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TurboGrafx Is Finally Available on Wii U

Virtual Console expands its 16-bit library

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It's been a long time but now a few games from the highly underrated TurboGrafx-16 are ready to download on Wii U. So, prepare to push the "Run" button and add some retro awesomeness into your gaming diet.

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New Adventure Island screenshot
New Adventure Island puts Master Higgins in yet another wacky platformer

Last year, I wrote a somewhat extensive piece titled TurboGrafx on Wii U Needs to Happen. In it, I discussed why the TurboGrafx is such a great console by showcasing a bunch of its different games. Well, I got my wish because you can now download New Adventure Island, Bonk's Adventure, and R-Type. Each title is only $5.99 with R-Type being $7.99 for some odd reason. If you're like me and owned these games on Wii's Virtual console then you get a decent discount for upgrading them to the Wii U versions. Anyway, New Adventure Island and Bonk's Adventure are fantastic 2D platformers while any shoot 'em up fan can tell you that R-Type is one of the best in the genre. Of course, these games have been ported to many consoles already so if you're a retro enthusiast then you probably already own them in one form or another. However, those who are new to these titles will be sure to have great fun experiencing them for the first time. Here's hoping we see more games arrive soon! v1d30chumz 44-192-38-248

Bonk's Adventure screenshot
Bonk's Adventure proves that having a big head isn't such a bad thing

Have you downloaded any of these games yet? What titles are you hoping will come out soon? Let's talk in the comments below!

Gameplay video for New Adventure Island thumbnail
Gameplay video for New Adventure Island
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