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Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion: A Step-by-Step Guide

All Achievements, Hats, and Heart Fruits

A.J. Maciejewski

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Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion is a tricky game so here's a complete walkthrough that will help you master this veggie-themed indie.

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The following symbols will indicate where each collectible type is located: 🏆 Achievement 🎩 Hat ❤️ Heart Fruit v1d30chumz 3-223-3-251

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion: intro screenshot
Wake up, Turnip Boy; it's time for adventure!

Bustling Barn

  1. Rip up the piece of paper at the beginning of the game for Tax Evader - You committed tax evasion! 🏆
  2. Grab the Watering Can to your right, talk to the right blueberry, water the plant to get a Flower, and give it to the strawberry down and to the left for Heartless - You tore up a love letter. 🏆
  3. Exit up-right to Weapon Woods, follow along while avoiding the snails, go up at the intersection, and examine a wanted poster on a tree for Most Wanted - You ripped up a wanted poster. 🏆
  4. Go around, exit up, and then water the plant at the top to get Adventurer - You grew your own Soil Sword! 🏆
  5. Trek back to Veggieville and on the way, kill the snail in the pen behind the blueberry for Rent Money, and talk to the blueberry for Murderer - You brutally murdered Jerry and ripped up his rent. 🏆
  6. Head west of Veggieville to Layer Lane and examine the garbage can in the top-left for Dumpster Diver - You ripped up a receipt in the trash. 🏆
  7. Walk up and then talk to the construction worker next to the barn for Contractor - You tore up someone's 1099. 🏆
  8. Simply pick up the trophy in the top-right of this area for Winner - You obtained a hunk of gold that makes you feel good. 🏆
  9. Enter the Bustling Barn, talk to slayQueen32, exit and go back down 1 screen, talk to Belch at the sandwich shop for a Tier 3 Sub, and give it to slayQueen32 for Simp - You shredded slayQueen32's autograph. 🏆
  10. Go up, swap to the watering can, water the bomb twice, grab the Boom Boots, head up, and interact with the book for Book Worm - You ripped a lame book in half. 🏆
  11. Water the bomb ahead once and kick it right for a key then go down and right, fight the pig, move along, fight King Pig by kicking a few bombs into it, and water the middle plant for a Heart Fruit ❤️
  12. Grab the Fertilizer in the next room and talk to slayQueen32 for Crown 🎩 as well as Hat Wearer - You obtained your first hat. 🏆
Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion: Bustling Barn screenshot
This barn doesn't look all that bustling to me

Forsaken Farmhouse

  1. Head back to the sandwich shop and talk to Belch for Computer Wiz - You broke some computer software. 🏆
  2. Exit left from this room, solve the easy puzzle for another Heart Fruit ❤️, get the Wood from the blueberry, enter the barn again, go right, follow along, and interact with the beet beside the hay for the Hardhat 🎩
  3. Go back to Veggieville, talk to Mayor Onion, talk to the blueberry for the Sunhat 🎩, exit south to Rocky Ramp, and exit south again to Plain Plains
  4. Head down-left and examine the paper next to the house for Savvy Shopper - You destroyed a receipt for seeds. 🏆
  5. Examine the trash can left of the house for Lost Carrot Baby, give it to the carrot all the way back at Weapon Woods, go back to the house at Plain Plains, and place the Stool at the stairs
  6. Enter the Forsaken Farmhouse, grab the Face Mask, go right at the next screen, and snag the Bandage after solving the puzzle
  7. Head up at the intersection, go left, get the key from Deb, go back right, unlock the blockade, grab the Medicine, and give the 3 items to Nurse Berry at the Idle Icebox
  8. Back at Forsaken Farmhouse, exit right past the locked door, acquire the Move Mittens, go all the way back to the intersection, exit down for Lost Cherry Baby, and examine the paper here to unlock Draft Dodger - You tore up Matt's draft letter. 🏆
  9. Talk to Carly at Idle Icebox for another key, head down-right at the intersection room through the locked door, and examine the paper on the bed for The Messenger - You ripped up Matt's MIA notice 🏆
  10. Fight the Rotten Cat Apple in the next room by watering the bomb plants in the middle twice so they explode when the boss stops or passes by (the watermelons are optional) then grab the Heart Fruit ❤️ and Lost Cat Apple when you're done
  11. Get the Spray Paint in the north room, interact with the generator, talk to Deb at Idle Icebox for the Fork, go right twice, and then head back to Veggieville
Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion: Forsaken Farmhouse screenshot
Hey, check out my cool new hat!

Forgotten Forest

  1. Speak with Mayor Onion and then talk to Crancran to the down-left for Waifu - You destroyed a waifu. 🏆
  2. Exit right after Weapon Woods, speak to Graffiti Guy for a Heart Fruit ❤️, go back to Plain Plains, exit up-left to Forgotten Forest, and talk to Annie
  3. Travel along, exit up when you can for Holly's Phone, continue left, and interact with the wanted poster on the tree for Devil - You destroyed a vandalized poster. 🏆
  4. Talk to Annie in her lab, head north, enter the cave past the portal puzzle, fight the deer, get the Mural Doodle, and return to Annie for a key
  5. Head south, solve the somewhat complex portal puzzle, obtain the Turnip?, fight the big deer after the cave, and get the Potted Petalportal
  6. Use the Potted Petalportal near the right fence after going back through the cave, make a shortcut with the watermelon, and explode the rocks after deploying 2 Potted Petalportals
  7. Get another key from Annie, go left past the locked blockade, follow along, fight the Stag at the end by watering the bomb plant twice whenever it runs by, and grab the Heart Fruit ❤️ and Green Goop when you're done
  8. Talk to Annie for the Explorer Hat 🎩, get a Leaf from the acorn on the stump nearby, go right when you reach Plain Plains, and solve the puzzle for a Heart Fruit ❤️
  9. Back at Rocky Ramp, give the phone to the bottom grape (Holly) for Petitioner - You destroyed FlipFlop's last chance. 🏆
Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion: Forgotten Forest screenshot
Oh, deer; what a strange boss

