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What Is As Dusk Falls?

A story of intertwining families

Mary Billington

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A graphic novel style narrative comes to Xbox with As Dusk Falls and the decisions you make will deeply influence its characters' lives.

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I hope Tim Heidecker plays Vince in the live action adaptation

An intriguing premise

As Dusk Falls is a narrative game that takes you through the lives of 2 families that become entangled when a robbery goes wrong. The story takes place in the American Midwest and begins with Vince Walker and his family driving to their new home when they're hassled by the Holt brothers. The characters part ways but they soon meet up again when the brothers find themselves holding up the motel that the Walkers are stopping at. v1d30chumz 44-212-99-248

A distinct presentation

The art style of As Dusk Falls is portrayed like a graphic novel with what looks like still photographs of scenes that have gone through a filter to simplify the characters into an artistic style. It kind of reminds me of the animation in Adult Swim's Tom Goes to the Mayor which is an art style that I find a little tough to get used to but it definitely has its charms.

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Filling out these decision trees adds a ton of replay value

A memorable cast

The main characters in the story are Vince Walker, his wife, their daughter, and Vince's father on one side as well as Jay Holt, his 2 brothers, and their mom and dad on the other. Vince's family appears close-knit at first but as the story unfolds, you'll uncover more information that will make you look at each character differently.

In contrast, the Holts don't seem close at the start but their obnoxious behaviour hides deep wounds in their history. The character of Jay Holt is stuck dealing with the consequences of his family's decisions and it's up to the player to decide how he handles it.

An interactive story

As Dusk Falls doesn't have a lot to its gameplay as it's primarily a narrative game that focuses on decision-making and quick reflexes that will keep you entertained. As you make decisions and complete a chapter, you'll get to see the path that the characters went down and this is what makes As Dusk Falls unique. The tree of options is extensive, allowing you to replay parts over and make very different choices. As I mentioned, your reflexes will also be tested when you're prompted to complete a quick-time event with a moment's notice. If you're not paying attention, you might make the wrong decision which can cost you dearly.

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This segment was directed by David Cage

As Dusk Falls is now out on Xbox and available on Game Pass. Are you going to check it out? Let me know your thoughts if you do!

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Watch Mary play As Dusk Falls
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