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Missile Command: Recharged 2022 Review thumbnail

Missile Command: Recharged 2022 Review (PlayStation 5)

An explosive improvement

November 1, 2022 - Considering the Atari Recharged series has been getting better and better, here's a nifty remake of the very first game in the series.
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Yars: Recharged Review thumbnail

Yars: Recharged Review (PlayStation 5)

Edge-of-your-seat twin-stick action

August 29, 2022 - If you asked me which Atari game would release next, I wouldn't have guessed Yars: Recharged would be it but it's here and it's great.
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Gravitar: Recharged Review thumbnail

Gravitar: Recharged Review (Switch)

Skilled pilots only

May 15, 2022 - There have been many Atari Recharged games recently and that's great so here's the latest with the more obscure Gravitar: Recharged.
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Breakout: Recharged Review thumbnail

Breakout: Recharged Review (Switch)

Brick-breaking fun returns

February 7, 2022 - Breakout is one of Atari's oldest and most iconic games and it's back with yet another Recharged release; possibly the best one yet.
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Asteroids: Recharged Review thumbnail

Asteroids: Recharged Review (PlayStation 4)

Arcade Armageddon

December 13, 2021 - The Atari Recharged series is going strong and for this 4th release, here's a remake of a static shooter classic with Asteroids: Recharged.
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Black Widow: Recharged Review thumbnail

Black Widow: Recharged Review (PlayStation 4)

Twin-stick arcade mayhem

November 3, 2021 - Atari's series of Recharged classic arcade games now has a third installment with Black Widow so get ready for some insect-blasting.
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Centipede: Recharged Review thumbnail

Centipede: Recharged Review (PlayStation 5)

An Atari classic redefined

September 29, 2021 - When it comes to static shooters, Centipede is a true classic but how does this modernization hold up? Let's get shooting and find out.
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Missile Command: Recharged Review thumbnail

Missile Command: Recharged Review (Switch)

Survival mode only

May 29, 2020 - Originally released in arcades way back in 1980, Atari's Missile Command is a classic so let's see if Recharged lives up to the arcade hit.
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