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Xenon Valkyrie+: Trophy / Achievement Guide

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Xenon Valkyrie is an enjoyable PlayStation Vita and PC game that blends RPG elements with a roguelike structure and getting all its trophies or Steam achievements is quite an accomplishment.

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This guide alone won't help you get them all easily as you'll still need to spend time improving your skills. However, it can help point you in the right direction as the game can be a bit confusing at times. Warning: there are spoilers about some of the bosses and areas. v1d30chumz 35-172-230-154

Ancient Block You fought through Ancient Techforest

Ancient Forest is the first world in the game. Beat the first two levels and the boss and you'll unlock this trophy.

Cave Block You fought through Thule Wulz Grotto

Thule Wulz Grotto is the second world. It also consists of two levels (one of which is a dark level) and a boss that must be beaten.

Reactor Block You fought through Prime Reactor

Prime Reactor is the third world. Again, beat the two levels and the boss and the trophy is yours.

Ice Block You fought through Ivory Tundra

Ivory Tundra is a secret area that can only be accessed if you're playing as Nue (the brown ant-looking guy) and you pay the guy who asks you for money in between levels 5 separate times. If you do both of these things, you'll be offered the chance to visit the Ivory Tundra after you beat the second world. Say yes then beat these two levels and the boss and you'll unlock the trophy.

Xenon Valkyrie+ screenshot 1
Give this little red guy some cells every time he asks and he'll provide you access to some hidden areas

Fire Block You fought through Phoenix Wastes

Phoenix Wastes is another secret area that can only be accessed if you're playing as Renna (the pink haired girl). You do the same as you did with Nue for the Ice Block trophy to enter Phoenix Wastes as Renna. Beat its two levels and boss and this will unlock.

Cocoon Block You fought through Gigacocoon

Gigacocoon is the fourth traditional world in the game. Beat the two levels then the game's final boss and you'll unlock this trophy. I found that this trophy only unlocked for me when I did not take the hidden paths (Ivory Tundra / Phoenix Wastes) but instead played through the four traditional worlds and beat the game that way.

The Hero You raised the sword

This trophy unlocked for me when I beat the game as Nue. I believe you have to beat the game using the special Ivory Tundra path in order for this trophy to unlock but I'm not 100% positive.

Never Escape You fought to the end

This trophy unlocked for me when I beat the game as Renna. I think you have to complete the campaign using the special Phoenix Wastes path to acquire this trophy but again, I'm not 100% sure.

Gold Weapon You got the legendary weapon

When you beat the game with Nue and Renna (using the secret Ivory Tundra and Phoenix Wastes paths), you're given a piece of the legendary weapon. After beating the game with both of them, play as Eleon (the white haired girl) and go talk to the guy on the far right side of the shop in the home world. He will give you this item weapon and the trophy will unlock.

Xenon Valkyrie+ screenshot 2
After beating the game with Renna and Nue, talk to this guy as Eleon

God Killer You killed Deftos

See above to find out how to acquire the legendary weapon as you must have it to fight Deftos. Warning: make sure to grab it from the guy in the shop every time you play. Otherwise, you won't be able to reach Deftos.

After grabbing the legendary weapon, complete the game as Eleon. Upon beating the campaign, you'll be asked if you want to use the legendary weapon to fight Deftos. Say yes and you'll be transported to the final battle against him. This is a bullet hell shooter style fight and you cannot get hit even once or else you will die and need to complete the entire game again in order to fight Deftos again.

AI off You stopped the AI MotherShip

To access the AI MotherShip, play as Nue and make sure to pay the guy who asks for money so he'll grant access to Ivory Tundra. Complete Ivory Tundra then the next rest area you land in will have the typical shop and treasure chests. You'll also see an area you can climb at the top right side. Climb it and after about 10 wall jumps, stop and let go. If you don't fall down, you're on the correct ledge. Press up and you'll be taken to the AI MotherShip. I recommend having lots of HP for this level but it's not terribly challenging.

Commander Tent You shopped at the store

This is a fairly simple trophy. Just purchase something from the store on the home planet. You'll need Teamerite to do this and you'll earn that by progressing through the game by either finding it in treasure chests or by purchasing some in the various shops.