Bomb Bunker

  1. Talk to Mayor Onion back at Veggieville, talk to Rafeal near the hatch in Weapon Woods, talk to Tots near the gate at Veggieville, and head north to Grim Graveyard
  2. Dig the top-left grave for the Tophat 🎩, head up, left, and interact with the note in the top-left here for Gravedigger - You ripped up a letter to the dead. 🏆
  3. Head up, right, up, dig up the golden shovel, and talk to Tots for Criminal - You got a dirty shovel. 🏆
  4. Speak with Tots again to receive Tot's Letter, go back to the hatch in Weapon Woods, hit it with the shovel, enter Bomb Bunker, and interact with the safety sign for Doomsdayers - You tore up a nuclear hazard information sheet. 🏆
  5. Interact with the fridge in the next room for The Last Slice, go right for Hair Dye, go back and up, and water the plant to start a fire but be careful so you don't get burned
  6. Exit right, water the plants from right to left to get a key, and interact with the note on the bed for News Boy - You ripped up an old newspaper. 🏆
  7. Go back and up past the locked door, be careful of the ham enemy as it can reverse your controls, burn the right door with the watermelon, enter, and interact with the bed note for Liz - You read and ripped up part of a diary. 🏆
  8. Use the plant to set yourself on fire (use The Last Slice if you need some health), push into the boxes to set them aflame, and gather the key and Hazmat Suit
  9. Head back a room, walk up, keep going up making sure to set the blocked door on fire, and fight Liz the mutated human by setting yourself on fire then walking into her
  10. Grab the Heart Fruit ❤️ and the Laser Pointer after you win the fight and then head all the way back to Veggieville to talk to Mayor Onion
Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion: Bomb Bunker screenshot
I've never seen anyone so happy in a cemetery before

Mysterious Mafia Base

  1. Interact with your mailbox twice for the DLC Hat 🎩 and Cat Ears 🎩, talk to Old Man Lemon, head left to Layer Lane, talk to Edgar the carrot to get the Scissors 🎩, and talk to the blueberry above for the Real Estate Letter
  2. Go back to Annie's lab in the Forgotten Forest via Plain Plains and talk to the nearby acorn for Estate Agent - You destroyed someone else's deed. 🏆
  3. Enter Idle Icebox within Forsaken Farmhouse via Plain Plains, talk to the Pickled Gang until they ask for a hammer, talk to Pops for Pop's Letter, and give it to Tots at Grim Graveyard (reminder: up, left, up, right, up) for the Bird Hat 🎩
  4. Head to Layer Lane, talk to the carrot in the left alleyway for the Hammer, go back to Idle Icebox, talk to Pops for the Farmer Hat 🎩, and talk to Pickled Gang for the Fedora 🎩 which will unlock Fashionista - You found all the hats. 🏆
  5. Speak with Pickled Gang again, exit Idle Icebox, go back to find a Heart Fruit ❤️ where Pickled Gang used to be, and then trek back to Veggieville and enter the Mysterious Mafia Base by interacting behind the tree next to Old Man Lemon
  6. Go up and interact with the book on the table for Teacher - You destroyed the book that taught everyone how to speak. 🏆
  7. Set up warps so you can reach the left door while you're on fire, go left, down, descend, head left, and interact with the green book for Tyrant - You destroyed words written by a tyrant. 🏆
  8. Descend and go down all the way and then whack the bomb for Destroyer Of The World - You got nuked, kiddo. 🏆
  9. After all this, head all the way back to the big room, exit left twice, and interact with the note for Turnipchino - You ripped up a letter from our dad. 🏆
  10. Go back and up after solving the puzzle, fight the radishes in the Greenhouse using melee, and battle the Corrupt Onion afterward for Turnip Boy - You defeated Corrupt Onion and beat the game. 🏆
  11. If you destroyed all of the tax documents so far, you'll now face the true final boss then unlock Home owner - You ripped up your own deed. 🏆 and you should also get Anarchist - You destroyed every single tax document. 🏆 as well as Taxation With Representation - You prevented universal taxation 🏆
Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion: Mysterious Mafia Base screenshot
I know, right?

Limitless Line

  1. Interact with your mailbox for the Limitless Line Ticket and enter the newly accessible Crumbling Cavern in Rocky Ramp for the final Heart Fruit ❤️ which unlocks Tank - You grew all the heart fruits! 🏆
  2. Your final task is to master Limitless Line which is located in Sunset Station via the right exit in Layer Lane next to the sandwich shop; for even failing, you'll unlock Passenger - You fainted on the Limitless Line. 🏆
  3. This train is a sort of boss rush mode and if you can beat the conductor, you'll unlock Conductor - You defeated the conductor. 🏆
  4. You may also face a secret boss at random as you progress through Limitless Line which will unlock ??? - You defeated ???. 🏆
Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion: Limitless Line screenshot
Finally, I can fulfill my dream and become a WaySandwich artist!

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