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The Video Game Hype Machine thumbnail

The Video Game Hype Machine

Lies, disappointments, and excuses

June 16, 2021 - I don't usually like standing on a soapbox as I prefer keeping things chill on this humble gaming site. However, I've been thinking a lot about hype lately and how manipulative and perpetual it is when it comes to games so here are my thoughts.
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Fun Indie Games (Part 2) thumbnail

Fun Indie Games (Part 2)

Arcade action, tricky puzzles, and chill adventures

June 15, 2021 - I enjoy playing video games (obviously) and I appreciate indie games that are fun in unique ways so here are 8 recent fun-filled titles.
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Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection Review thumbnail

Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection Review (PlayStation 4)

3 great games in an unspecial package

June 12, 2021 - When it comes to challenging action games, Ninja Gaiden has always delivered so let's revisit the 3 modern games in a new collection.
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Fixture S1 Carrying Case Review thumbnail

Fixture S1 Carrying Case Review

Protect your Nintendo Switch on the go

June 11, 2021 - It's been a few months since the Fixture S1 Switch Pro Controller clip mount debuted and there's now a nifty carrying case for it.
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Game Builder Garage Review thumbnail

Game Builder Garage Review (Switch)

Have fun and learn game programming

June 10, 2021 - Making games might be an appealing concept to you so learn the ropes with Nintendo's impressively intuitive Game Builder Garage.
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Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Review thumbnail

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Review (PlayStation 5)

A dimension-jumping good time

June 9, 2021 - Ratchet & Clank are back after a 5 year hiatus and they've met new friends so get ready to blast your way through a new adventure.
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Guilty Gear -Strive- Review thumbnail

Guilty Gear -Strive- Review (PlayStation 5)

Rock out with your fight stick out

June 7, 2021 - It's been quite a long time since we got to experience a brand new Guilty Gear game and the fighting franchise is back with -Strive-.
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Neptunia ReVerse Review thumbnail

Neptunia ReVerse Review (PlayStation 5)

Revisit the origins of the console wars

June 7, 2021 - It's Hyperdimension Neptunia's 10th anniversary so here's a new enhanced version of the remake of the original; it's Neptunia ReVerse.
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Alphadia Genesis 2 Review thumbnail

Alphadia Genesis 2 Review (Xbox One)

Better story, worse gameplay

June 6, 2021 - Alphadia Genesis is a pretty cool albeit simple retro-style RPG but how does its sequel hold up? Unsheathe your blade and let's find out.
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Captivating Indie Games thumbnail

Captivating Indie Games

Engaging worlds and gripping gameplay

June 4, 2021 - Some games are hard to put down so here are 8 recent indie games that got their hooks in me whether it was for the better or not.
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