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Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World - A Step-by-Step Guide

All Life Drops, trophies, and secrets

A.J. Maciejewski

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I've been playing Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World a lot and I put together this comprehensive walkthrough for anyone who may need help finding their way through this lovely adventure. Plus, you'll snag all the Life Drops and discover some cool secrets, too!

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Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World - Intro screenshot
Asha certainly looks ready for her adventure!

Pro tips

  • Use the digital pad to walk 🚶‍♀️ and double-tap the D-pad or use the analogue stick to run 🏃‍♀️
  • Save regularly at any time in the System Menu after pausing
  • You can quit levels whenever using the genie 🧞‍♂️ then return with your progress intact
  • After your Magical Hit charges, hold a shoulder trigger then attack to use it; don't worry, it won't get used if you don't land a hit
  • Once you have Pepelogoo, you can run out of health and as long as you have at least 1 Elixir remaining, the little fellow will revive you; in fact, doing so will unlock the Many Thanks to Pepelogoo. trophy 🏆
  • If you want a bit of extra cash, you can re-complete levels for a chest with 1000 gold coins in it 💰
  • On the Press Any Button title screen, press ↑ ↓ ↑ ↓ ← ← → → to gain access to the Retro BGM option; this also unlocks the First step as a fan. trophy 🏆
  • Whenever you amass exactly 777 gold, you will get a bonus 7000 gold 💰; this unlocks the Lucky Sevens All Round. trophy 🏆
  • I don't mention every single obvious Life Drop 💧 in this guide so keep an eye out and collect any that you come across
  • I highly recommend playing through on Normal mode because the game really isn't all that difficult
Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World - Pepelogoo screenshot
Pepelogoo can sure be a weird little critter...

Tower of Silence

  1. If you're playing the PlayStation version, immediately fall left for the My, My, Aren't We in a Hurry? trophy 🏆; isn't that silly? 😜
  2. Enter the hut to the right for 3 items, keep heading right through Estaf Plateau, and snag the 20th Life Drop 💧 before going up to the Tower of Silence
  3. Get a Life Drop 💧 in the left room, 3 more in the 3rd room after beating the enemy, and then go up in the far right room
  4. An elevator will appear on the 2nd floor after you defeat the enemies, get a key after beating more enemies, and then go back
  5. Unlock the door, follow along while slaying baddies in every room, and enter the immediate left room after the load screen to fight an enemy and spawn a chest
  6. Head into the far left room, follow along for some goodies in a chest and a key, unlock the right door, and grab your 30th Life Drop 💧 to the right of the chain
  7. Follow along, avoid the spikes, do not enter the right room after ascending a small elevator, go in the next room for some goodies after a cyclops, and then the left room to progress
  8. In the next area, jump down the middle of the left platform for a Life Drop 💧, work back to where you were, go right this time, and use the vending machine if you want
  9. Obtain a Life Drop 💧 up the platforms and make sure you have 33 because you can't return here then beat the boss by jump-slashing it then backing off when it lunges; easy-peasy! 😊
Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World - Tower of Silence screenshot
Don't worry; not all bosses will be this easy


  1. Use the lamp to go to Rapadagna, run all the way left for a Life Drop 💧 behind a tree, and then meet Queen Praprill XIII in the Royal Palace to become a Warrior
  2. Head down then go right before the guards for a treasure chest vault which has a ton of goodies including a Pepelogoo Egg 🥚, Earth Medallion, and Gold Bar, exit to the main area, and use the right heal altar to hatch your Pepelogoo Egg 🐣
  3. Back in the Palace, go all the way left closest to the entrance for another Life Drop 💧, jump on the barrels, hold the right shoulder button, double-jump right, jump left to the ledge above the door, use Pepelogoo to hover and double-jump from the barrel to the roof's centre, open a chest on the right ledge, and collect another Life Drop 💧 in the air to the left; phew! 😅
  4. Go back, head all the way left after the 2 guards, go to the background, enter the right room, use Pepelogoo to double-jump to the 2 Life Drops 💧, and there's another Life Drop 💧 up past the training room ceiling located on the opposite side of the Palace
  5. Outside the training room, head left and to the background then throw Pepelogoo by holding up then tap the summon button in the 2 far corners for a couple more Life Drops 💧
  6. Exit the Palace, enter the house to the right, sell your Gold Ingot to the lady, go into the left doorway, and collect 2 Life Drops 💧 to your right
  7. Go right and on the next roof, head to the background, move right, jump to and open a chest, enter the weapon shop, buy and equip a sword 🗡️ and Flame Shield 🛡️, and snag an Elixir from the chest
  8. Run right, buy a Warrior's Bracelet from the guy next to the camel 🐪 if you want, interact with the right point to go to the background, and open an obscured chest to the left
  9. When you're ready, enter the temple to the left of the palace and interact with the left monolith to enter Mountain Path
Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World - Rapadagna screenshot
Asha can't wait for her Pepelogoo to hatch!

