Vandal Hearts II Treasure Guide

Vandal Hearts II Treasure Guide

A walkthrough for all hidden items

A.J. Maciejewski

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Finding every single treasure and hidden item in Vandal Hearts II is tricky so here's a handy guide that you can reference as you play.

To obtain treasures much easier, equip at least one party member with Wings Armor along with the Unlock ability from Bowie (Knife), Searchmark from Antennae (Knife), and Blockmake from Pickax (Special) as soon as possible.

Vandal Hearts II: load save data screenshot
Seeing that 100.0% is oh so satisfying


Rosace Hill

  • Hint-1 (Accessory) Hidden V22 H22

Mastha Canyon

  • Mallet (Special) Chest V1 H0
  • Hint-2 (Accessory) Chest V20 H10

Yuta Plain (W)

  • Hint-3 (Accessory) Hidden V0 H11
  • Boots (Accessory) Hidden V15 H9
  • B-light (Bow) Chest V15 H23

Yuta Plain (E)

  • Hint-4 (Accessory) Hidden V3 H14
  • Goblin (Shield) Chest V4 H5
  • Goblin (Shield) Chest V14 H21

Danjou Forest

  • Novacula (Dagger) Hidden V0 H14
  • Pinwheel (Special) Chest V0 H23
Vandal Hearts II: Danjou Forest screenshot
Novacula (Dagger) location in Danjou Forest

Kutao Mt

  • Urn (Special) Chest V6 H11
  • Map-12 (Accessory) Hidden V11 H11

Byron Manor 1

  • Bullion (Accessory) Hidden V13 H16
  • Cutlass (Sword) Chest V14 H28
  • Halbert (Axe) Chest V15 H5

Byron Manor 2 - cannot return to this map

  • Herb (Item) Hidden V4 H9

Chapter 1


  • Fire-ring (Accessory) Hidden V4 H35
  • Halbert (Axe) Chest V4 H53

Luxar Village - also a town

  • Cutlass (Sword) Chest V4 H24
  • V-cape (Accessory) Hidden V7 H13
  • Bandana (Accessory) Hidden V15 H17
  • Graver (Lance) Chest V16 H24

Bahtar Plain

  • Shades (Accessory) Hidden V1 H12
  • Urn (Special) Hidden V1 H28
  • Ballast (Accessory) Chest V9 H29
  • Hint-5 (Accessory) Hidden V11 H13

Fort Gusta

  • Joule (Dagger) Hidden V6 H27
  • S-coater (Accessory) Chest V15 H2
  • Runners (Accessory) Hidden V15 H2
  • Ice-ring (Accessory) Chest V15 H12
Vandal Hearts II: Fort Gusta screenshot
Joule (Dagger) location in Fort Gusta

Kumenu Canyon

  • Goblin (Shield) Chest V18 H8
  • Hint-6 (Accessory) Chest V33 H1
  • L-vase (Accessory) Hidden V33 H8

Porta River

  • L-glove (Accessory) Hidden V1 H1
  • Magibook (Accessory) Hidden V14 H17
  • Nailbat (Special) Chest V14 H29

Ghote Plain

  • Balloon (Accessory) Chest V1 H1

Barm Mt. Range

  • Pickax (Special) Chest V5 H14
  • Maracas (Special) Hidden V23 H8

Mining Prison 1 - revisit by entering from the east

  • V-cape (Accessory) Chest V9 H7
  • Philbook (Accessory) Hidden V9 H13
  • Map-11 (Accessory) Hidden V13 H20
  • Thunder-ring (Accessory) Chest V15 H20

Mining Prison 2 - cannot return to this map

  • Hi-herb (Item) Hidden V21 H0

Mining Prison 3 - cannot return to this map

  • Hi-herb (Item) Hidden V3 H8

Mining Prison 4 - revisit by entering from the west

  • B-insect (Bow) Chest V0 H24
  • Goblin (Shield) Chest V14 H24

Mining Prison 5 - cannot return to this map

  • C-potion (Item) Hidden V7 H7

Chapter 2

Killea Bog

  • Naigama (Lance) Chest V0 H22
  • X-boom (Throw) Hidden V8 H23
  • Map-A (Accessory) Hidden V9 H6
  • Magibook (Accessory) Chest V9 H13
  • Map-4 (Accessory) Hidden V11 H18

Polata Ruins

  • C-heels (Accessory) Hidden V0 H0
  • Angelrod (Wand) Chest V8 H15
  • E-punch (Special) Chest V12 H0
  • G-coater (Accessory) Hidden V18 H0

Dybosa Ridge

  • Beacon (Accessory) Hidden V1 H3
  • Pickax (Special) Chest V14 H17
  • Stoneye (Shield) Chest V17 H16
  • Hint-7 (Accessory) Hidden V18 H7
  • W-cape (Accessory) Hidden V30 H3

Aposs Port

  • G-cap (Accessory) Hidden V20 H21
  • Tower (Shield) Chest V20 H31
  • Tower (Shield) Chest V22 H0
  • F-socks (Accessory) Hidden V22 H30

