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Xenoblade Chronicles X: A Promising Start

Journey to New Los Angeles

A.J. Maciejewski

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The wait is over, Xeno fans; Xenoblade Chronicles X is finally here. In this new series of articles, I plan on documenting my Chronicles X adventures and there's no better place to start than the beginning.

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I'm not one for character creation tools but I guess this fellow looks good enough

As a huge fan of all things Xeno, I obviously pre-ordered Xenoblade Chronicles X as soon as it was announced. Although it arrived today instead of when it was supposed to (three days ago), I'm still very excited to go on this journey. I plan on posting new articles as I progress through this enormous adventure and I'll put together a detailed review once I'm completely done. I may be at it for weeks, but I'm determined to finish this RPG masterpiece in the not too distant future. v1d30chumz 35-172-223-251

Before we begin, I should explain my relationship with the series. In the late 90s, I was obsessed with JRPGs on the original PlayStation. My mind was blown when I first saw the trailer for Xenogears on a demo disc. I played that sucker for hours upon hours at a time. The complex characters, intricate story, and awesome soundtrack completely captivated me. Years later, Xenosaga was announced and of course I couldn't wait for it to come out. Its anime style really clicked with me although Episode I left me a bit disappointed by how short it was. Three long years later, Episode II debuted. The characters looked different and the battle system was awkward but I still enjoyed my time with it. My opinion of the trilogy reached a new level of respect after I completed Episode III. Seeing everything wrap up for the beloved cast of characters in an epic finale was phenomenal. I never thought I'd get to experience the Xeno franchise again until I laid eyes on Xenoblade. It took forever to come out in North America but once I got my hands on it, you couldn't pry them off the controller with a crowbar. It is by far my favourite Wii game and probably the best RPG that I have ever played. The massive world, elaborate story, and lovable characters restored my faith in the genre. Now that Xenoblade Chronicles X is out, it's time to start a new adventure.

Xenoblade Chronicles X screenshot 2
An RPG where the main character has amnesia? Why, I never!

So far, I've only finished the prologue. The opening sequences depict a war between alien forces. Unfortunately, Earth was caught up in the middle of it thus forcing humankind to escape via massive ships. However, not everyone was lucky enough to survive. After this incredible introduction, I was presented with a character creation screen. This made me kind of sad because I expected a main character with his own personality but I'm sure I'll adjust given some time. Anyway, I was then woken up by a soldier named Elma who filled me in on some details. It goes without saying that you have amnesia so any explanations are appreciated. Basically, the ship that I was on crash-landed on a planet (named Mira) that's filled with dinosaur-like creatures. So, it's off to what I assume to be the central hub of the game; New Los Angeles. Given the choice to travel there by either swimming through dangerous waters or on foot by a much safer high road, I decided to take the high road. I always take the high road. Before arriving, I fought some creatures (known as Ingens). I actually died twice but I'll get used to the somewhat familiar combat system soon. Finally, I made it to NLA and it was a beautiful sight indeed.

I'd be lying if I said that I didn't have concerns for the road ahead. The main issue so far is that I want to be immersed in a fantasy world populated by a colourful cast of characters. What takes me out of the experience already are frequent shots of the American flag on the side of the crashed ship, the city being called "New Los Angeles", and the fact that I made my own character. Also, the characters fight with guns. I don't mind the odd character having a gun but I prefer swords and magic and stuff. I hope there are some swords later on. Maybe the Monado will make an appearance? In the end, these concerns really don't add up to much.

Xenoblade Chronicles X screenshot 3
It sure is breathtaking making your way to New Los Angeles

That about does it for my introduction to the world of Mira. I'm excited to see what unfolds so stay tuned for more of my Xenoblade Chronicles X chronicles. That sounded awkward; I'm glad I didn't name the article that.

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