Handera Volcano

  1. Keep running left while occasionally holding the right shoulder button to summon your Pepelogoo so you can double-jump or glide
  2. At the top, fall left, fight a cyclops for a Life Drop 💧, fight 2 more, grab the Bomb 💣, and use it to enter Handera Volcano
  3. Run all the way left then double-jump at the end for a hidden chest with a Bomb 💣, go right, enter the door, and follow along
  4. In the room after the rock enemy, double-jump left from the cliff, snag the Life Drop 💧, keep heading up, and use the Bomb 💣 to your right
  5. Summon Pepelogoo to use as an overhead shield for the fireballs, keep following along, avoid the left platform, and get another Bomb 💣 from a chest at the end
  6. Jump up the platform that you saw earlier, use the Bomb 💣, fall left, follow along, and throw Pepelogoo with the right shoulder button after summoning it to press the switch
  7. Make sure to jump into the Life Drop 💧, activate the button to the right, open the chest, ascend the column, and follow along
  8. Press the next button, make sure not to get squashed by the falling blocks, summon Pepelogoo before falling right, and double-jump left as you fall for an Elixir
  9. In the next room, throw Pepelogoo right so he enters the geyser, stand on it, do it again, grab a Bomb 💣 to your right, and use it at the top
  10. Hover right at the coin trail, get a Bomb 💣 to the bottom-left, throw Pepelogoo into the lava spout to climb back, carefully climb the rocks, and grab some cash 💰 from a chest to the left
  11. At the top, save before blowing up the rock, and fight the mid-boss while trying to stay on the rock platforms to the right
  12. Follow along, grab a couple Life Drops 💧, go down for a chest with cash 💰 in it, enter the left door, and get a Bomb 💣
  13. Go back, blow up the boulder in the top-left, follow along, and ascend the leftmost lava spout for a chest with some Life Drops 💧
  14. Head to the bottom-left, follow the path while defeating enemies, and get an Elixir from the chest before entering the door
  15. Get a couple more Life Drops 💧 and a Gold Bar while following the path ahead and then use the right geyser for a Life Drop 💧
  16. Keep moving ahead and when you reach a moving column, stand on it and jump to the right for a chest with a ton of cash 💰 in it
  17. Work through this next area and when you push a switch to the left, fall left for a chest with cash 💰 and a Life Drop 💧
  18. When you reach the part with the falling fireballs, hover left for a Life Drop 💧 and then move ahead while grabbing 2 more; one is after jumping down a few orange platforms when you see them on the right
  19. Keep going while being careful not to fall into the lava, you should have 76 Life Drops now 💧, confirm all the signs to fight the Flame Wizard by attacking its sides and during its second form, up-thrust and jump-attack
Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World - Handera Volcano screenshot
No sweat, Rotto; glad you're back!

