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Sturmwind EX Review thumbnail

Sturmwind EX Review (Xbox One)

A top-notch Dreamcast shmup

November 17, 2019 - I love shmups and if you do, too, then here's a fantastic remake of a wonderful Dreamcast shoot 'em up for modern consoles.
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Stay Cool, Kobayashi-San! Review thumbnail

Stay Cool, Kobayashi-San! Review (Xbox One)

A River City Ransom Story

November 17, 2019 - Kunio-kun is back but this time, he's not in the spotlight as Kobayashi-san is the star of this new beat 'em up spin-off.
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Mega Man X4 vs. Mega Man X5 thumbnail

Mega Man X4 vs. Mega Man X5

An action-packed PS1 showdown

November 15, 2019 - The Mega Man X series is 2D action at its best so let's discuss 2 great games and decide which one can reach max Maverick Hunter rank.
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Interesting Indie Games (Part 2) thumbnail

Interesting Indie Games (Part 2)

Clever fun for PS4 and Xbox One

November 14, 2019 - In this season of AAA games, it's easy to lose sight of the indie gaming scene so here are 7 recent indies that are worth playing.
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Death Stranding Review thumbnail

Death Stranding Review

Ignore the scores

November 12, 2019 - It's finally here; the game that Hideo Kojima fans have been eagerly awaiting but does it deliver? It at least does in a literal sense.
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Code Vein vs. The Surge 2 thumbnail

Code Vein vs. The Surge 2

Which is the better Souls-like?

November 8, 2019 - There are a lot of Dark Souls inspired action RPGs out there so let's take a look at 2 recent ones and see which game has more soul.
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Disney Tsum Tsum Festival Review thumbnail

Disney Tsum Tsum Festival Review (Switch)

Mickey-o Party

November 8, 2019 - There's nothing quite like a good old party game so here's a fun mini-game collection starring a bunch of adorable Disney chums.
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New Super Lucky's Tale Review thumbnail

New Super Lucky's Tale Review (Switch)

3D platforming gets cuter

November 7, 2019 - With half a billion 2D platformers releasing on a weekly basis, it's a fun change of pace to enjoy a 3D one every now and then. Thankfully, Lucky's back in a remade iteration of his laidback and adorable adventure.
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Disgaea 4 Complete+ Review thumbnail

Disgaea 4 Complete+ Review (PlayStation 4)

A Promise Unforgotten returns

November 7, 2019 - Last year, we got the original Disgaea for modern consoles and now, here's 4. Wait, what the heck happened to 2 and 3?
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The Legend of Dark Witch 2019 Review thumbnail

The Legend of Dark Witch 2019 Review (Switch)

A gorgeous Switch upgrade

November 6, 2019 - Back in 2014, a delightful 2D action game debuted for 3DS and now, it's available for Switch in remade form to mark its 5th anniversary.
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