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Xenoblade Chronicles X: A Perplexing Finale

Why did it have to end like this?

A.J. Maciejewski

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Playing through this enormous RPG has been quite the experience. Now that I'm completely done with the story, this marks my final article in the series. It goes without saying that huge spoilers await so only read ahead if you've already completed the game.

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Ryyz has come and gone without much rhyme or reason

Since my last entry, I finished the final three chapters so let's dive in. Chapter 10 was rather disappointing story-wise but it did feature an epic boss battle. Ryyz and Dagahn hop into the Ganglion's fancy new spacecraft called the Zu Pharg without Luxaar's permission. Meanwhile, our team is informed of a malfunctioning Data Probe. After arriving to the scene and fixing it, we were ambushed by the massive Zu Pharg. A boss fight ensues where it transforms into a land vessel halfway through only to eventually explode thus presumably killing Ryyz and Dagahn in the process. Although this isn't too eventful, things start to get interesting again soon, I swear! v1d30chumz 35-172-223-251

Chapter 11 involves Lao and his questionable behaviour. Remember Elma has grown suspicious of him? Well, she had every reason to. The team rushes to the Skell Hangar where Lao reveals that he's a Ganglion spy then steals a pretty nifty looking Skell. He also has the location of the Lifehold Core in his possession. We then headed off to the Ganglion base where, after a somewhat lengthy infiltration process and a boss fight, we found Lao. To put it simply, he's a little more than upset because only human beings deemed worthy enough were allowed to board the White Whale (one of the enormous ships that escaped Earth). Even though this meant that his family perished when Earth was destroyed, it still seems like a weak excuse for attempting to wipe out all of humanity. Elma threatened to shoot Lao but Lin and I stood in the way which made Lao decide to hand over the data about the Lifehold Core.

Xenoblade Chronicles X screenshot 2
Whatever, Lao, you're obviously a delusional lunatic

Finally, we're on chapter 12. The data about the Lifehold Core's location pinpoints it to the middle of the ocean. Our team along with dozens of other BLADEs then rush off to save humanity once and for all. Seeing the Lifehold Core slowly get closer as I flew over the ocean towards it was quite the sight. However, we weren't the first to the scene since plenty of Ganglion were already attacking it. Thankfully, the shields were stable enough to ward off their attacks. Once our team managed to enter the Lifehold Core, a couple of story sequences played then Luxaar is seen breaking through the shields with ease while piloting the Skell that the Ganglion stole from NLA (now known as the Vita). After a grueling boss fight, Lao arrives and literally stabs Luxaar in the back. Lao then absorbs DNA from the Lifehold Core (including Luxaar's) and transforms into a hideous creature who acts as the final boss.

The story that unfolds throughout chapter 12 incorporates many twists that are understandable at first but then the plot quickly devolves into an unexplained mess. It turns out that human bodies aren't actually in the Lifehold Core. Instead, the DNA of all living creatures is stored as data and the Lifehold Core has the ability to spawn life by reading this data. The Ganglion's origin is tied to this as well. Humankind's ancestors (the Samaarians) created the Ganglion to serve them. Human DNA is the key to neutralizing the Ganglion if they ever got out of control so that's why they fear human bodies as much as they do. One question I have is that if the Ganglion were made by human ancestors, why they heck were they in space when they attacked Earth at the beginning? Maybe they escaped Earth at some point or perhaps the Samaarians were from another planet. Either way, I wish things like this were elaborated upon.

Xenoblade Chronicles X screenshot 3
Sorry, Luxaar, I don't think playing PlayStation Vita is going to eradicate humankind

Quite early on in the adventure, I suspected Elma to be some sort of deity-like entity. Therefore, I was delighted when it's revealed that she's an alien who looks similar to L'cirufe (and a little bit like KOS-MOS). As a side note, it's never explained who the Ganglion were battling at the beginning of the game but it could have been whatever race Elma and L are. Anyway, Elma arrived on Earth when she knew that an inevitable war would break out. It's because of her that humanity was able to prepare for their evacuation.

The final couple of scenes were unnecessary since they raised more questions than answers. Apparently, the database that stored each human's memories, personalities, and such was destroyed on impact. Theoretically, this would have meant that everyone's Mimeosomes would cease to function. Elma thinks it has something to do with the properties of Planet Mira but of course it isn't fully explained. Then, we see a mysterious figure walk along a beach only to meet Lao who's back in his usual form. Finally, the screen goes black while the caption "This story is never ending..." appears. What the heck? Is this a poem or something? How disappointingly contrived...

Xenoblade Chronicles X screenshot 4
Is that Lao or a Tyrant from Resident Evil?

That concludes my Xenoblade Chronicles X journey. There is plenty more to do and see on Planet Mira but I don't really feel like going on any further adventures after seeing how the story ended. Maybe there will be a sequel one day. To be honest, I hope that there isn't so we can get a fresh new Xeno title that'll possibly live up to Xenogears or even the original Xenoblade Chronicles. Anyway, keep an eye out for my full Xenoblade Chronicles X review which will hopefully be up soon.

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