Stream Sanctuary

  1. Back at Rapadagna, go far left, enter the background, get a Pepe Fruit 🍊 from the tree to your left, and then enter the tower way to the right to get the Moon Medallion from a chest
  2. After buying better gear including the Thunder Shield 🛡️, equip it, enter the temple, use the 2nd monolith to travel to Riverside Road, and keep heading right
  3. Defeat the living gargoyles for Life Drops 💧, look at the very bottom of the screen to see which pillar isn't reflected in the water, and then interact when standing behind it
  4. Keep moving forward when you enter Stream Sanctuary, jump right out of the water at the left end, extinguish the flame with Pepelogoo, proceed left, and get a Gold Bar from a chest
  5. Ascend the propeller platforms, get the Life Drop 💧, follow along, jump out of the current for a Life Drop 💧, and prepare to jump right when you're carried up along the current and see a chest for a bunch of Life Drops 💧
  6. Keep going until you see a flame, extinguish it for a shortcut, exit left, jump out of the water for a chest with a Bucket inside, forge ahead, and back at the shortcut area, enter the close right tube to fill your Bucket
  7. Follow along until you're back at the campfire 🔥, pour your Water-filled Bucket on it, enter the 2nd or 3rd tube, and jump left out of the current to fill your Bucket again
  8. Exit, use Pepelogoo to put out the flame, enter the 4th tube at the bottom, and put out another flame with Pepelogoo
  9. Enter the 1st tube this time, head right and up to put out another campfire 🔥, and get an Elixir from the chest
  10. Fill your Bucket again, leap over the gap when you exit, climb the vine for a Life Drop chest 💧, and enter the 1st tube again
  11. This time, extinguish the bottom-right campfire 🔥, follow along until you can jump left while in a downward current, and keep doing so quickly so you can snag the top-left Life Drop 💧
  12. Enter the tube if you want a vending machine then proceed to the mid-boss that you can defeat after chasing it around
  13. Follow along, put out the top-right then bottom-right flames with Pepelogoo, climb the vine for another one to the left, exit top-left, and fill your Bucket
  14. Extinguish the right campfire 🔥 up the vine when you're back, exit top-left and fill your Bucket again, and then throw the water onto the bearded man 🧔 past the campfire
  15. Go left to the stairs, use Pepelogoo to extinguish the middle 3 flames, enter the tube, get a Gold Bar to your right, and carefully jump on the propeller platforms to the left
  16. Fall down the leftmost side, jump left when going down, fall down in the next room, and then hold up and summon Pepelogoo to ascend after the centre tube; you can collect a Life Drop 💧 at the bottom
  17. Put out the overhead flame, put out another one to the right, go down, follow along, point Pepelogoo right when on the raft, check if you have 103 Life Drops 💧, and throw the Bucket into the well
  18. To fight the Water Wizard, hit him when he leaps out, and then keep beating on him when you can during the second phase
Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World - Stream Sanctuary screenshot
Is it strange that buckets full of water make me just as happy?

Ice Pyramid 1

  1. At Rapadagna, buy and equip the Ice Shield 🛡️ then talk to the lady in the rightmost house and answer Yes then No for a chest full of Life Drops 💧
  2. Head to the tower, get 1 Life Drop 💧 off the roof to the left, climb to the roof again, and then get 2 Life Drops 💧 to the right
  3. Leap off the tower's roof again to the right, go into the background via the next roof, grab a Life Drop 💧 to the right behind the dome, and then jump through the hole to the left for the Sun Medallion
  4. Buy better gear (the bearded guy 🧔 you saved earlier sells a new sword 🗡️), feed Pepelogoo a few more Pepe Fruit 🍊, and talk to the lady left of the Palace entrance for a Medicinal Herb 🌿
  5. When you're ready, enter the 3rd monolith in the temple to access Desert Road, head toward the pyramid to talk to the Sphinx, and open the path to Ice Pyramid 1
  6. Inside, get the Map 🗺️ from the chest, go left, double-jump for a Life Drop 💧, and enter the door after pressing → ↑ ← →
  7. Jump over the gap to your right for a Leopard Statue 🐆, head down, go right and up the elevator, enter the same code, and double-jump for another Life Drop 💧
  8. Go back down the elevator, enter the right door after inputting ↑ → → ←, get the Witch Statue 🧙‍♀️ at the left of the next room, exit the room, and head all the way left
  9. Open the door, go right, make sure to grab the Life Drop 💧 above the shaft, open the cash chest 💰 in the left alcove down the shaft, and grab the Turtle Statue 🐢 to the right
  10. At the bottom, head right, grab the Life Drop 💧, jump through a hole in the right wall, and get the Chest Spirit to spawn 3 treasure chests for you; isn't that nice? 😊
  11. Go back, enter the door with → ← → → → ←, follow along, get the Owl Statue 🦉 from the chest, and push against the right wall when you fall down the shaft at the end for a Life Drop 💧
  12. Get the Swallow Statue 🐦 from the end of this alcove, grab another Life Drop 💧 after falling down the shaft, snag another one to the far right, and place the statues in this order: Leopard 🐆, Witch 🧙‍♀️, Swallow 🐦, Owl 🦉, Turtle 🐢
  13. Not that it matters but the door to the far left can be opened with ← → ← ← ← →; anyway, defeat the Minotaur boss in the passageway that's revealed and speak to the Sphinx again
Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World - Ice Pyramid 1 screenshot
There's nothing quite like getting a brand new blue heart

