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What's in The Escapists: Complete Edition?

15 ways to re-enact Shawshank

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Mouldy Toof Studios' 2015 prison escape strategy game has recently found a new home on the Switch so allow me to explain what's included in the comprehensive The Escapists: Complete Edition.

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It's so hard to please British people... (London Tower)

Core Campaign

For starters, the main campaign remains intact with all of its six stages. You have to unlock every single one of them except for the first one (obviously) so good luck figuring out how to break out of these tricky situations! v1d30chumz 44-201-94-72

  1. Center Perks
  2. Stalag Flucht
  3. Shankton State Pen
  4. Jungle Compound
  5. San Pancho
  6. HMP Iron Gate
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How many 007s does it take to break out of prison? (Duct Tapes are Forever)

Bonus Content

Now, here's the fun part! The Escapists: Complete Edition contains all 9 bonus prisons that were previously released either as paid DLC or through free updates and downloads. Before getting to the list, allow me to explain some fun stand-out aspects. Unlike the core stages, these can be accessed at any time and in any order so you can feel free to jump straight into your favourite. Speaking of favourites, some noteworthy stages include Escape Team which allows you to swap between 4 prisoners who resemble the cast of The A-Team, Duct Tapes are Forever which has you play as a James Bond inspired spy with inmates named similarly to Bond actors, and Santa's Sweatshop where you control an elf who desperately wants to escape the far from jolly Claus. Anyway, here are all nine bonus stages:

  1. London Tower
  2. Banned Camp
  3. Jingle Cells
  4. Paris Central Pen
  5. Fhurst Peak Correctional
  6. Alcatraz
  7. Escape Team
  8. Duct Tapes are Forever
  9. Santa's Sweatshop
The Escapists: Complete Edition screenshot 3
Donner the Reindeer is surprisingly light! (Santa's Sweatshop)

If you still haven't played The Escapists and would like to check it out then this brand new Complete Edition for Nintendo Switch is a great excuse to finally take the plunge. Have you played it yet? What's your favourite stage? Let's chat below!

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Gameplay video for The Escapists: Complete Edition
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