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Armed Emeth Review thumbnail

Armed Emeth Review (Xbox One)

Become a robot-riding bounty hunter

August 17, 2021 - Another retro RPG is upon us and this time, it's a cool combination of robot customization and bounty hunting so here's Armed Emeth.
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Spelunker HD Deluxe Review thumbnail

Spelunker HD Deluxe Review (PlayStation 4)

A triumph of retro challenge

August 15, 2021 - Over a decade ago, Spelunker HD debuted and it completely wowed certain gamers so let's explore this brand new Deluxe iteration.
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Greak: Memories of Azur Review thumbnail

Greak: Memories of Azur Review (PlayStation 5)

A gorgeous yet flawed Metroidvania

August 15, 2021 - It's hard to resist the latest Metroidvania and here's one that lets you play as 3 unique siblings within a beautiful puzzle-filled world.
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Button City Review thumbnail

Button City Review (PlayStation 5)

Arcade fun with 11 herbs and spices

August 13, 2021 - You'd think a game about arcade games with an adorable cast of furry characters would be great so let's explore Button City.
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Piczle Puzzle & Watch Collection Review thumbnail

Piczle Puzzle & Watch Collection Review (Switch)

3 retro-inspired LCD puzzlers

August 11, 2021 - There are plenty of old-school indies but you don't see many that look like Game & Watch games so here's one and it's pretty cool.
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Picross S Genesis & Master System Edition Review thumbnail

Picross S Genesis & Master System Edition Review (Switch)

Classic Sega games in puzzle form

August 11, 2021 - I'm a sucker for retro gaming and Picross and when you combine the 2, I have to play it so let's solve some classic Sega game puzzles.
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Easy Flight Simulator Review thumbnail

Easy Flight Simulator Review (Switch)

I don't see what the big deal is

August 10, 2021 - Folks have been bugging me to play the new flight simulator game and now that I finally have, I can't believe how bad it is in every way.
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Doomsday Vault Review thumbnail

Doomsday Vault Review (Switch)

The seeds of an excellent puzzler

August 10, 2021 - Preserving Earth's plant life is crucial, especially when cities become flooded so put on your robotic suit and let's play Doomsday Vault.
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Dreamscaper Review thumbnail

Dreamscaper Review (Switch)

I don't want to wake up

August 7, 2021 - If dungeon-crawling action RPG roguelikes are your cup of tea then boy oh boy, do I have a lovely game for you! Here's Dreamscaper.
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OMNO Review thumbnail

OMNO Review (PlayStation 4)

Short for omnomnom

August 4, 2021 - It takes a lot for a relaxing 3D platformer to be as immersive as OMNO is so grab your favourite staff and let's go on an adventure.
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