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Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Chapter 7 and 8

Rex enters The Matrix

A.J. Maciejewski

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As I near the end of this fantastic RPG, it's getting harder to put down. Now that I finished up to chapter 8, here is my latest plot summary and an unexpected allusion that I noticed. Spoiler alert!

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Whoa, Nia's cooler than ever!

Chapter 7: The Fear She Carries

Seeing as chapter 6 ended with Jin and Malos capturing Pyra, it's up to Rex and friends to rescue her. Chapter 7 begins with brief scenes showing how disheartened Rex is and that Praetor Amalthus is disappointed in him. After his friends smack him around, Eulogimenos (Zeke's dad) explains that there is a third Aegis Sword that could help bring out the true power of the Aegis. So, the freshly motivated Rex heads to Fonsett Village in search of it. There, Azurda (AKA Gramps) reveals that Fonsett Village was founded by Addam (which he named Hero's Rest) and tasked Azurda with protecting it. We then descended the lengthy Spirit Crucible Elpys although a strange power made all the Blades in the party feel weak. Along the way, Zeke explains that he is alive because he took some of Pandoria's life force which makes him a lot like Rex. Meanwhile, Nia is struggling as much as the Blades so was I right in thinking that she's one, too? v1d30chumz 35-175-107-185

Yes, I was. Nia transforms into her true self in Blade form during a fight with a horde of monsters. In this form, she specializes in strong healing abilities and admits that she loves Rex. Afterwards, Rex has a daydream where he chats with Addam about the Aegis then uncovers the third sword which soon dissipates into thin air. The gang then heads to the Cliffs of Morytha in search of Pyra. We then see Malos trying to steal Pyra's memories yet they're filled with images of Rex and that's not what Malos was looking for.

Rex and friends soon caught up with Malos yet he was no match for Nia's newfound power. Soon after, we confronted him again yet with Jin by his side. During the fight, Pyra told Rex that she wants to go to Elysium just so the Architect can let her die which was weird. Finally, a new form of Pyra / Mythra with green hair emerged and granted Rex some cool sci-fi armour. Malos calls himself the Endbringer and explains that he wants to go to Elysium to awaken Aion, the ultimate Artifice and put an end to humanity. Siren (Mythra's Artifice) then enters the scene to fend off Malos and Ophion (Malos' Artifice). Everyone then falls due to the ground collapsing...

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Yes! I knew there'd be mechs!

Chapter 8: World Tree

After a scene showing Pyra and Mythra in Elysium, Rex and Mythra awaken deep under the Cloud Sea in a place known as the Land of Morytha. They plan on finding their friends and see the World Tree's roots in the distance. Soon into their search, they find Jin but decide to help instead of fight him because Rex is such a good guy. Mythra tries to heal Jin but she discovers that he has the heart of a human. Anyway, Morytha was apparently destroyed way before Alrest existed and it looks like the current Earth although post-apocalyptic. Jin keeps having flashbacks of Lora and feels as if humankind's selfishness and technology are what destroyed Morytha. We then entered the ruins of the Tornan Titan where we learned of the life cycle where Core Crystals create Blades, Blades create Titans, and Titans create Core Crystals. Jin also explains that Praetor Amalthus destroyed Torna because he was afraid of the Aegises.

Finally, the gang ends up at the World Tree which is surprisingly a technologically advanced tower that's merely surrounded by plant life to give it the appearance of a tree. Into our ascending journey, Rex wonders what the difference between Malos and Amalthus is considering they seem to want the same thing. Soon after, there are some flashbacks of Amalthus as a kid where his mother is killed. In the present, Jin and Malos' ship is being confronted with a weaponized Indol. Some guards from Indol then request Mythra to be used to destroy Malos' ship but she refuses. Amalthus confronts us and Mythra recognizes Haze's Core Crystal on him. He then reveals that he's the Master Blade's Driver who can command all Blades and unleashes a devastating laser attack and the chapter ends abruptly.

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Who knew Pyra / Mythra could get even more badass?

Is Rex The One?

I don't know if it's just because I'm a big fan of The Matrix but I found a lot of similarities between the situation presented in chapter 8 and the world shown in the film series. For starters, the desolate landscape of the ruined Earth with lightning and constant dark clouds overhead was eerily similar. Then, they speak of an Architect who you don't know much about. Finally, upon visiting the Tornan Titan, we learn about Blades and Rex replies, "Matrix... Like a womb?" Between humanity's technology being their downfall, a destroyed Earth with constantly stormy skies, a mysterious Architect, and even discussing a "Matrix"; I almost expected Keanu Reeves to show up.

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Whatever, Amalthus; go suck an egg...

I'm finally in the last stretch of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It's been a doozy so far! What are your thoughts about these two chapters? Were you surprised by the apparent Matrix references? Let's chat below!

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