Liuki Checkpt

  • Puggio (Dagger) Chest V4 H3
  • Philbook (Accessory) Hidden V5 H4
  • L-slab (Accessory) Hidden V5 H16
  • Hint-8 (Accessory) Hidden V6 H16
  • Urn (Special) Hidden V7 H8
  • Ancient (Shield) Chest V15 H23
Vandal Hearts II: Liuki Checkpt screenshot
Hint-8 (Accessory) location in Liuki Checkpt

Yuggor Station - bring the Blockbreak ability from Maracas (Special)

  • Ringrod (Wand) Chest V0 H28
  • Runners (Accessory) Hidden V7 H28
  • Shades (Accessory) Hidden V13 H17
  • Tower (Shield) Chest V14 H15

East Railroad - treasure is only obtainable during the story battle here

  • Bullion (Accessory) Hidden V2 H32

Gabhul Castle 1 - revisit by entering from the south

  • Ancient (Shield) Chest V2 H17
  • Saviorod (Wand) Chest V15 H17

Gabhul Castle 2 - revisit by entering from the north

  • Bugeyes (Accessory) Chest V1 H22
  • Hint-9 (Accessory) Hidden V7 H0
  • W-cape (Accessory) Chest V14 H22

Chapter 3

Zopart Valley

  • Bonesaw (Special) Hidden V10 H4
  • Tabarl (Axe) Chest V24 H15

Paua Sea (E)

  • Map-0 (Accessory) Hidden V21 H36
  • Psybell (Special) Hidden V22 H1

Domigo Village

  • Helmet (Accessory) Hidden V0 H18
  • Iron-fan (Special) Chest V1 H21
  • Gauntlet (Accessory) Hidden V2 H13
  • B-sniper (Bow) Chest V7 H16
  • Specs (Accessory) Hidden V13 H16

Nugasso Forest

  • Linerune (Accessory) Chest V0 H23
  • Wind-ring (Accessory) Hidden V3 H11
  • Hoplon (Shield) Hidden V8 H11
  • D-scythe (Special) Chest V14 H17
  • Runners (Accessory) Hidden V16 H20

Kollaba Swamp

  • Goblin (Shield) Chest V9 H27
  • S-cape (Accessory) Hidden V10 H1
  • Lunarod (Wand) Chest V17 H12

Erawaga Falls

  • Ingot (Accessory) Hidden V3 H3
  • Map-7 (Accessory) Hidden V5 H24
  • Hoplon (Shield) Chest V7 H15
  • Charmer (Accessory) Hidden V8 H19
  • Darkness-ring (Accessory) Hidden V9 H8
  • Specs (Accessory) Chest V14 H17
Vandal Hearts II: Erawaga Falls screenshot
Charmer (Accessory) location in Erawaga Falls

Randahl Plain

  • Holy-ring (Accessory) Chest V0 H13
  • Seeds (Accessory) Hidden V21 H9
  • Glowstar (Throw) Chest V22 H0

Final Chapter

Sady Town

  • Map-2 (Accessory) - talk to a woman who is looking for Daniel and offer to look for him then visit all of the taverns on the map and talk to everyone then go back to Sady Town tavern and talk to the woman again.

Luxar Village

  • Map-3 (Accessory) - talk to the middle-aged man in the tavern then go to the shop and select buy then scroll down past items and select ???.


  • Map-8 (Accessory) - talk to a middle-aged man (Darius) in the tavern.

Yuggor - also a town

  • Goblin (Shield) Chest V19 H0
  • Map-13 (Accessory) Hidden V19 H25

Bazo Forest

  • G-hammer (Special) Chest V0 H23
  • Plug (Accessory) Hidden V3 H7
  • L-vase (Accessory) Chest V14 H19

Lugusta Ruins

  • Map-14 (Accessory) Hidden V6 H14
  • Tri-rake (Lance) Chest V15 H11
  • V-Hearts (Sword) - after obtaining the Clod, Dirtball, Clump, Dustball, Lump, Clay, and Mudball, push triangle on them in the inventory screen to reveal 7 prisms then meet St. Nirvath at Lugusta Ruins.

Slate Convent 1 - revisit by entering from the south

  • G-shot (Bow) Chest V0 H25
  • Map-C (Accessory) Hidden V12 H15
  • Clanger (Special) Chest V15 H25

Slate Convent 2 - revisit by entering from the west

  • Map-1 (Accessory) Hidden V6 H24
  • Coffin (Throw) Hidden V9 H24

Buhho Mt

  • Nodachi (Sword) Chest V7 H8
  • Letter-2 (Accessory) Chest V22 H0

Gardeau 1 - revisit by entering from the north

  • Map-5 (Accessory) Chest V22 H10

Gardeau 2 - revisit by entering from the east

  • Breaker (Dagger) Chest V10 H23

Natra Palace

  • Letter-3 (Accessory) Hidden V9 H36
Vandal Hearts II: Natra Palace screenshot
Letter-3 (Accessory) location in Natra Palace

