps, exit, climb the ladder, activate the grave as you would a monolith to enter The Hero's Grave, and reactivate your SP
  12. Go back, dash across the columns to go out of this area (don't miss the rope along the way) and once you exit, dash across the gap for an instruction page, and keep going along to the beach for another instruction page
TUNIC screenshot 12
The fox is looking rather dashing now

The Heir

So, we've reached the point in TUNIC where you can attempt the last boss (The Heir) again who's conveniently at the same location that they were before. However, you probably want to retrieve the rest of your powers and become whole before the battle so you'll have to explore the world while visiting the 5 remaining hero's graves in order to accomplish that. I think it's more enjoyable to re-discover these graves without guidance considering you'll find many goodies along the way and you now have a great deal of agility so I'll stop the walkthrough here for now. But, before I do, you should know that there's a lot more to TUNIC than you may realise.

For starters, if you can find the remaining instruction book pages (there should be 10 left at this point) then you can get the true ending when you next confront The Heir. There are also 12 secret treasures to discover, a fairy to free, and you can maximize your stats, of course. I might write guides that will help you master these aspects but for now, you should be strong and agile enough to explore the world at your leisure. I hope you have a fun time and I wish you all the best on your travels to master all that TUNIC has to offer! 🦊

TUNIC screenshot 13
That was one phenomenal game but things aren't over yet...

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