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Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Chapter 3 and 4

Things are starting to heat up

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Rex and friends certainly had a crazy beginning to their adventure but the story is definitely becoming increasingly complex. I now finished up to chapter four so please enjoy my summary of the journey so far. Spoilers are ahead (obviously).

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Never trust a man with red-framed glasses

Chapter 3: Our Own War

When we last left off, Rex and friends were on the run. Now, they need a ship so they travel to meet one of Tora's friends (Umon) who might just have one. Upon helping him with some repairs, everyone headed off to Elysium! Of course, it would prove more difficult than they thought as a massive creature ambushes them and they end up crashing on a large Titan. There, they fight a gang of mysterious and strong individuals who, it turns out, were merely testing them. Their leader (Vandham) is a large yet gentle man with a big heart who teaches Rex a lot about how to fight more effectively with a Blade. We then headed to his village which is composed of plenty of Drivers and trainees who are willing to fight in the war. At this point in the story, the details of this war are a bit hazy but one thing's for sure; Rex doesn't want to have anything to do with it. v1d30chumz 35-175-107-185

Soon after carrying out a mission with Vandham, Akhos (one of Jin's underlings and Nia's ex-comrade of the Torna group) attacks the party. We discover that Pyra and Rex share wounds from battle which I assume is a result of her granting him half of her life force. Anyway, we then headed off but were soon attacked by a goofball named Zeke with a cute pet turtle. He's a funny guy and I bet he ends up joining our party later as silly people like that usually do in RPGs. After a lengthy stroll, we arrived at Fonsa Myma where we watched a play called "The Heroic Adventures of Addam" that was put on by Vandham's friend Cole (AKA Minoth). When the party leaves, Akhos and Malos threaten Cole by kidnapping his granddaughter Iona. That night, Pyra leaves to confront them and the gang soon meets up to assist her. Akhos reveals that Jin plans to rid the world of humans and Pyra transforms into her alternate identity Mythra. During the epic battle that ensues, Vandham unfortunately perishes which made me quite sad.

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Wow, Pyra's a real Swiss Army Blade!

Chapter 4: Aegis

In the opening scene for chapter 4, a woman is shown seemingly piloting a mech which got me excited. After all, what's a Xeno game without some sort of mech? Of course, after the dramatic ending of chapter 3, this one begins on a somber note with Vandham's funeral. You can't grieve forever so we headed off to the Empire of Mor Ardain after dealing with some orphan thieves. On the way there, Rex decided to fuse with Vandham's ex-Blade (Roc) in order to honour him and clear out an ether miasma. When we arrived in Mor Ardain, Tora met another Nopon named Muimui; a scientist who worked with his father and grandfather. That evening, Nia, Pyra / Mythra, and Poppi took a dip in the hot springs and Pyra noticed something odd about Nia. I bet she's a Blade.

That night, the group is alerted by a disturbance that turned out to be caused by another artificial Blade named Lila who Tora recognizes as his father's work. Mòrag and Brighid then show up and fight us but they soon decide to join our team after they realise that Lila's rampage had nothing to do with us. On our way to the factory where we think Tora's father (Tatazo) is being held captive, that silly Zeke attacked again which was good for a laugh. Upon beating him up, we infiltrated the factory being run by the super-greedy Bana only to see artificial Blades and ether furnaces being mass-produced. Thankfully, we soon found Tatazo and fought Lila and Bana and their massive Blade (Rosa) with the help of a full-powered Poppi. I hope that greedy little guy learned his lesson!

Finally, the gang meets a couple of new enemies; Patroka and Mikhail who Nia recognizes from her time with Torna. We strategically take them down with a cunning plan and the assistance of Mòrag and Brighid. Then, someone known as the Goddess of the Praetorium (Fan la Norne) shows up. Honestly, I don't know what the heck all that was about but I'm sure I'll find out soon enough.

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Those dastardly kids; I just want to move on with the adventure...

Wait, where do I go?

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is such an awesome game so far. However, one aspect of these two chapters annoyed me a lot. On multiple occasions, I had no idea how to progress and kept running around while trying different routes until I eventually figured out what to do by chance. Running all the way to your presumed goal only to see a locked door blocking your path is frustrating and I hope that doesn't happen as often throughout the rest of the campaign. All of that being said, I definitely enjoyed the opportunity to explore the vast and gorgeous world while levelling up, discovering some cool treasures, and fighting a variety of tough foes.

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Who knew Nopons could be so evil?

Although chapters 3 and 4 were super-long, they only got me more excited to see what happens in the rest of Xenoblade Chronicles 2's epic story. Anyway, how far are you? What do you think of the game so far? Leave a comment below and let's chat!

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