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What Is Chris Redfield up to in Resident Evil VIII?

Is he really the villain?

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Before the big PS5 reveal, many cool game trailers were revealed and today, I'll be talking about the trailer for Resident Evil Village and Chris Redfield's surprising and apparently villainous appearance at the end of it.

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Warning: the following speculations contain many spoilers for the previous Resident Evil games so please proceed with caution. v1d30chumz 44-210-77-106

Resident Evil Village screenshot 1
Werewolves in a Resident Evil game?!

To recap, the trailer for Resident Evil VIII: Village didn't tell us a whole lot about what is going on in the game itself. It showed what appeared to be a European village that seems to think that it is still the 1500s and looks like something straight out of Bloodborne. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard's protagonist Ethan is apparently returning as this game's main character and is navigating this village for unknown reasons. At the end of the trailer, Ethan is shocked to see Chris Redfield standing over him as he then shoots a nearby woman and Ethan shouts "Why?!"

To say that this ending of the trailer was confusing and raised a ton of questions would be an understatement. What is Chris doing? Why did he shoot that woman? Why is Ethan so upset about this? Why is Chris apologetic about it? We may not have the answers for this but I'm here to break down a few possible scenarios based on the franchise's history and how these types of stories typically go. So, sit back and relax as I break down what I think might be going on with Chris in Resident Evil VIII: Village.

Chris is a clone

One of the first possibilities that came to my mind is that this character may not be the real Chris. Such a plot twist isn't exactly common in the Resident Evil series but it's not unheard of either. As you may recall, in Resident Evil 6, Ada Wong was up to no good and behind many of the horrible things that happened in that game. As it turned out, this was not Ada but a clone created by Doctor Simmons who had a creepy obsession with the character thus made her do his dirty work. It could be that the new evil company that was behind the events of Resident Evil VII also did something similar and is attempting to tarnish Chris' reputation for whatever reason.

Resident Evil 6 screenshot
You may have forgotten about this but it actually happened

Now, it is worth noting that there isn't much in the trailer to back up this idea. All we see of Chris is this one shot of him in dark clothing with his gun and that's about it. Assuming that Capcom wants to keep one of the franchise's longest lasting heroes around for future installments, such a scenario could very well happen. If it does, just remember where you heard it first.

Chris finally snapped

This scenario is probably the least likely but it's also the most interesting. To be frank, Chris Redfield is Resident Evil's most boring protagonist; he lacks Leon's charm, he's not as relatable as Clair, and he isn't as charismatic as Jill. His character is basically that of every other generic soldier dude in your typical shooter game. If there is one thing that the Resident Evil franchise is good at when it comes to Chris, it's putting him through hell and it could be that all of the trauma has finally caused him to snap.

Resident Evil Village screenshot 2
Did Chris finally snap?

After all, Chris has been in the fight against bioterrorists for over 20 years. In that time, he has been betrayed by and lost numerous friends and has even seen a few resurrected in horrific ways. Even in Resident Evil VII, he was losing soldiers under his command left and right. It could be that the weight of all this broke him and he's gone full rogue. However, is there evidence for this? Well, it's in the trailer itself and in a few unspoken aspects from the previous game. At the end of the trailer, if you look in the background, it appears to be an average middle-class house and possibly Ethan's home. While it hasn't been confirmed, the woman who is being shot bears a strong resemblance to Ethan's wife Mia and also doesn't appear to have any bottoms on, indicating a degree of comfort in the environment. It would also not be a stretch to assume that Chris has some kind of grudge against Mia.

One of the often overlooked aspects of Resident Evil VII is that Mia was a sort of war criminal. She literally smuggled a bioweapon over national borders in the form of a little girl that resulted in the infection and eventual death of the majority of the Baker family and lord knows how many others. In addition, the infection that Mia brought to Louisiana got several of Chris' men killed and Resident Evil VII's ending implied that Mia got away from it all scot-free. It is possible that Chris finally cracked because of this and went rogue and Mia was the first on his hit list. If I had to guess, his next stop would be the organization that Mia worked for with Ethan in pursuit, trying to figure out just what happened with Chris and why he is doing what he's doing.

Chris is being manipulated

If I was a betting man, this is the scenario that I would put money on. Not because there is any evidence to indicate this in the trailer but simply because Resident Evil isn't exactly the most originally-written series out there. The whole franchise is a giant hodgepodge of various horror clichés with elements ripped out of every major horror franchise from Night of the Living Dead to Evil Dead and even Saw. This doesn't necessarily mean that the storyline isn't enjoyable but the plots in these games are far from ingenious. Therefore, it wouldn't be surprising if the franchise took this predictable route, especially if Capcom intends to use Chris in future games.

The Fate of the Furious screenshot
My money is on this Fate of the Furious style scenario

The scenario traditionally goes like this: you have your iconic franchise character that everyone knows and loves and you make them the apparent bad guy. Early on in the story, it's revealed that the character is being manipulated by some external force. Sometimes, it takes the form of brainwashing and other times, it's because the antagonists are holding a loved one over the hero's head. It's not exactly an original plotline and has been used to death but, as we already established, Resident Evil doesn't have the most original stories so I wouldn't be surprised at all if Resident Evil VIII's true bad guys are holding Clair or Jill hostage or something.

It's mere misdirection

This is a scenario that I genuinely hope isn't the case but it could very well be. Films, video games, and television shows will often edit their trailers in a way that doesn't exactly lie to their audiences but cuts them in a way that makes people think that more is going on than there actually is. It's very possible that after shooting the woman in question, Chris will just help Ethan up and reveal that she is an imposter or something. Such a thing would be annoying and frustrating for sure but it's still possible.

Chris Redfield screenshot
The next scene in the game could be similar

That's what I think Chris Redfield could be up to in Resident Evil VIII: Village. Which of these possibilities do you think is the most likely? Do you have your own theories? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Announcement trailer for Resident Evil Village
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