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Unusual Findings: A Step-by-Step Guide

Master an old-school adventure game

A.J. Maciejewski

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Unusual Findings is one of the trickiest point-and-click adventure games that I've ever played so here's my start-to-finish walkthrough.

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Unusual Findings: Vinny, Nick, and Tony screenshot
Vinny, Nick, and Tony are in for one wild adventure

Important info

Before we start the walkthrough, it's vital that you understand how Unusual Findings' decision system works. Whenever you're presented with a choice of 2 options, selecting either of them will have a couple of results. First, you'll get a trophy or achievement for making that decision. Second, you'll alter the story as well as how future situations are presented. v1d30chumz 44-210-77-106

For the purposes of this guide, always choose the first option. That way, you'll be able to follow the walkthrough exactly without any alternate situations taking you by surprise. I'll refer to these decisions as trophy decisions below to make it clear whenever you're presented with one. Also, make sure to exhaust all dialogue options whenever I say to talk with someone so you don't miss any key triggers that are necessary for progression.

There are 3 endings for Unusual Findings and if you follow this guide, you will unlock ending C. I may write a supplementary walkthrough that explains the different scenarios, puzzles, and choices in the future but you'll generally need to follow many of these steps no matter which decisions you make. With that being said, the final chapter will be completely different depending on which ending route you take. However, if you follow this guide exactly and always choose the first option when prompted, there won't be any surprises.

Unusual Findings: The Bull screenshot
Okay, I think we're ready to go now!


  1. After the Space Invaders game and dialogue, open the window, look outside, talk to Nick after the dialogue, and you'll have your 1st trophy decision 🏆
  2. Search the windowbox, go back inside, grab the bike pegs in the bottom-right, and use the wardrobe key on the closet then search it
  3. Combine the roboto battle station with the bike pegs in your inventory, look outside, use the zip line trolley on the zipline, and you'll make your 2nd trophy decision after the scene 🏆
  4. When you end up in the forest, grab the half burnt tree, cross the river, head left to Pine Woods, go all the way left, and the 3rd trophy decision will be presented 🏆
Unusual Findings: Intro screenshot
In the '80s, everyone was grounded all the time

Get the bear trap

  1. Enter Tony's Street from the map, get an infrared light bulb from the trash box, climb the vine to Tony's room, grab the Geiger counter and Top Cruise cartridge
  2. Go to Nick's street, use the Geiger counter on the hedge, speak with Robert the bum for the Booze and Boobs Club's card, and then go to shopping street
  3. Enter Emerald Sword, show the card and the cartridge to Janette, blow the console when the game is inside, grab the Boy Scout guide to knots from the trading club box, and exit the store
  4. Talk to the man beside the bar, punch him twice, head to Vinny's street, climb to the treehouse, grab the camera from the loot box, exit to the street, and grab the right sodium carbonate
  5. Head to lover's lane, grab the oil can to the left, use the bulb on the sign light, look at the kissing couple, and then use the Polaroid on the couple
  6. Go to Nick's street again, enter the house, talk to Kevin, give the ranger's brochure to him, show Diane the photo of Brandon and Sofia, and steal the bear trap from the ranger's station
Unusual Findings: Get the bear trap screenshot
The thoughts of a true game developer

Trap the alien

  1. Select woods entrance, use the WD 404 penetrating oil can on the old knife gate valve to the left of the river, turn the valve, and then enter Earl's farm
  2. Grab the fertilizer from the truck, combine it with sodium carbonate, use the knots book on the hammock, go to outside Bull's trailer, and grab the wrench and Jumpy Joe from the trash can
  3. Enter the bridge area, talk to Carl, offer to help, talk to Andre, show him the blue cable, get Carl's green wrench, give the number 5 wrench to Andre, and use the knot book on the cables
  4. Go back to Tony's street, talk to Gary, give him the extension cord, enter the Bull's trailer, talk with Bull, play his game, select doors 4, 4, 3, and 1, and choose "115"
  5. Use the fertilizer carbonate mix on the beaten man, tell Bull that the guy woke up, and then walk all the way to Pine Woods via woods entrance
  6. Combine Jumpy Joe with the bear trap, use the net, bear trap, and metallic sphere on the hole, and you'll encounter the 4th trophy decision 🏆
Unusual Findings: Trap the alien screenshot
About 25 minutes by my count

Be a chemist

  1. Enter the hallway, open the cleaning cupboard, grab the sprayer, use the green wrench on the duct, enter the duct, and then grab the lab notes and cable
  2. Place the sprayer in the weird machine's container slot, and then use the calcium lever once, the sulfur lever 3 times, and the mixer lever once
  3. Take the sprayer, go back to the hallway, use it on the fire, tell the lady to press the switches, go to reception, use the cable on the ex-electrical socket, and go back to the hallway
  4. Get the lady to press the switches again, mix 1 sulfur and 1 silicon for your sprayer at the laboratory, and use the coffee machine at reception for the 5th trophy decision 🏆
  5. Mix the sugar with the sprayer, use the sprayer on the security desk's wooden cabinet, grab the security ID, use it on the hallway's card reader, and you'll get the 6th trophy decision 🏆
Unusual Findings: Be a chemist screenshot
These chums should have paid attention in chemistry class

Outsmart a computer

  1. Exit right to the world map, head to the detention cells, use the security ID on the locker, go to the botany lab, grab the oven glove, use the key on the cabinet, and take substance F
  2. Enter the construction site, use the oven mitt on the concrete mixer, grab the cliff (hole near the ceiling), collect the matchbox, and head to the server room
  3. Use the matchbox on the spilled liquid, pick up the sesame oil bottle and the mop stick, turn off the server, and then enter the computer room
  4. After the dialogue, use the rubber oven mitt on the computer plug twice, pick up the blue cable, and talk to the computer for the 7th trophy decision 🏆
Unusual Findings: Outsmart a computer screenshot
This computer sure knows a lot about Yuri Gagarin...

