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Xenoblade Chronicles X: An Unexpected Twist

The plot thickens

A.J. Maciejewski

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It's been a few days since my last Xenoblade article simply because I'm too addicted to put it down and write. Also, the three chapters I just worked through took a lot longer than expected. Trust me; this'll be worth the wait.

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Yeah, we can definitely use some new pals

Since my last entry, I've made it through another three chapters. That's right; I've now completed a whole six of them! Before reading any further, I should warn you that there will be plenty of spoilers so make sure that you either don't care or you're at least on chapter seven first. v1d30chumz 35-172-223-251

Chapter 4 starts with your run-of-the-mill mission where you meet a fellow named Lao then head off to a suspected location of the Lifehold. As far as we know, the Lifehold is a part of the crash-landed ship that contains cryogenically frozen humans. Anyway, on the way there we meet an odd alien gentleman simply named L (whose full name is actually L'cirufe). He joins us on our journey to reclaim the Lifehold but it would soon become apparent that the Prone found it before us. After defeating them, the "Lifehold" explodes yet we eventually find out that it was merely a data storage unit. That being said, it's still a devastating loss of cultural information. One of the attackers named Goetia explains that she is from a group known as the Ganglion who seek to eliminate all humans.

Xenoblade Chronicles X screenshot 2
Hey, this guy looks friendly! I hope he doesn't turn on us later...

Chapter 5 is where things really take a turn. The first part is quite fun since you meet a few members of the Ma-non race who are little critters with high-pitched voices. At this point, Elma starts to wonder how all of these alien races share the humans' language. I was wondering that as well so hopefully it gets clarified soon. Most of this chapter involved helping the Ma-non get their ship airborne again. They're basically stuck because Ganglion anti-aircraft turrets have been installed. Upon successfully taking them out, the poor Ma-non are seen cornered by Ganglion Skells. Of course, as dutiful as we are, it's our job to defend them.

After defeating the Skells, Tatsu does a little victory dance only to be shot at by one of the not quite downed Skells. The hero of the story (me, I guess) then dives to protect him but gets wounded in the process. The resulting damage is a lot less bloody and more electrical than you'd expect. What the heck am I talking about? Well, it turns out that not only is the main character a robot but every "human" is. The Lifehold actually contains everyone's human bodies who remotely control their robotic (or Mimeosome) forms. On top of all this, the giant percent that's displayed on the tower in New Los Angeles shows how much power is remaining in the Lifehold. If it ever reaches zero or the Lifehold gets attacked then all human life will cease to exist. Things just got real.

Xenoblade Chronicles X screenshot 3
Tatsu always has to screw everything up (wait, who's that sexy dude on the right?)

Before starting chapter 6, the Ma-non dock their "little" ship at NLA which is actually a surprisingly enormous vessel for a race of such cute chums. Chapter 6 is a lot simpler than the previous one. Basically, enemy forces are trying to reclaim a mech that's crash-landed in the middle of a deserted area filled with wild beasts. These beasts viciously attack all living creatures. Thankfully, we're mostly robots so we can sneak through undetected. When we arrived at the site, helicopters carried the mech away but Tatsu went along for the ride so he could deliver a delicious and adorably-arranged snack for us. Although it's a thoughtful gesture, it also attracted the feral beasts that we then had to slay. As soon as we started to become outnumbered, a large dragon-like creature swooped in to take care of the beasts. After giving us a sniff, it took off. I wonder what that was all about...

I enjoyed a lot about these few chapters. First, I love how every chapter starts with Lin cooking a meal of your choice while threatening to eat Tatsu. It always makes me look forward to the next chapter. Also, learning a few characters' back-stories was quite interesting. It seems like Lin and Lao have very similar pasts. I can't wait to learn more about them and see what she cooks up next.

Xenoblade Chronicles X screenshot 4
Time to kick some tainted butt!

Soon, I'll finally have a license to pilot a Skell. That's going to be awesome but the developers sure make you wait a long time to get it. Besides that, I'm looking forward to uncovering more of the story. I think a massive conspiracy is afoot, especially when so many enemies keep being introduced. I bet some of them turn out to not be enemies at all like the lion-looking dude Ga Jiarg who's clearly being manipulated by the Ganglion. I should stop hypothesizing and continue my adventure. See you when I'm done chapter 9!

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