Ice Pyramid 2

  1. If you want, now's a good time to warp to Rapadagna to buy better gear; when you're ready, enter Ice Pyramid 2
  2. Head into the far right ice block which is actually a door, interact in front of the unlit torch, defeat the 3 enemies, and then double-jump over the snow for a cash-filled chest 💰
  3. Go down the hole in the snow, head left for a Life Drop 💧, go through the right ice block, run all the way left to freeze Pepelogoo 🥶, push it right to the outlined doorway, jump on top, and enter the door
  4. Get the Leopard Statue 🐆 from the chest, jump down the shaft, get a Life Drop 💧 at the top of the elevator, go right for a chest with the Witch Statue 🧙‍♀️ inside, and head into the ice block door to the left
  5. Interact on the left side of this room, open the chest for some gold 💰 and a Life Drop 💧, enter the far left ice block, and interact to the right side of the small room
  6. Open a chest on the right for the Turtle Statue 🐢, enter the centre ice block, interact to the right of the columns, and then use the elevator to enter the top-left alcove
  7. Jump over the snow to the left for 3 Life Drops 💧, fall down the snow-covered hole, get the Owl Statue 🦉 to your left, fall down to the right, get some gold 💰 and Life Drops 💧 from the chest, and run all the way right
  8. Defeat the enemy for the Swallow Statue 🐦 chest, place the statues to your left in the following order: Swallow 🐦, Owl 🦉, Witch 🧙‍♀️, Leopard 🐆, Turtle 🐢, and enter the passageway
  9. Freeze Pepelogoo 🥶 at the top then push it left, right, left, right, and left to access the door then defeat the centaur boss
Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World - Ice Pyramid 2 screenshot
I hope that water isn't too cold for you, Asha

Ice Pyramid 3

  1. Before forging ahead, run past the Ice Pyramid 1 entrance, head up to the background, and then jump up in the middle of the pyramid for a Life Drop 💧
  2. Talk to the Sphinx, answer incorrectly, interact with the fountain for the Feel Refreshed Now? trophy 🏆, and then get the Sphinx's questions correct
  3. Double-jump forward over the Ice Pyramid 3 entrance, and collect a tricky Life Drop 💧 at the very top of the pyramid
  4. Enter Ice Pyramid 3, grab the Life Drop 💧 to the right, go all the way right for the Owl Statue 🦉, and enter the closest door in the middle of ice
  5. Open the left chest for some gold 💰 and a Life Drop 💧, fall down to the right, follow along and get the Turtle Statue 🐢, and exit at the end
  6. Ascend the elevator to the left, enter the first door to your right, use Pepelogoo to melt the ice on the left, jump down, and keep moving ahead to claim the Leopard Statue 🐆 then exit
  7. Run right, fall down, enter the first door, follow along, ascend the elevator for the Swallow Statue 🐦, melt the ice, fall down, and get a Life Drop 💧 to your right
  8. Snag an Elixir on the bottom-right before exiting then go all the way left, up the elevator, grab the Life Drop 💧, and enter the first door to the right
  9. Fall to the right, follow along, go to the top-right of the elevator, get the Witch Statue 🧙‍♀️ from the chest after defeating the enemy, exit, and go all the way right collecting 3 Life Drops 💧 along the way
  10. Important: ensure that you have all 145 Life Drops 💧 at this point before advancing because you'll soon lose a crucial ability
  11. Insert the statues in this order: Witch 🧙‍♀️, Leopard 🐆, Turtle 🐢, Swallow 🐦, Owl 🦉, and defeat the Ice Wizard which is surprisingly easy as it only has 1 form
Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World - Ice Pyramid 3 screenshot
I'm down here, you silly Ice Wizard!

