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Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Chapter 5 and 6

Things get real

A.J. Maciejewski

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As I play through Monolith Soft's latest masterpiece, it's becoming clearer that this is one of the best RPGs ever made. I recently progressed up to the end of chapter 6 so please enjoy my plot summary as well as some thoughts.

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When it comes to chums, Rex is one of the best!

Chapter 5: Masters and Slaves

Chapter 4 ended with the gang being confronted by Torna members Patroka and Mikhail and that encounter ended with the two escaping. Instead of continuing where we left off, Chapter 5 begins with a somewhat lengthy flashback from 500 years ago where we see characters such as Lora, Jin, Mythra, Haze (AKA Fan la Norne), and Brighid planning an attack against Malos. Although this is all currently rather confusing, I'm sure it'll start to make sense soon. Anyway, Fan la Norne explains to us that Praetor Amalthus of the Indoline Praetorium is Malos' Driver as well as Cole's. Meanwhile, Malos and the rest of Torna are planning to visit where the Flesh Eaters (half Blade, half humans) were created. Jin also reveals that he needs an Aegis to open the path to the World Tree. v1d30chumz 35-175-107-185

After all that confusion, the actual chapter begins with Rex and chums heading to The Leftherian Archipelago. Rex lets everyone know that his hometown of Fonsett Village is there and they make a brief stop at it on their way to Indol and Rex introduces his deceased parents' headstones to Pyra. Along the journey, Zeke interrupts yet again and explains that he's the Crown Prince of Tantal. At Indol, we had an audience with the Praetor and Rex saw Malos in him as he was speaking which was weird. Meanwhile, Jin piloted a weapon in the demilitarized zone between Mor Ardain and Uraya (Temperantia) merely to cause conflict between the two nations. So, we headed there to stop him and indeed we did. Before heading off, however, Zeke joined our party just like I thought he would! While battling Jin, Mythra wonders why he fought Malos centuries ago yet is now on his side then Jin kills Fan la Norne. What a dummy.

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I don't know, Pyra stew sounds pretty yummy...

Chapter 6: Wounds

Chapter 6 started with negotiation talks between Queen Raqura of Uraya and Emperor Niall of Mor Ardain. I was happy to see how easy it was for the involved parties to reach an agreement and how selfless Niall was to make amends for Jin using their weapon. In the talks, Praetor Amalthus revealed that he awakened Malos. He then let us know that there's an artifact in Tantal (the Omega Fetter) that can control Ophion which is an Artifice (mech-like weapon) that belongs to the Aegis and can potentially help us reach the World Tree and hence arrive at Elysium. Before heading off to Tantal, the gang is alerted that Bana is up to something yet again so we had to stop his latest dastardly plan. In the process, Bana perishes in a suicidal explosion and Emperor Niall is severely wounded but Nia asks Dromarch to distract everyone so she can transform and heal him. I wonder who she really is...

Finally, we were off to Tantal. Upon our arrival, the party was quite cold due to the harsh climate of the Tantal Titan. We then briefly met with Zeke's dad before him and his henchmen captured Pyra and imprisoned everyone else. Thankfully, Tora and Mòrag devised a plan to use Poppi to escape. Everyone then came to Pyra's rescue and a blast of a powerful laser just missed her thanks to Poppi tilting it out of the way. However, that blast weakened the Titan so we had to steer it back to the surface of the Cloud Sea before it descended too far. After succeeding in our mission, we ran into Patroka and Mikhail yet again and Mòrag revealed that the members of Torna aren't just Blades; they're Flesh Eaters. Jin then enters the scene and devastates the party before leaving with a surrendered Pyra.

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Someone should give gramps a little sword

Art imitates life

As the story of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is slowly unraveling, I can't help but feel a lot of plot points reflect the current state of affairs in the world. The most notable of which is that greed is a driving factor for a lot of the evil deeds in the world of Alrest. Bana, for example, happily backstabs his clients and fuels the war merely for financial gain. Meanwhile, Jin attempted to cause conflict between nations although he didn't succeed as well as he thought he would because the leaders were a lot more forgiving than he assumed they would be. This part of the story illustrates that even though some people are easily manipulated through falsities and greed, people generally want to work together to create a more peaceful world. At least, I hope that's how things turn out by the end of the story...

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Yes, Rex; he's a lovely ballerina, what's so surprising about that?

I just have a few chapters left then I'm done with Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Please stay tuned for my final 2 articles as well as my full review. I'm also planning on putting together a trivia quiz about the game so those who completed it can test their knowledge. As always, let me know what you thought of these two chapters in the comments section below.

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