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Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Chapter 9 and 10

The finale of a grand adventure

A.J. Maciejewski

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All adventures must eventually end and now that I finally finished Rex's tale, here's my last plot summary and post-game thoughts. Massive spoilers are ahead so keep that in mind before reading any further.

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Poppi sure is a handy contraption!

Chapter 9: Rain

Chapter 8 ended abruptly with Amalthus firing a powerful laser from the Mor Ardain Titan at the World Tree and chapter 9 begins right where it left off. Thankfully, the party remained unscathed. Amalthus continues to control the Titans while Torna's ship transforms into a massive mech and tries to fight them off. Akhos and Patroka leave the ship to assist Malos and Mikhail takes it upon himself to continue the fight. He reveals that both Amalthus and himself are Blade Eaters. Meanwhile, Tora hatches a plan to have Poppi fly Pyra and Rex to the Titans' communication pillars to prevent Amalthus from controlling them and, what do you know? It worked! v1d30chumz 35-175-107-185

The gang finally meets up with Jin who tries to prevent them from confronting Malos simply because he kept a promise. Upon defeating him, a giant mutated Amalthus emerges and kills Akhos and Patroka. He's clearly full of himself as he thinks the Architect created Blades just for him. What a dummy. The party seems to think that Malos is as evil as he is due to Amalthus being his Driver. Anyway, Jin finally freezes him and presumably kills him after launching some giant icicles into his body. Good riddance, Amalthus!

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Cool your jets, Amalthus; you overgrown sack of crap

Final Chapter: And thus, boy met girl

Chapter 10 begins with a somewhat lengthy scene from millions (billions?) of years ago showing Klaus and Galea onboard the space station Rhadamanthus with a raging war happening underneath. I sense something epic is about to go down. Afterwards, Rex and friends finally make it to Elysium although it isn't quite what they expected as it's a vast and deserted land (similar to Morytha but dustier). They wander into a church and are summoned by the Architect yet Rex soon finds himself lost and confused with his chums immediately vanishing before his eyes. He then encounters alternate versions of all his friends who say mean things to him and make him feel awful. After a few of these scenes play out, it's revealed that the Architect was merely testing him and his party.

The Architect then explains that back in the day, he lost hope for mankind and unleashed the power of The Conduit (the massive monolith that's in every Xeno game). He tells us that he originally came from Morytha and that when he used The Conduit, a lot of the world was sucked into distant dimensions. In fact, half of his body is in another dimension. To atone for his sins, The Architect decided to recreate Morytha using the Cloud Sea to regenerate the world as well as Core Crystals to bring life back to the world. He also created Ontos, Logos (Malos), and Pneuma (Pyra) as a system of checks and balances so Alrest wouldn't end up like Morytha. Speaking of Morytha, The Architect reveals that the mutants we discovered down there are survivors. How sad.

All this time, Malos is beginning to attack the world so it's up to us to stop him. We soon confront him as he pilots the Aion Artifice yet we successfully win the fight. In the middle of the battle, The Architect is shown and we hear Shulk's voice coming from the other dimension. How awesome is that?! After the fight, the World Tree soon began to self-destruct so Mythra saved the day as Rex and gang escaped the structure. Before they escaped, Rex was granted Mythra's Core Crystal. Anyway, Gramps magically grew to his Titan form and the party safely landed on his back in all the commotion. They were initially rather worried as it seemed the world was empty without anyone around but we soon see the Titans merging into a continent which we assume is what The Architect planned all along. In the final scene, Rex uses Mythra's Core Crystal to summon Pyra and Mythra and everyone's delighted to see them alive.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 screenshot 3
Don't get your hopes up, Rex...

Ties with the original Xenoblade Chronicles

Well, that was certainly a wild ride! If you played the original Xenoblade Chronicles then there are some very interesting aspects that tie the two games together. For starters, The Architect is Klaus (the scientist who created Shulk's world, too). The other half of his body is within Shulk's world as Zanza which is quite a mind-blowing revelation considering how evil Zanza is. Also, Klaus explains that his other half is going to be dead soon which we can assume is due to Shulk destroying him at the end of Xenoblade Chronicles. Does that mean both games occur at roughly the same time albeit in different dimensions? It's crazy stuff but it definitely makes for a great ending.

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Pyra and Mythra must have felt awkward seeing this as their welcome

There you have it; the complete story of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It makes you wonder if there will ever be a Xenoblade Chronicles 3... Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading my plot summaries and thoughts on this epic game. Stay tuned for my full review which should be published later today. Also, leave a comment below and let me know what you thought of the ending.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Story Trailer
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