Dook Mission You helped Dook

Dook is a robot guy that you find in or after the third traditional world, Prime Reactor. He'll require a certain amount of cells (currency) and Teamerite in order to be saved and brought back to the main home planet. I don't remember the exact amount but it's about 200 or 300 cells and 3 to 5 Teamerite. After you give these items to him, you'll unlock the trophy and he will be available on the surface world to purchase drones which can help you on your quests in the future.

Xenon Valkyrie+ screenshot 3
The Dook robot you need to help is located in this break room in the Prime Reactor world

Teleporter Engineer Fixed the Teleporters

In between each of the traditional worlds in the game, you'll meet a guy who offers to fix the teleporters for you. He'll require various amounts of cells (currency), Teamerite, and golden keys in order to fix them. Once you've unlocked the teleporters to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th traditional worlds, you will earn this trophy.

Level 25 reached You get an exemplary level

As you play each level and kill enemies, you'll earn XP. Earn enough XP and you'll level up. As you become better at the game, reaching level 25 shouldn't be an issue as it's not difficult to get to 30 to 35 before facing the final boss. My recommendations for earning lots of XP are to track down and kill every enemy you can in each level and to make sure your XP bar is relatively or completely empty when you fight each level's mini-boss. Mini-bosses generally top off your XP bar so if you are very near reaching the next level and you beat a mini-boss, you'll only receive a minimal amount of XP from them.

Xenon Valkyrie+ screenshot 4
Stand directly in front of this tablet after beating the first boss and input the required up/down code

Lab Block You fought through Blackstorm Lab

Blackstorm Lab is a hidden area that can be accessed in the rest area between the first and second worlds. In that area, you'll see a tablet with a bunch of ones and zeroes. You'll need to stand in front of the tablet and press up every time the tablet says 1 and down every time the tablet says 0. You can take a picture of the tablet on your phone or just follow these simple instructions:

  • Up, down(x2), up, down, up(x3), down, up(x3), down(x4), up, down

That's the easy part. After that, you must complete several levels of Blackstorm Lab, a devilishly difficult world. There are 4 layers as well as a boss who mercifully isn't quite as bad as the levels. I recommend starting from the beginning using Eleon and grinding out every level you can in the first two areas. Also, make sure to kill both mini-bosses and pick up their keys but do not open any chests.

Once you access Blackstorm Lab, you should have three keys. Use them to unlock the chest and hopefully get the Hollow Blade. If you get the Diabolical Sabre, you can still complete Blackstorm Lab but it's much more difficult.

As you explore Blackstorm Lab, be very patient. Plan every move meticulously and avoid engaging with enemies as much as possible. Use Eleon's special move (her timed mine) regularly. You can carve new paths to avoid enemies and make your way down to the exit portal. After beating each floor, you'll have to choose a new portal to enter. Always choose the one that has a single square underneath it (see screenshot below). This is the portal that will take you to the next floor.

Xenon Valkyrie+ screenshot 5
Always take the portal with the single square under it (in this case, the third from the left)

Altar of the Goddess You got her blessing

To get this trophy, you must unlock and play as Gadiel, the fourth character. I unlocked Gadiel by getting the Wedding Ring in a chest after going through Blackstorm Lab then completing the run. When playing as him, most levels should have a large guardian statue that boosts Gadiel's stats. Simply walk up to one and press up then the trophy will be yours.

Xenon Valkyrie+ screenshot 6
Only Gadiel can receive blessings from the goddess

Secret Weapon You got the best weapon

First, see the Lab Block trophy for details about how to access Blackstorm Lab. In the entrance area to Blackstorm Lab, you'll see a chest that requires 3 keys to be unlocked. When you unlock this chest, you'll be awarded one of two weapons: the Hollow Blade or the Diabolical Sabre. I received the Hollow Blade first and earned the trophy so I don't know if the Diabolical Sabre also unlocks the trophy. You can also get these weapons in the rest area before the final boss and again, this chest requires 3 keys to open.

Thanks for reading and to a few of the guys on the Steam forums for help with some of these trophies, especially DeafPereira!

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Official trailer for Xenon Valkyrie+
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