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Dauntless Review thumbnail

Dauntless Review (Switch)

Freemium monster hunting

January 2, 2020 - Cooperatively hunting monsters online is an inherently fun formula so let's see if Dauntless does enough to stand out in the genre.
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Romancing SaGa 3 Review thumbnail

Romancing SaGa 3 Review (PlayStation 4)

A 16-bit RPG classic heads west

January 1, 2020 - The mid-'90s saw a wealth of top-notch JRPGs yet few of them released in the west. Now that Romancing SaGa 3 is available in a remastered and fully English translated release, let's see how it has held up over the years.
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Top 10 Games We Reviewed in 2019 thumbnail

Top 10 Games We Reviewed in 2019

The year's best in our unique opinion

December 31, 2019 - Another year of gaming memories is rapidly coming to a close so here are our highest rated games of 2019. Happy New Year!
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Wattam Review thumbnail

Wattam Review (PlayStation 4)

Bomb Goes to the Mayor

December 30, 2019 - Very few game developers are as creative as the super-talented Keita Takahashi and he's at it again with yet another quirky experience.
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Castlevania vs. Mega Man thumbnail

Castlevania vs. Mega Man

An epic battle of classic 2D action

December 27, 2019 - When you think of incredible retro experiences, 2 series likely come to mind: Castlevania and Mega Man. So, let's explore both franchises and pick which one is the epitome of old-school 2D action.
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Innovative Indie Games (Part 3) thumbnail

Innovative Indie Games (Part 3)

5 creative indie endeavours

December 24, 2019 - Indie games that push boundaries to offer something new are a treat so allow me to introduce a handful of nifty indies.
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2D Indie Games thumbnail

2D Indie Games

Who needs the third dimension anyway?

December 24, 2019 - If you're like me, you can't get enough of 2D indies so here are 5 such recent titles that you might enjoy.
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Xbox Live Arcade vs. PlayStation Store thumbnail

Xbox Live Arcade vs. PlayStation Store

Going digital with 360 and PS3

December 20, 2019 - We may take digital downloads on console for granted nowadays but let's go back to when they became popularised and decide which platform offered the superior service.
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Indie Shooting Games thumbnail

Indie Shooting Games

4 fun shooters

December 18, 2019 - There's nothing quite like a good old 2D shooter to test your gaming reflexes so here are 4 recent indie shooting games to check out.
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Gensou Skydrift Review thumbnail

Gensou Skydrift Review (Switch)

Touhou girl-on-girl action

December 17, 2019 - We've seen a ton of cool Touhou games in recent years and here's a kart racer where you fly around on the familiar cast of maidens.
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