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RiME Review thumbnail

RiME Review (PlayStation 4)

The five stages of adventure

May 28, 2017 - Games without combat that actually keep players engaged are a rare breed. RiME has you control a mysterious young lad who goes on an adventure full of oddities and beautiful landscapes so let's see if his journey is one worth experiencing.
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Lego Dimensions: Series 2 Level Pack Review Roundup thumbnail

Lego Dimensions: Series 2 Level Pack Review Roundup

Revisiting Ethan, Finn, Sonic, and Sloth

May 26, 2017 - Lego Dimensions expanded its content for series 2 by releasing three large Story Packs along with four Level Packs. Here, I'll focus on the Level Packs and give you a brief overview of what to expect. For more detail, be sure to click the links to my in-depth reviews.
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Lego Dimensions: Series 2 Story Pack Review Roundup thumbnail

Lego Dimensions: Series 2 Story Pack Review Roundup

Beasts, busters, and Batman

May 24, 2017 - With Lego Dimensions having a fresh type of pack in its series 2 lineup, I've spent a lot of time playing through all of the new content. Here, I'll break down each Story Pack and provide links to my reviews for each one so please, enjoy!
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Lego Dimensions: The Goonies Level Pack Review thumbnail

Lego Dimensions: The Goonies Level Pack Review (PlayStation 4)

Return to the Goon Blocks

May 22, 2017 - Yet another cult film has received the Lego treatment in this latest Dimensions Level Pack. With the summer holidays fast approaching, now is the best time to sit back and enjoy some brick busting with The Goonies gang.
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Dreamfall Chapters Review thumbnail

Dreamfall Chapters Review (PlayStation 4)

The Longest Journey returns

May 15, 2017 - Zoe Castillo is back and ready to continue her adventure after awakening from a long coma. Now that all of the chapters of her new journey have been bundled together for console, grab your fuzzy Wonkers and let's jump right in.
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Syberia 3 Review thumbnail

Syberia 3 Review (PlayStation 4)

Kate Walker's back in action

May 1, 2017 - Kate Walker is once again abandoning city life to hang out in the cold mountains of Siberia. So, grab some winter boots and the fluffiest coat you can find and let's get solving some puzzles.
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Dragon Quest Heroes II Review thumbnail

Dragon Quest Heroes II Review (PlayStation 4)

Zenithian Warriors is back and better than ever

April 24, 2017 - The seven kingdoms have started raging wars after a thousand years of peace. Grab your sword and a group of Dragon Quest chums and let's find out what's causing all of this turmoil.
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Lego City Undercover Review thumbnail

Lego City Undercover Review (PlayStation 4)

Yippee-ki-yay, motherbricker!

April 22, 2017 - Lego City Undercover is back after a short break with a new multi-console release complete with an even better-looking world and some new goodies to collect. What a difference four years makes! Let's see what Chase has been up to.
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Persona 5 Review thumbnail

Persona 5 Review (PlayStation 4)

An RPG that will steal your heart

April 20, 2017 - The Phantom Thieves are on a mission to steal the hearts of the most notorious criminals in Tokyo. From a High School teacher who harasses their students to a money-grubbing mobster, no villain's heart is safe in Persona 5.
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The Silver Case Review thumbnail

The Silver Case Review (PlayStation 4)

The Tokyo police need better HR

April 14, 2017 - If you forgot what visual novels were like back in the late '90s then look no further than this remastered version of The Silver Case.
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