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Unbox: Newbie's Adventure - Trophy / Achievement Guide

A walkthrough for newbies

A.J. Maciejewski

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Getting all of the trophies in a collectathon 3D platformer can be tough. This guide should help you unlock Unbox: Newbie's Adventure's 15 achievements but with no in-game map, it may be trickier than you'd think.

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I don't know how a box drives a car but that's how you get the "Tyre-d Out" trophy


Simply start a new game and get past the tutorial to unlock: v1d30chumz 3-238-104-143

  • Training Montage (Meet Bounce and complete GPS' induction)

In each of the three worlds, you need to collect a certain number of stamps then defeat the boss. Doing so will allow you to obtain these trophies:

  • Paradise Isles (Earn the Master Stamp in Paradise Isles)
  • Parcel Peaks (Earn the Master Stamp in Parcel Peaks)
  • Isla Cartulina (Earn the Master Stamp in Isla Cartulina)


Each world as well as the hub area contains 200 golden tape items (800 total). Also, 10 Zippies can be found in each world plus one in the hub area (31 total). Basically, collect as many of these as you can and once you can't seem to find any more, simply talk to Bounce and select "Finding Things" then choose which item you'd like to find next and he'll show you where a random one is located. Once you collect all of the tape and Zippies and acquire every stamp, you'll unlock these 3 achievements:

  • Collection Agent (Find all of the Golden Tape on every world)
  • Heroic Saviour (Find and rescue every Zippie on every world)
  • Completionist (Earn a 100% rating on every world - collect every Stamp, defeat the boss, and find every Zippie)
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Cue the fireworks! Here's your "Signpost Finder" achievement!


This first one is easy as all you need to do is jump multiple times in the air. Do it next to a checkpoint so you can easily refill your health and just keep jumping. Fun fact: the trophy is called "Unbox Cubed" because a box has 6 sides and 6³ = 216.

  • Unbox Cubed (Unbox 216 times)

These next two achievements can be a pain. However, if you find the Superbox character in Parcel Peaks then you can just repeat his Mountaintop Madness challenge to grind for it. It'll get repetitive so it's best to save this trophy for last.

  • Blasting Off Again (Slam or shoot 50 Wild Cards with fireworks)
  • Master Exploder (Slam or shoot 500 Wild Cards with fireworks)

As of writing this, the following achievement is unobtainable on Xbox One. However, I got it quite early on while playing through the PlayStation 4 version. Basically, whenever you come across moveable crates and such, all you need to do is bump into them.

  • Box in a China Shop (Knock over 1000 things)


In the hub, stand on the helipad and point the camera towards the two blue cooling towers. Then, look down and to the right of the building below them and you'll see the number 2 written on a wall. Jump to the ledge that comes out from this wall, hop on the TNT detonator, and you'll uncover the first Mystery Diary from behind a metal door. Good thing you don't need to collect all of these!

  • Mystery Uncoverer (Find and read a Mystery Diary)

Still in the hub area, find the large runway and go to the end where the plane is pointing (opposite the rainbow-coloured hot air balloon). You'll see a signpost on the left-hand side with fireworks around it. Interact with it and the achievement is yours!

  • Signpost Finder (Receive a gift from a Giving Post)

All you need to do for this is hop into a vehicle. There are plenty around the hub area.

  • Tyre-d Out (Find and drive a vehicle for the first time)

From the main menu, select "Box-O-Matic" then "Customise". Play around with your design then save and you'll get this easy trophy!

  • Sweet Disguise (Customise your box for the first time)
Unbox: Newbie's Adventure screenshot 3
It may not look like a Mystery Diary but it'll net you the "Mystery Uncoverer" trophy

That's how you unlock every achievement in Unbox: Newbie's Adventure! It's such a fun game. I hope this guide helped you. If it did then leave a comment below. Also, let me know if you're stuck at all and I'll try my best to give you a hand.

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