Optional Maps

Tehapi Dunes

  • Map-6 (Accessory) Chest V10 H17
  • Bugeyes (Accessory) Hidden V13 H20
  • L-vase (Accessory) Hidden V18 H12
  • Zebra (Shield) Chest V23 H15

Daboll Mt

  • Urn (Special) Chest V0 H2
  • I-boom (Throw) Chest V4 H1
  • Dustball (Accessory) Hidden V12 H13
  • L-vase (Accessory) Hidden V15 H13
  • Hint-10 (Accessory) Hidden V23 H13

Paua Sea (W) - play again with the Terraformer ability from Tortoise (Shield)

  • Tortoise (Shield) Chest V19 H8
  • W-boots (Accessory) Chest V23 H12
  • Casts (Accessory) Chest V24 H13

Fort Dantess

  • Psybell (Special) Hidden V5 H8
  • Urn (Special) Hidden V12 H12

Altered Maps

East Railroad - requires Seeds

  • Harisen (Special) Hidden V4 H23

Kollaba Swamp - requires Plug

  • Map-10 (Accessory) Hidden V8 H21
  • Lump (Accessory) Chest V16 H19
  • Map-B (Accessory) Hidden V17 H0

Rosace Hill - all maps must be unlocked first

  • Clod (Accessory) Hidden V12-13 H14-15 - I found it at V13 H14
Vandal Hearts II: Rosace Hill screenshot
Clod (Accessory) possible location in Rosace Hill

Special Maps

Cyclops - requires Map-1

  • Ikarsor (Accessory) Hidden V0 H33
  • Goblin (Shield) Hidden V15 H14
  • Map-9 (Accessory) Hidden V16 H21

Gemini - requires Map-2

  • Lunarod (Wand) Chest V1 H30
  • Vardish (Axe) Chest V28 H0

Triangle - requires Map-3

  • Goblin (Shield) Chest V3 H3
  • Clump (Accessory) Hidden V3 H3
  • Pipe (Special) Hidden V10 H8

Fortuna - requires Map-4

  • Dirtball (Accessory) Hidden V2 H37 - can only be found at night
  • Urn (Special) Chest V14 H37

Goldfinch - requires Map-5

  • Spatula (Special) Chest V5 H30
  • Berserka (Sword) Chest V8 H30
  • Magerobe (Robe) Hidden V31 H20

The Rock - requires Map-6

  • Puggio (Dagger) Chest V11 H15
  • Iron-fan (Special) Chest V29 H16

Rainbow 1 - requires Map-7

  • S-cape (Accessory) Hidden V0 H19
  • Plan-1 (Accessory) Hidden V12 H9
  • Joule (Dagger) Chest V12 H16

Rainbow 2 - requires Plan-1

  • Deltite (Accessory) Chest V7 H9
  • Plan-2 (Accessory) Chest V19 H5

Rainbow 3 - requires Plan-2

  • Plan-3 (Accessory) Chest V10 H9

Rainbow 4 - requires Plan-3

  • Killer (Shield) Chest V8 H7
  • Clay (Accessory) Hidden V9 H9

Octopus - requires Map-8

  • Ogre-rod (Special) Hidden V5 H3
  • Goblin (Shield) Hidden V24 H3

Museus - requires Map-9

  • Ogre-rod (Special) Chest V0 H27
  • L-mach (Simple) Hidden V2 H11
  • Psybell (Special) Chest V23 H27

Commandia - requires Map-10

  • Gravi-X (Armor) Hidden V14 H14
  • Gold-bat (Special) Chest V19 H3
  • Dumbbell (Accessory) Hidden V24 H24

Jackblade - requires Map-11

  • Pole-ax (Axe) Chest V1 H38
  • Goblin (Shield) Chest V30 H38

Queentia - requires Map-12

  • Hi-herb (Item) Chest V4 H5
  • Hi-herb (Item) Chest V4 H9
  • Graver (Lance) Chest V9 H8
  • Hi-herb (Item) Chest V10 H4
  • Rebelrod (Special) Chest V12 H13
  • Hi-herb (Item) Chest V15 H8
  • Hi-herb (Item) Chest V17 H4

Kingrand - requires Map-13

  • Burnier (Lance) Chest V0 H13
  • Psybell (Special) Chest V14 H9
  • R-metal (Accessory) Hidden V14 H15
  • A-magic (Armor) Hidden V16 H20

Fortissa - requires Map-14

  • S-metal (Wings) Hidden V11-12 H20-21 - I found it at V11 H21
  • Spatula (Special) Chest V11 H36
  • Letter-1 (Accessory) Chest V12 H36

Zero - requires Map-0

  • 0-Mirror (Accessory) Hidden V1 H14
  • Mudball (Accessory) Hidden V15 H19

Mirror Room - equip 0-Mirror then Zero changes to Mirror Room

  • Evildoll (Special) Hidden V6 H15
  • Textbook (Special) Hidden V12 H8
Vandal Hearts II: Mirror Room screenshot
Textbook (Special) location in Mirror Room

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