Sky Castle

  1. Back at Rapadagna, enter the far right house, head towards the Palace, visit the queen for a boss battle, get the Wind Medallion next to the Palace, and use it at the Temple
  2. Enter Above the Clouds, defeat the enemies for a Magic Carpet, and use it at the end; the carpet moves on its own accord
  3. Make sure to get any Life Drops 💧 along the way and jump off if you miss any then arrive at Sky Castle, and then run all the way left after standing on a switch
  4. Climb the chain, carefully go right, jump on the trampoline, go left, wait to jump on a conveyor block, open the chest at the end for a Gold Bar, stand on the switch, and quickly run right
  5. Fling yourself around the trampoline room while snagging a Life Drop 💧, defeat the enemy, head right after falling down, climb the chain, follow along, and grab some Life Drops 💧 from a chest
  6. Head back down the chain, run right, go up the trampoline and follow along, move up-right when given a choice, get the Life Drop 💧 after jumping on a conveyor block, and jump off of it left before the ceiling crushes you
  7. Jump over the gap, go left, ride another conveyor block all the way to a Life Drop 💧 and green switch, stand on it, carefully and quickly run left, and follow along
  8. Collect a right Life Drop 💧 after falling down the shaft, keep going along the only path, stand on the red switch, quickly move to the top-right for another switch and Life Drop 💧, and then move to the top-left fast
  9. Fall down at the end, there's a vending machine to your right, run left, stand on the green switch, go up the chain, and head left
  10. Go down the chain for a Life Drop chest 💧 and green switch, go left at the top of the chain, follow along, and grab the Life Drop 💧 after the trampoline
  11. When you reach the conveyor belt area, exit top-left for a Gold Bar, there's a vending machine to the right, and exit top-right when you're done
  12. At the end, enter the door to become small, talk to Sky Big Bro, and defeat the boss by first pushing it right then entering the door to become big
  13. After the battle, run all the way right and open the 5 chests for a Medicinal Herb 🌿, Life Drops 💧, Elixir, Gold Bar, and cash 💰, and then go left, up, and left at the top of the conveyor belts
  14. Pick up the Life Drop 💧, head left for a vending machine, and keep going while making sure to get the 2 Life Drops 💧 off the trampolines
  15. In the fan area, go up the chain, right, follow along, defeat the cyclops to open the gate, and there's a Medicinal Herb 🌿 down the chain ahead but it's probably not worth getting so head left
  16. When you reach 2 chains, go up the right one, stand on the red switch, then hurry past the left one, and defeat the cyclops
  17. Follow along, grab the Life Drop 💧, get pushed by the fans for a few more Life Drops 💧, you should have 175 Life Drops 💧, and defeat the Cloud Wizard by attacking its hands
Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World - Sky Castle screenshot
These conveyor belts drive me nuts

Underground Fort

  1. At Rapadagna, go to the Palace, answer No to the guards, fight a boss, and hold the summon button during the middle cutscene
  2. Afterwards, sell Gold Bars, buy better gear, and talk to the guy to the left of the tower to receive the Welcome to Monster World. trophy 🏆
  3. You can also open a chest in the Palace's training room for a bunch of Life Drops 💧 and talk to the 2 Handmaids back and forth for another Life Drop chest 💧
  4. Finally, interact with the palm tree that's on the far left side of Rapadagna for an Elixir
  5. Enter the Underground Fort, simply follow along, defeat the Cyclops and Gargoyles for Life Drops 💧, beat the mid-bosses again, and open all the chests for more Life Drops 💧 and goodies
  6. You can warp back to Rapadagna to upgrade your gear and when you're ready, proceed to the hive at the end to fight Warera by defeating its minions then attacking its eye hands; congrats! 👍
Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World - Underground Fort screenshot
Where the heck did Warera come from anyway?

Magic Merchant

To reach the Magic Merchant debug shop, play through the intro up until the end of Tower of Silence after completing the game and do so without saving or using a vending machine while talking to as few NPCs as possible. When you reach Rapadagna, enter the house to your right, go up to its roof, head into the background, run all the way left to behind the bushes, and interact for the shop. This will max out your gold 💰 and unlock the Keep It On the Hush-Hush. trophy 🏆 as well. Plus, you can purchase 3 powerful pieces of equipment and when you tap the confirm button on the Miracle Bracelet after equipping it, you can choose which iteration of Pepelogoo that you'd like to hang out with. You can watch me access the Magic Merchant and use the new equipment in the attached video below. v1d30chumz 3-235-186-94

Note: the exact method to unlock the Magic Merchant is still not 100% known so if it doesn't show up for you, try altering what you do in the intro area. For example, begin your adventure on Normal mode, don't get hit at all, be very fast, etc. If you have any more info about the specifics of unlocking the Magic Merchant, please leave a comment below and I'll publish an update.

Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World - Ending screenshot
Yay! Asha saved the day!

Well, that's about all there is to Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World. What a great game! 😁 I hope this walkthrough helped but if you need any more assistance, feel free to leave a comment below and I'll happily get back to you as soon as possible.

Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World - Magic Merchant + Tricky Life Drops thumbnail
Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World - Magic Merchant + Tricky Life Drops
Wonder Boy Trivia

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