Start the train

  1. Go to conference room, enter 424 on the intercom, tell the guy you want something to eat, enter geology lab, move right, talk a bit, and select "now" when the guard moves from cover
  2. Pick up the big flask, grab the air freshener, use the wrench on the duct, enter the kitchen, grab the copper spoon, talk to the robot, pick IDKFA, and grab the spatula
  3. Exit via the right door, grab the salt, combine the mop and the spatula, use it on the hand that's on the ceiling, and then go back to the geology lab
  4. Use salt on the middle floating pyramid, pick it up, go to the bio lab, use the freshener on the air duct, and open the door to the enclosure for the 8th trophy decision 🏆 (which didn't pop for me as it's probably glitched)
  5. Grab some poo, head to the botany lab, put substance F, sesame oil, and lemon seeds in the Erlenmeyer flask, grab the lemon, put the hand in the microwave, and go to the detention cells
  6. Talk to the prisoner, use the hand on the scanner, enter train station, combine the lemon, zinc, spoon, and cable, use it on the engine, use the key in the panel, and talk to Linda
Unusual Findings: Start the train screenshot
Cutting off hands was cool back then, too?


  1. Ask Linda to speed up, use the spatula on the ceiling, ask Linda to slow down, talk to the enemy, and keep talking to Nick until you say goddamn
  2. Punch Nick, tell Linda to speed up, use the rifle on the tracks, and you'll be prompted with the 9th trophy decision 🏆
Unusual Findings: Escape screenshot
Now, this is one Turbo Tunnel that I don't mind playing through

Get arcade coins

  1. Snag the flashlight from the cab, go to New Frontier's entrance, search the trash container, enter Samantha's street, search the trash, and head to the principal's street
  2. Grab the key from the doormat, use it on the right window door, go inside, use the basket on the aquarium, grab the computer, read "more papers", and go back outside
  3. Talk to the principal, tell him that Mrs. Perez likes horror movies, go to the secret exit area from the map, use the fish on the wolf, and pick up the green rod
  4. Head to the river coast, use the flashlight on the shadow crocodile, use the beer can on the river, and enter the town square
  5. Talk to the kid, put the rod in the well, give the beer can to the soda girls, go back to the river coast, and enter the sewer pipe to the right
Unusual Findings: Get arcade coins screenshot
Isn't that always the case?

Repair RALF

  1. Enter the junkyard, pick up the Allen wrench, grab the oil can, interact with the corrugated metal to reveal a hole, and head inside the arcade via shopping street
  2. Tell Snake Skull about the bonus lives, use the Allen wrench on the right service door, go inside, talk to tech guy, use the cola on the circuits, and take the soldering gun
  3. Look at the bottom-left claw crane, exit the arcade, use the claw crane, hit the left side of it, move the claw right then down, and use the hose and gas can on the right toy store car
  4. Go back to Samantha's street, up the stairs, use the flashlight to the right, pick up the bread, use the bear on the scissors, and enter the video store via shopping street
  5. Talk to the clerk, pick Nick's movie, show the security ID to the clerk, use the disk on the computer, and then go to the abandoned facility
  6. Talk to Furio, say "Jon Bobby sucks", enter the hideout, give the lipstick to Rainbow Ray, talk to them, grab the disk drive, and then enter the arcade again
  7. Use the coins then the sufganiyah on the skee-ball machine, give the tickets to the arcade girl, use the cutters on the wire mesh at the junkyard, and collect the wire
  8. Go back to the hideout at the truck, use gas on the generator, combine the wire and gun, and use it then the computer on RALF
  9. Use the disk drive on the computer, turn on the generator, use the disk on the computer, and talk to RALF
Unusual Findings: Repair RALF screenshot
The Commodore 64 is compatible with everything!

Ending: First Blood

  1. In this area, there are 3 rooms that loop and you'll be chased by soldiers so if they push you in a wrong direction, simply go back to the room you were in
  2. Use the cutters on the washing machine hose, exit left, open the big locker, grab the chainsaw, and then exit left
  3. Turn off the control panel, open the gas tank, use the hose then chainsaw on it, exit left, use the chainsaw on the dead soldier, and exit right
  4. Turn the control panel back on, use the hand on the steam, exit right, use the hand on the door panel, and witness ending C
Unusual Findings: First Blood ending screenshot
You've completed the game; let me give you a hand
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Watch A.J. play Unusual Findings
Super NES Classic Edition Trivia

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