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Why I Prefer Reviewing Games on Xbox One

Microsoft makes it easy

A.J. Maciejewski

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I play and review a ton of games and I used to stick to PlayStation 4 whenever I could. However, I find myself preferring to review games on Xbox One recently and after being asked why, I put a lot of thought into it. So, without further ado; here's why!

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Photo of my Xbox One X
Here's my Xbox One X just begging to be played

Comfortable controller

First of all, I find the Xbox Wireless Controller, Switch Pro Controller, and DualShock 4 to all be incredible controllers but I have to give a slight edge to the Xbox Wireless Controller. I used to prefer the DualShock 4 but I find that its shoulder triggers are a bit too sensitive, I accidentally push the touchpad quite regularly, and one controller that I bought just a few months ago has a slight dead spot while using the right stick. The Switch Pro Controller is great, too, but the 4 centre buttons can be confusing and aren't placed in intuitive spots as I often take a screenshot when I meant to push - and go to the home screen when I meant to push + and vice versa. Meanwhile, the Xbox Wireless Controller seems to fit my hands perfectly and is extremely intuitive to use. In fact, I can't think of a single time when my big old clumsy thumbs accidentally did something that I didn't intend them to do while using it. v1d30chumz 35-175-107-185

I should also mention that I bought the official Xbox One Media Remote when I was on vacation a few years back and I still use that little thing all the time. It makes browsing the game store and watching DVDs and stuff much easier. Plus, the buttons light up! Yay!

Screenshot of Xbox One's code redemption screen
Copying and pasting codes into the online store is much easier than typing them with a controller...

Region free game codes

As a game reviewer, I'm given plenty of game codes from folks. Sometimes, I get Switch and PlayStation 4 codes from other regions so I have all sorts of accounts that I can use to redeem them. However, Xbox One makes it super-simple as all of the codes are region free so it takes a ton of needless complication out of the equation. I hope game codes for every console work like this down the road.

Solid performance

I'm not one for obsessively measuring the resolutions and frame rates for every game that I play. In my opinion, it either looks good or it doesn't. With that being said, it's pretty clear that some games simply look amazing when played on Xbox One X. Keep in mind; I have a 65" C9 OLED 4K television as well as a PlayStation 4 Pro and still, Xbox One X impresses me more frequently. Also, the load times are usually unnoticeable. Of course, all of this depends on the actual games so maybe it's just the specific games that I'm playing.

Screenshot of my Xbox One's home screen
The Xbox One's home screen is simple, intuitive, and colourful

Simple capture functionality

I record gameplay videos and take screenshots for every review that I write so streamlining that process is very important to me. With the Switch, I have to hook up a PVR device to capture gameplay footage and remove the memory stick whenever I want to move the screenshots to my computer. For the PlayStation 4, I have to copy everything to a USB pen then move the files from that onto my PC. Thankfully, my Xbox One X allows me to record footage and take screenshots directly onto a USB pen so I don't even need to copy anything. Instead, I simply remove the USB pen, plug it into my computer, and move the files. The only thing simpler would be if I could record videos and take screenshots and have them save directly to my PC. Can I do that? No, that's asking too much... right?


Finally, allow me to discuss a couple of drawbacks. For starters, my wife and I enjoy watching DVDs, Blu-rays, YouTube, and stuff from the Xbox One X because it has Ultra HD Blu-ray support so it's our de facto media machine. This means that whenever we want to watch something, I can't play Xbox One games so I usually just play Switch or PS4 games on our secondary TV instead.

Another slight annoyance is that I don't want to enable automatic updates on the Xbox One because I currently own 269 Xbox One games and don't want them constantly downloading updates. Because of this, I can't download new games automatically onto the console. I wish that there was a middle-ground option that was something like "Disable automatic updates but enable automatic new game downloads". Again, that's probably asking too much but it would definitely be a cool option. In my opinion, Switch handles this aspect the best as it downloads games as soon as I redeem codes on my computer and doesn't automatically update anything.

Screenshot of me capturing a Sayonara Wild Hearts video
Now I can share how I got such a terrible high score with the whole world!

Well, there you have it. It's really the little conveniences and niceties that add up to make me prefer reviewing games on Xbox One. As a PlayStation guy for the past 20+ years; I never thought I'd say that! Obviously, I love all 3 current gen consoles and can't wait to experience Sony's and Microsoft's newest offerings in a matter of months but until then, I'll play the heck out of my Xbox One.

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