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What's in the Final Fantasy XV Royal Pack?

A few incentives to return to Eos

A.J. Maciejewski

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It's pretty clear that the latest entry in the mainline Final Fantasy series isn't going anywhere anytime soon. I'm not entirely sure whether that's necessarily a good thing but here's some new content that fans may enjoy.

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Feel like watching Noctis give a cheesy speech? This DLC's for you!

Seeing as I haven't booted up Final Fantasy XV since I reviewed it over a year ago, it was interesting to get reacquainted with Noctis and his fraternity of bros. I didn't bother with the season pass or any of the DLC but I thought I'd give this Royal Pack a spin to see what the gang's been up to lately. Before I discuss the gritty details, here's an overview of all the new content: v1d30chumz 18-204-56-185

Official list of what's included

  • Insomnia City Ruins - new map leading straight to the game's climactic end
  • First-Person View - mode allowing players to see Eos through Noctis's eyes
  • Armiger Unleashed - powered-up combat mode
  • Royal Cruiser - open-sea exploration, new fishing spots and recipes
  • Regalia Type-D - new acquisition and enhancement quests
  • Additional trophies / achievements

The first thing I did was replay chapter 14 in order to see the additional content within the Insomnia City Ruins. Warning: be careful while using the chapter select because your side-quest progress will reset. Therefore, before choosing a chapter, it would be a good idea to back up your save somewhere. Anyway, within the new section, you meet up with a ragtag group of mercenaries underground and can optionally complete a few extra side-quests. Whenever you're done dinking around with those chums, you can proceed to fight a new boss: Cerberus. The boss fight definitely looked cool but he jumped all over the place and it was pretty annoying.

Final Fantasy XV: Royal Pack screenshot 2
I hope Prompto got a picture of that majestic beast!

After I finished chapter 14 (again), I hopped straight on the new Royal Cruiser and took it for a ride. I must admit; sailing the open seas is pretty enjoyable with plenty of gorgeous scenery to take in. The side-quest where you observe Bismarck was very cool and memorable, too. It is annoying how steering the boat is so wide, though, especially when you factor in the invisible walls.

New trophies / achievements

  • Maiden Voyage (Bronze / 10 GS) - Captained the royal vessel.
  • Narwhal Watching (Bronze / 10 GS) - Encountered Bismarck.
  • Pursuit of Knowledge (Bronze / 10 GS) - Filled 80% of the Datalog.
  • Speed Daemon (Bronze / 10 GS) - Posted excellent times in all cross-country test drives.
  • The Power Within (Silver / 50 GS) - Awakened to the True Power of Kings.
  • Tri-Headed Triumph (Bronze / 10 GS) - Defeated Cerberus.
  • Through the Dimensional Rift (Gold / 110 GS) - Defeated Omega.

Admittedly, I didn't have a chance to explore all of the included content. For example, the new accessory Armiger Unleashed is only obtainable if you have all the Royal Arms and I unfortunately do not. I don't feel inclined to hunt them down either. I also didn't fight Omega because I'll probably perish seconds into the fight due to my under-levelled party. However, it definitely looks like a rewarding challenge for those who have an hour to spare and are looking to put their party's fighting abilities to the test.

Final Fantasy XV: Royal Pack screenshot 3
Looks like someone forgot to feed their three-headed dog...

Although Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition includes all of this content plus the full game and the complete set of currently released DLC, this Royal Pack add-on DLC on its own may seem a little slim on content to some fans. That being said, if you can't get enough Noctis in your gaming diet then downloading it is a no-brainer. Do you have what it takes to beat Omega?

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Official trailer for Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition
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